अलविदा २०१४

२०१४, यह वर्ष हर रंग समेटे हुए था, जहाँ कुछ नए लोगों को जाना हमने वही खुद को भी खोया इस वर्ष, कई नए प्रयोग हुए, पेशेवर जिंदगी में कई नए प्रयास किये तो निजी जिंदगी में ख्वाब टूट कर किस्से बनें, अपनों से जुडी कुछ चिंताएं दूर हुयी, तो कुछ इन्तेजार ख़तम भी हुए इस वर्ष. देश की राजधानी से राज्य की राजधानी का अंतर भी समझ आया और फिर अकेलापन का मन पे बोझ. खैर, २०१४ में कुल मिलाकर हमने खूब सीखा जिंदगी को, लोगों को, खुद को और उम्मीद है १४ की सीख १५ में और आने वाले हर दिन में खूब काम आएगी. यहाँ मैं धन्यवाद देना चाहूँगा उन दोस्तों को जो हमेशा उपलब्ध होते थे और जिनके सहारों ने हमें संवारा है. आने वाला साल में यही कोशिश होगी कि शिक्षा और शिक्षण संस्थानों का सही प्रचार प्रसार करता रहूँ, लोगों तक अपनी जानकारी पहुंचाता रहूँ, कृष्णा के और करीब पहुंचू, थोडा जीऊं खूब लिखूं और यादों को आज खरीदने की इजाजत न दूँ.
नव वर्ष की मंगल कामनाओ सहित.
आपका सन्नी

Dear Priyeee

Dear Priyeee,

I am sorry that i am writing here, actually you asked me not to write and i had promised sweetie that i wont text you any more. You know all are saying the same thing that I am doing wrong if i am writing for you but you know it was tough, my heart still wants to know the reasons and as I can’t break my promises any more so i stopped texting you. I have stopped calling you because the lady you were abusing deserves more respect than you. Hope you have finally find peace and love at your heart and happy with your life and settlements.

Well i am not here for good words, to expect what you are going through but to remind you and all who are reading this letter that what had happened last year with us, who we are and why i miss myself, why i lost my self respect and trust. I am not here to blame you, not with the intention to hurt you but to let you know that a guy who loves to talk, to share, to make memories has changed now. Your love, or failure of my love whatever suits better, has killed him. Thank you for helping me with the feelings of suicide, with tears, you can call it all an emotional drama, but dear what should i tell you, whom should i blame? Who was villain in our love story? You have not given answer, i don’t know the situations, i tried to get all my answer from your hero, your husband but he was more happy and so he was not getting me. Can i expect atleast an answer from you, your hero, your parents, Kuchipudis or from my reader that why love fails? Priyeee, when i met you, you bring me a new world, I was not knowing much about telugu people, but it was exciting to get a call from an unknown girl and later i knew it was you, a girl from tenali whom i met over internet, our initial conversations had fun and we have enough time for each-other in our early days, may be you were unemployed then and i was never serious for my work so we never missed each other and responses were carrying love and compassion. Sooner you find me idiot, but who cares, i was happy that some one is caring for me and thanks for giving me space where i was sharing about my swetie, my love. You were always raising question on her existence and my brain was buying all your points, in those days you had also problems but you had managed it on own and was not ready to accept with my views when i was suggesting you. Though after two years, you are on the same page which i suggested you to read but no, you had some different plan, you explored a dusty page before so you can know the value of that page and so one day you disclosed your definition of idiot and said ” I Do Ishq Only Tumse” first you loved me, cared me, stayed like a caring wife and then betrayed like those rare wifes, who are hard to find. Great you were, i appreciate the your guts that after all this had happened you send me a text reading “Some people meet you in your life just to teach you a lesson”. Priyeee what you taught me, i am still confused?? Ask you heart why you did this to me, ask yourself would you ever disclose the truth if i had not approached nagalakshmi that day?What kind of love it was? Why you were making me fool by saying i am perfect for you? You have texted me that you have situations, you know i had loved you, and if you had any i can be with you, and can live without you but what kind of gift you had given me? You disclosed an unplanned mistake, we all make mistakes and so we are human but priyeee why to hide, you can simply reject me, or can say you have no more feelings why to make all excuses? I tried to talk with you, but every time you made me cry and left me to die with my loneliness and feeling of getting betrayed? You were mean Priyee, ask your heart if its alive, ask yourself why you loved me before and if it all had happened for a reason atleast let me know the reason why you had loved me? Bujji, i loved you because you cared, you supported me in my tough time but i had not expected this end. On year’s first day we had hugged each other, kisses were in texts but your wishes had not worked and see on the last day of year i am sitting alone, reading my blog where i had posted for you, Doubts and Confusion, Priyeee, Magical Bujji, all tags visited, reading all fb/gmail conversations and then i started writing for you who was proudly calling herself Pr….a chaudhary, my wife. You know i have never expected that you will hide your plans, i never expected that you will go that much fast that i can’t come along, I never expected that a girl who was waiting for me always will stop responding me one day.  Never expected that you will become that much cheap that you will abuse my mother just because i made call to you. I am sorry i never believe in forgive and forget and will keep reminding you and all who trust, who love and then who left by blaming situations. Krishna knows, I never doubted you, but what if i had never contacted your best friend, I don’t think you will share the truth, your secret plans which was actually a rape of my love. I was never expected that the same girl who was forcing me to get married before will make me surprise with all her innocent acts with a drunk guy. Seriousally Bujji I had no idea that situation will buy my love and you will help the sellers.

