When I met Jaisurya

sanath-jaisurya-pepercuttingIt is December, the month which i loves most, which has already blessed me with my life, my first love, first bicycle and more has offered me something unexpected this time. Yes, Day before Yesterday and Yesterday also, I mean i have had spend my two day with the legendary batsman, Mr. Sanath Jaisurya and have learnt simplicity, real class and few cricketing tips.
Well, being a cricketer i never thought that I would even manage to meet state level players, but in last six months due to my school, G D Goenka Public School, Gaya I got opportunity to meet few Ranji Players, Md Azharaduddin and this time Mr. Sanath Jaisurya. Yes I managed to get photographs, Autographs, hand shake opportunity too… I am happy, really I AM.

Read what Dainik Bhaskar is saying : https://www.bhaskar.com/news/BIH-PAT-HMU-sanath-jayasuriya-in-gaya-news-hindi-5486184-PHO.html?seq=3

This is Azhaf Jamal. (Just a Test post)

azhaf-jamalThis is Azhaf Jamal, one of my student who asked me that how google find us. This post is just to show him how google can find Azhaf 🙂

Actually he is having two wishes first he want to be popular on search engines and second he want to be a good photo editor so that he can patch his pictures with Varun Dhawan. I have promised him to help for both…

Right Azhaf??

Delhi Restores Team U-Turn

Team MufflerMan is once again back in Delhi, so much noise this time, everyone is discussing how brilliantly they made a clean sweep in Delhi Election. Well last time he was fighting against sheila, he had made many allegatins against Sheila Dixit, Ambani, Vadra and many others famous personalities but when he took into power he did nothing and left Delhi, to chase Narendra Modi in Varanasi. And with Lok Sabha Defeat Mr. Kejriwal became Hero to Zero. He came back delhi make apologies and surprisingly Delhi Trusted him again, this time he was chosen againstKiran Bedi. Delhi believes he won’t take any U-Turn this time. Well, Mr. Mufflerman has made many of promises to Delhi through this post i am going to share his and his party members fastest U-Turns.

I will share more U-Turns and i strongly believe they will help this post with their frequent U-Turns. Stay in Touch and watch Team U-Turn.

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