Is love a game?? (Part 2)

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imagesUnlike other days, today i woke up @ 6:00 am because last night Abhi and me have decided to live a routine life and have a balanced diet. After getting fresh we were talking on some useless topic and i was making my breakfast. At the same time Abhi received a call from prakash, he said to Abhi that Divya is at his place, and he really don’t want the same, because he dont like that a girl like Divya visit his place.
Abhi adviced him to inform the same to Kishore and also landlord that he should not allow Divya to enter in building. Abhi finished his call and then he shared the situation with me. We were discussing on the same, and the mobile rang again, It was  Prakash again, and now what he said was socking!!! Prakash said that Prashant and Divya is beating Kishore. Abhi got tempered, suggested prakash to be calm and stay with Kishore. It was Abhi’s decision to go to Prakash room, where all the ******* things was going on. I have followed Abhi as i should do. Abhi and me reached to Kishore’s room, where we found some gathering of onlookers. Kishore was formatting his system. He was looking Dumped and feared, Abhi asked to him what happened, but Kishore didnot responded properly. He was looking shattered and shocked. At first sight i feel ashamed for Kishore.

Prashant & Divya were also in the same room. Prashant was giving direction to Kishore and kishore was busy with laptop.
Abhi talked with Prashant, and tried to show the mirror, but prashant, just a ……………, He has a brave heart with no shame, after doing such cheap activity(according to me) he is trying to convince. He was giving the reasons but we are not in mood to hear anymore from a lair.
Abhi demorlized the girl, he used some cheap words for Divya because he think it was necessary for such peoples.
Abhi and me cleared all thir past activities, all bout their relationshi. Kishore was socked again to hear that Divya and prashant have made physical relationship. After hearing these things, he replied that thay both have cheated him, Divya interrupts Kishore and said we are just friend and i love Prashant. She also claimed that they were planning for marriage within two-three days. According to Divya, She never cheated with Kishore because Kishore is a friend of her nothing more.
(We were amazed to hear that a girl is saying about her past boyfriend as just friend & we all know about their relationship with Kishore, which she accepted on cal on that black night when she was disturbing or threatin Prashant. That time she said to Prashant that she was not a virgin, and he had enjoyed several times with kishore.)
when we were blaming Divya for making our circle dirty, we wondered to watch that Prashant and Kishore both tried to stop us and in the meanwhile they all start weeping  for diffrent reasons.
After talking to all of the three we adviced Kishore to  forget Divya and throw out from his life. Prashant was in no mood to hear us, especially Abhi. So we just ask them to leave the room, and after getting pressure from Landlord they both left the room.
Before leaving Kishore’s room, we meet to landlord and pledge for giving a second chance to Kishore. There we got some more information that Kishore always talked on phone about a girl, he threats the girl as he will expoil her life. Landlord confirms that he will not allow the girl inside the premises but Kishore has introduced her as a sister, and today  girl came into the room by following Kishore, so he permitted. We were amazed to hear the main reason of fight was a memory card, in which divya had recorded some love scenes with Prashant, and today early in the morning Kishore took that memory from Divya’s room without informing to Divya, So the whole drama was created just to get memory card.
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Is love, a game?