Deep in my heart, there are still some emotions which are convincing that you have not left but you get trapped. Minds suggests it was better that you left but what kind of end it was, we were not for love, you were wrong bujji and you proved yourself, hope you remember you quoted once that distance is not a barrier, see what barrier you created. In new year i am not going to take your name anymore, hope people will understand you better and you get all what you deserve. This is probably my last letter to you and Kuchipudis, yes I had not written this for you or Kuchipudis but also for all those who fall in love and hide from their parents, hide from their partners.  In joker’s view you should not hide, you are not commiting crime, if they can’t accept then decide it in early days, because with every passing day love, eager and the compassion boosts and if something negative happens then person dies. In every love failure, heart dies, some time only the heart sometime the whole body but it dies. Bujji, I pray for your future, may you both make millions, may your parents overcome all their setbacks. I wish, May Krishna allow me to meet your mummy once. Thank you for your lessons, thank you for allowing me to know telugu people. Hope I had given you enough to remember me, and sorry that i was not what you are looking for and made you to betray me. If possible write your part of story so i can convince myself. Love. Sorry. Thanks.

A request to lovers- Please involve seniors, ask for suggestion, make friends but don’t go blindly, don’t keep parents in dark, if you can’t agree with them take decisions but dont expect for results if you are idle and never break trust. I wish you a very lovely year ahead, spread more love, faith and truth and keep things simple. Thank you! Jai Shri Krishna

बदले लोगों को ढूंढना नही आता

life iz amazingढूंढ लाते हम उनको गर वो खो जाते,
पर बदले लोगों को ढूंढना नही आता..
दिल हो गर मायूश तो मना भी लें,
पर टूटे दिल को मनाना नही आता…

आज फिर बीत गया ‘कल की यादों’ में,
पर गुजरे लम्हों में रुकना नही आता…
वो सारे पल जो बीते, खुशनसीबी के थे,
पर बीते पलों को फिर से जीना नहीं आता..

वो कोरे सारे ख्वाब जो टूटे थे कल,
उनको आंसुओं से धोना नही आता.
दिल माफ़ करे अब उनको न याद करें,
पर दिल पर जोर करना भी हमको नहीं आता..

-सन्नी कुमार


Dhundh Laate hum unko gar wo kho jaate,
par badle logo ko dhundhna nahin aata.
dil ho gar mayus to manaa bhi lein,
par toote dil ko manaana nhi aata…

Aaj phir beet gayaa ‘kal ki hi yaadon’ mein,
par gujhre lamhon mein rukna nahi aata,
wo saare pal jo beete khushnaseebi ke the,
par beete palon ko phir se jeena nahi aata..

wo kode saare khwab jo toote the kal,
unko aansuon se dhona nahin aata,
dil maaf karein unko na ab yaad karein,
par dil par jod karna bhi humko nahi aata..