ove triangleLove is life..
Love is weather of life..
Love makes life beautiful..
These are the lines I have read or feel about love, before the incident I faced last week. Now my mind is raising a question that, Is love a new game, where we play with emotion, where we defeat our opponent by keeping track, where we can dump someone and start a fresh inning.?
I am sharing an incident to you dear friends, after facing the truth of this love-triangle, I am so confused about my opinion that love makes life beautiful.
I am going to share this incident to you but before going ahead, I want to introduce my friends who were/are involved in this. As I have said earlier that it is love triangle story, So the three close friends who became lover/enemy are namely Prashant, Divya and Kishore(Name changed).
Prashant is my friend from last two years and wehave completed our graduation last year & then we did Specialization course along with Abhi, Chandan and Bachandev Da.
It was month of April and I was living single in my room and was in need of a room-mate. Prashant came to me with a proposal. He told me that his friend Kishore is shifting to Delhi and he is also looking for a room-mate. Prashant asked about my view and I have accepted Kishore as my room mate and thanked prashant for such proposal.
It was month of April, We heard from Prashant that Kishore has a girlfriend who is also Shifting to Delhi from Patna. Since Prashant has lot of time for for friends so it is again his responsibility to arrange a flat for that girl. Prashant talked on the same topic with his Friend cum roommate Abhi. Prashant wants to shift that girl in his relative’s house, but Abhi adviced him to keep the girl away from relatives because Abhi think it will affect our image, if any mishappening there.
Prashant didn’t realize or he didn’t want to realize, he managed his relatives. Prashant introduce to their relatives Divya as Kishore’s Sister and Kishore confirmed the same. They allowed the girl in their house as P.G.
Those days neither Prashant nor Kishore was sharing anything about that girl, but I noticed that Prashant is coming almost everyday to my room and it is was unusual. Most of evenings Kishore and Prashant went for Delhi-Darshan.
One day prashant asked to Kishore that did you share about Divya to Guru(me), and Kishore replied no; then they both decided to share some parts of story.
Kishore came to me and said that Divya is my fast friend, we are friends from Patna, now she is in delhi and living with Prashant’s relative. In whole story Kishore never said Divya as his girlfriend. I asked to Kishore that is she your girlfriend and reply was no.
In mid-april’11 I have heard from Kishore that Prakash is also shifting from Patna to Delhi. Prashant came to our room and now we were sharing our room with three and the time was really great. Kishore is a good singer and he entertained most of time and we all love her singing. Prashant, a true hearted guy and also very emotional who shared almost everything with me. Prakash was the first guy in our friend circle who said officially Divya as a kishore’s girlfriend.
Those days wew very jotful for us. We(Kishore,Prakash, Prashant and me) went to Agra, where I enjoyed the whole trip by making fun, watching monuments, capturing pictures. When we were going to Agra, except me all of three were busy on their mobiles with their Girlfriends. While we were taking rest in the night after visiting Taj & Buland Darwaja, Prashant was busy on call, he talked whole night to that girl, when his mobile battery got empty he used Kishore’s but he did not stop talking. We all were amazed by the madness of Prashant.
Those days, Prashant was unhappy with Abhi and he was giving reason that Abhi is sharing his deeds to his Guardian, he also blamed that Abhi is cheating with him. Prashant said to me that he want to separate so he is going to change room and will shift Single. That time I tried a lot to make him understand that it might be confusion between both of them, So no need to take decisions in hurry.
One day Abhi came to my place and said that Prashant is doing a cheap level activity. He is so cheap because he is doing something which proves which type of character he has. I realized the thing but I was not sure but Abhi confirmed me that Divya and Prashant is flirting now and Kishore is totally in dark.
I have nothing against Kishore and Divya that time but I feel shamed to have a friend like Prashant on which I was feeling proud. He was really a great guy, who was available in every situation for his friends but after this awful act, Abhi and me decided to kept away from all of them and we had lot of reasons.
Since there was lot of issues between Prashant and Abhi so they both decided to live apart and I was sharing my room with three, so Abhi and me decided to shift together, Prakash and Kishore will continue and Prashant will live single and separate. Before shifted with Abhi, One night I stayed on Prashant and Abhi’s room. Chandan  was also there on that particular night and we were talking on useless topics and waiting for the dinner.  Abhi served spicy chicken and Fried rice and we  were having our dinner and Prashant was busy on his mobile in gallery. This was not a new thing, So we were ignoring Prashant and having the dinner. Prashant came into to the room, he looked tense Abhi asked for the reason then Prashant shared to us that he has made physical relation with Divya . we all were wondered but we don’t have too much time to think or realize because Prashant has a long story to share so we all become a good listener and Prashant started his history as-
                                                Prashant told us that he was flirting with Divya because she said to Prashant that Kishore is just a friend nothing more and she loves me. According to Prashant, it was his biggest mistake that he believed divya. Prashant claimed that divya used him and now she is blackmailing him.
After listening his whole story, we all demoralized Prashant but we realized tha the is accepting his guilty, So it’s a friend duty to support his friends when he is in need.
We adviced Prashant to don’t be worried and keep track of all calls for your safety. We did all think which a friend should do(according to us).
Prashant changed his number and shifted to Noida, I have shifted with Abhi. We didn’t share divya and Prashant’s angle to Kishore because we feel that it will be more complicated and it will affect our friend circle, we also feeled that Prashant is really improving and he wanted to just forget Divya.
After few days, we realized that everything became neutral. Kishore joined a java institute, Divya was preparing for MBA  Councelling and Prashant got a new girl!!!
 I thanked God for this neutral Situation.
(Story is not finished, Picture Abhi Baaki hai…)

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