पर बदले लोगों को ढूंढा नही जाता

खोज लाते हम उनको गर वो खो जाते,
पर बदले लोगों को ढूंढा नही जाता..

साभार- गूगल
साभार- गूगल

[I can find her if she lost,
but how to find who changed..]


ग़म भी है और ख़ुशी भी,
पर वो साथ नहीं,
और वो हम नहीं..


कुछ पुराने दोहे..

कहते है किसी के चले जाने से जिंदगी ख़त्म नहीं होती,
पर क्या साँसों का चलना भर ही जिंदगी है?
वो लोग, जो कल तक हमारे लिये दुआएं करते थे,
वही आज तुम्हें भुलाने की सलाह देते है..
हर ख्वाब पूरा नहीं होता,
पर ख्वाब में कुछ भी अधुरा नहीं होता..
मिले फिर वही जो कल भी मिले थे,
पर मिलें इस कदर कि वो बिलकुल नए थे..
घुटता है दिल, कुछ कह भी नहीं पाता,
छोड़ गया मेरा कल, आज अब हंस भी नहीं पाता..
क्या हस्ती है तुम्हारी..
मुहब्बत हम कर नहीं सकते और नफरत तुम करने नहीं देती..
अब और नहीं तड़पाओ,
अब और न हमको सताओ,
मै दूर तुमसे चला जाऊं,
आखिरी बार तो मिलने आओ.
-सन्नी कुमार

मेरा ख्वाब मेरे साथ में है

image (5)

सब भूल गया हूँ तुम्हारी इन आँखों में,
अब तुम ही रहती हो मेरी आँखों में,
न मालुम कौन, कहाँ, किस हाल में है,
मुझे मालुम, मेरा ख्वाब मेरे साथ में है..

-सन्नी कुमार

AAPtards have you realized it ever?

Came to know that Kejriwal and his Aam Admi Party has vows to ban RSS. I’m not going to support RSS as i have zero information about this organization, my Ideal Atal ji, The Greatest Hero after Indian Indepences has praised this organization and had said that RSS is his soul, it is the same organization which has given us new hope by giving a leader like Narendra Modi. Then what’s wrong with RSS? Why people, like kejriwal opposing RSS?

Through news channels only i realized that they are extremist but nationalist which always stand with Bharat, Their good works has helped us and they have never demanded anything not tried to separate then why AAP vows to ban? AAP was not in kashmir when it was drowning, AAP has done nothing for Uttarakhand, they are opportunist who are hurting those who are serving this nation as mother and trying to get that identity of superior back. What’s wrong in it Mr. Kejriwal?

Ashutosh and all AAPtards must clear that how and why they made this statement? Why should not a nationalist will consider them a real villain, when we know that they are same who are sitting with naxalites, sympathizing Kashmir separatism and known for collecting money from Dubai. AAP got more than they reserved but what they did in return silent on real threats and creating more.? I have not find these fellows saying anything against Sonia but they were keep questioning 6 months old government. For me they are just opportunist and restless souls, what about you?

Here i have also a request to all my Delhites Friend DO NOT TRUST AAP blindly, don’t go with media but realize what they are saying what they are doing and how good they will be for you, its your choice boss. For me AAP is a looser and RSS as i said all i knew from media is somehow better, old and trusted organization.

Comments Welcome.

My Favorite Blogs in 2014

This year i have discover some excellent blogs, talented bloggers those writing have inspired me, those gesture and appreciation made me keep on writing. I have not followed many blogs, fact that i am not reading blogs with bookish words but these bloggers have made me to wait for their posts and i enjoyed their most of posts. Here are few blogs i would like to ask you all to read and meet these talented bloggers.

PamelaResonner’s Blog– A blog by very talented lady who draws my attention with her superb writing and simple attitude. Yes, It might possible you’re already following this blog and impressed with Pamela’s thoughts and writing but if you have not read this blog you must read, her poems, her stories has meanings and surely you will be enjoy Resonner’s Blog.

InduRaviहृदयानुभूति Highly appreciated Hindi blog with lovely poems. This is the blog i came to know, in my first IndiBlogger meet, where i found a beautiful lady, with very soft voice and difficult Hindi words was introducing herself. Later i came to know she was InduJi, the well known blogger.

Visit हृदयानुभूति today if you like to read Hindi Poems and meet my favorite Hindi Blogger, my inspiration.

GaneshKnown is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean– An inspiring blog, full of spiritual, meaningful, logical and positive teachings. This blog by Ganesh says“Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace”. You should follow Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean if you want to read quotes with beautiful pictures, you should visit this blog if you are looking for something positive something meaningful and in short.

Rahul RanjanRange rover’s dream– Though it is a new blog it’s worth following. Rahul Ranjan, the author has stories, articles, poems and more to share and you will appreciate his posts. I have read his many of blog posts and liked most of them. He writes on random topics, poems in English as well as in Hindi, book reviews, cinema dialog, life making tips and many other topics about he has written. You should visit Range rover’s dream not only to read good posts but also to appreciate and to guide a new Blogger.

Lahari BasuThe Free Boundless Soul– An Interesting blog by Lahari Basu where she shares her own experiences, articles on national issues, humors and more. I found Lahari when she had commented on by blog post on B Negative Blood Group and through her comments i came know one thing that she can help anyone not just because she is O Negative but also as she has a beautiful heart and amazing expressions. You must visit The Free Boundless Soul and meet a beautiful person with amazing thoughts.

These 5 Blogs/Bloggers were my favorite and i really enjoyed their posts. I wish they keep writing inspiring posts, share the goodness and stay Blessed.

Can’t Understand Why People Converts

Around 200 people from UP got converted, it was a big news, ABP, NDTV and most of Indian Media were engaged and got good TRP. Hindus were happy, welcomed those family, Muslims were worried and now finally we came to know it was a Drama as they were not influenced with the philosophy or the beliefs. Here i have to say something to all, hope you will get me. If my views are wrong please correct me as i am ready to learn and accept to buy all points which worth and made me convince.

Game of Conversion
Game of Conversion

There is nothing new about conversion(Religious) except this time media has tried to find whether these converted fellow really get influenced or just got bribed. I don’t want to complaint to media that why it was sleeping for last six decades, don’t want to express my views about many others conversions but here i want to welcome media for its late but a needed wake up. I personally believe that people should left with choices and its their personal matter that with which philosophy they are happy, which source of inspiration make them live peacefully. Religions should be a topic to debate but not for oppressing and abusing each other. We are living in 21st century, an era of technology where humans have achieved many which was unrealistic in past, moon is no more far from us, it is not just a matter to write poems and we are trying to find the possibility of life there but here on earth we are trying to make others believe what we are believing, why i can’t understand. I can’t tolerate all those who are trying to just increase the numbers in their camp but cant care who are already with them. I am not talking about any particular religion, any particular mentor but a whole. I’m a Hindu, RSS or VHP or any other organization who believes in Krishna has never shown interest to clear my doubts but they are trying to convert Muslims, why what’s it need? Same i want to say for Muslim mulla that when they are killing each other why the hell they are keep saying that Islam is a religion of Peace, Jesus Believers i am sorry but i have not heard in these many years about anyone who has made sacrifice like jesus, So now stop claiming who is better and better try to find your roots if u don’t feel proud on ur past recreate it. I can’t leave my past, my way, the history and so i am living it, we all have options but choose wisely. Accept the Fact that none of us who are living today has meet Krishna, Allah or Jesus, very few of us who cared of the destination, and living the message of Supreme but most of us are enjoying to throw stones at others and made tough to live a life. A wise and unbiased mind can really accept that nothing can please  a person with desire and once your are desire-less it doen’t matter which path you are opted you will reach the best place, The Supreme, The Krishna(Call it whatever you want). May we find truth, peace and kind gesture for others. SAY NO TO FORCED/BRIBED CONVERSION [Just after publishing this post get to know that it was my 200s post. Thank you WordPress

for this medium, thank you friends for reading me, helping me. Stay Blessed. Jai Shri Krishna

Be Real Please

I feel a strange anger and same level of frustration whenever i meet him, whenever i heard about him. He is not the same whom i met years back, he who was always happy, passionate and confident for everything is nowadays begging for a normal death! Today again came to know that he cried, abused himself and begged for normal death. It was a working day, he have his office where boss has given him all rights but what is he doing there? Crying for his past, calling same girl about whom he keep complaining that she has raped his dream and still begging to same girl who has not shown any trust and left him easily. I really can’t understand what’s his problem, why is he making life so uneasy, why can’t he rejoice his life, why can’t he realize that worst has passed and its worthless to keep thinking about past. I truly want to help my friend and get him back and here through his story i wanted to know few things. I always ask to myself and the supreme, Krishna Why he cries daily? Just because he failed? Why can’t he accept the reality, There are so many failure story, there are many others who meet breakups, why can’t he understand that Krishna gives us what is better for us? Why can’t he buy my points that it would be tough to live with carrying bad memories? Like others i have also suggested him to Forget and forgive but why he can’t continue with the reality. In this post i am gonna share about Veer, my friend and i hope his story will help us to live a simple life. Story is all about Internet Relationship with a simple request “Be Real Please”.

Sad-Life-Quote-Facebook-Timeline-CoverVeer, hero of my story had a normal life till he met Sneha online(over internet). Sneha, as she told to Veer, was a girl from Delhi, her native place was Ranikhet and she was helping her father and working in his office, has shared all his virtual things and also about his previous relationships with Veer. Veer got affected the way she shared her things. He realized Sneha’s loneliness and said he will care and started entertaining. Initially Veer was keep saying to forget his past and to rejoice the present. Both were happy with their friendship and started to chat daily.

Sneha had informed about her first love, she said that she trusted a guy and chatted with him for four years but later she found that he was all lying and in reality that guy was a married person. Sneha have not forgot him but she has completely forgiven him and so she never allowed Veer to say anything against that guy and was always praying for him. Veer was not a guy with big heart, he tried to convince Sneha that he don’t deserve her blessings. But Sneha said he has married and having children so she can’t say anything, she find her faults in that stupid, fake relationship.

Veer, who became Sneha’s closest friend and was all set to make her smile again. He Started thinking on Sneha, he found her less logical but a loving person who deserves the best love and care. Veer has many other friends but those days all who he care was Sneha. He was knowing the fact that in reality he had not been impressed with anyone and so he is still a single guy with no love tales. He was getting closer to sneha day by day and shared everything about him to Sneha, she too started liking him. No matter how and where Veer was, he always find time to chat with her.

It was his first experience of love but he has not shared his feelings, actually he was worrying to loose her friendship, he doesn’t want to make her cry but sooner on a fine day, better to say on a magical day(As It was 12/12/12 at 12:12) She proposed him, without making a single second delay he accepted, as he was already dieing to listen this. Both were very happy. Those days Veer became lunatic, talking with everyone about Sneha only, he turned to a scribbler, started sending love texts to her and he had forgot the promise he has made to her.

That strange promise, The Condition of love that Veer will never ask for Sneha’s pictures, contact number, address or anything. In the beginnig of their friendship, when Sneha was not ready to share her things, Veer had made this promise that he will never force her for anything like her contact number, address or pictures. He was agreed with all her request but with every passing day he started trying to get some facts about her, he started to get her more close. For Veer, she was her dream but now he started to bring that dream into reality.

Though Sneha has not shared her contact number or address but she had called him few times from PCO and shared her one picture. Now its been more than 6 months of their friendship, almost 3 months has passed when they expressed their love, Veer was keep on trying  and getting failed, his mind asks why she is not sharing her facts. On the other side Sneha was keep on telling Veer that she wanted to meet but she has one condition that once they will met she wont go back, Veer was not buying his point and also not happy with her daily story where she was saying that she is getting marriage proposals.

Veer has made few more friends online and one of them were Priya, a south Indian girl who was always raising questions against Sneha, Veer was ignoring his points but he was happy and thankful for her friendly care. Priya has shared many of stories with Veer, and Veer was happy to know that Priya’s parents had a successful love marriage, she was a girl with reality who shared her pics, number address everything without asking. Now Veer was knowing that Priya has soft corner for him but he don’t want to cheat Sneha, It was against his morals, his soul was not allowing her to leave Sneha, who had been cheated before but Veer was not understanding why she is not sharing reality.

Its been more than four month now, since Veer and Sneha has expressed their love for each other and still Veer was not knowing anything which called reality about Sneha on the other side Sneha was saying that her parents are making pressure on her for marriage. Veer got confused he wanted to share his things with Sneha but he couldn’t. He was frustrated with the Sneha, who says if her parents came to know they might kill Veer. Veer, his mind can’t understand why she loved him if she was knowing that they can’t share reality or their life will face danger. Veer has hinted everyone who he cares that he is love but the same love is not coming out to meet reality.

Now time started changing for Veer. Love and its fairy tales were tough, his mind was restless, can’t sleep always waiting for Sneha’s text but she was not coming regularly and whenever she came they both ended with fights. It was the time when Priya was getting closer to Veer, a friend whom Veer ingnored most of the times turned a saviour and always sharing good stories, good quotes and ask to live and also that he deserves better but Veer was just praying for a normal life.Whenever Veer was left by Sneha in a pressure cooker, Priya was coming for rescue and he was thankful to Krishna and Priya both, for their time.

One evening Veer asked Sneha to meet and she said she will meet and asked to reach at a defined place within 15 minutes, Veer was knowing he couldn’t make it as he was in office and it will take minimum 90 minutes to reach still he agreed, then Sneha revealed that she is with her brother and he might Beat Veer, Veer found it nothing but an excuse and said it’s ok i will come. Their conversation ended there and no one tried to meet and no one was waiting, It was all just text.?

After few days Veer was going out of station to examination, he informed the same to Sneha. Sneha made him delighted by saying that she is gonna join. Veer welcomed, he has doubts but acted hopeful near her but then nothing has happened in real. He can’t bear more stories, cant live in dreams anymore and he decided set to kill his heart and live with mind so he stopped writing Sneha, he had also stopped writing Priya because whenever they were chatting he was only talking about Sneha and now when there is no Seha what to talk.

Priya was also not calling or writing him like before as she got a new job and was very happy with it but one night at around 1 AM she called Veer and asked how is he. Veer had hidden that he was broken and said he is just ok. She make complaint that why he has stopped writing and also teased on Sneha and then Veer said he has nothing for Sneha. That was the time where he had made mistake again. Priya and Veer on the very next day of that conversation expressed that they both love each-other and their relationship has survived for more than a year. Veer had Priya’s address and so he sent her a birthday present, he had her number and so he was making recharge and keep talking for hours but later things has changed again. Priya achieved his dream job, made her parents proud and went with her parents decision and married to a guy who was loving her.

Now once again Veer has left alone, he can’t share his reality, he was not ready to accept the fact and always do all useless things which he did today. He says he don’t want to test this life anymore and he is making his life tougher with every passing day. Priya has blocked him online and offline and begged to him for his family status, said she has some obligations, some responsibilities and also that she would be happy if Veer forgives him and stopped calling her. Veer asked for her friendship and she said she will resume once Veer got married.

Veer, He who loved twice but met the similar end has nothing to know except the question why they loved, what was his guilt and why he cries daily. He don’t want to disturb Sneha and Priya but how can he control his emotion. I realize a fact that he has nothing important to do than to remember them and so he is crying daily and creating problems to himself and all those care for him…

I have nothing to quote, I am keep trying to get my friend back. Please pray for all, pray for values. I couldn’t understand people believes on Krishna, Jesus, Sai Baba but not to them whom they call their friend or love. Don’t Cheat and Be Real Please. You Never Know When Krishna Will Change Your Role. So Be Blessed and Help The Weak.  Jai Shri Krishna.

[Ignore for poor English grammar and appreciate my courage that with a poor English i dared to write this post. ]

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