Caste Based Reservation’s Effect

Caste based reservation is killing India slowly.
Giving you a small example of my friend who enrolled his brother in a polytechnic college just because Bihar govt. was giving scholarship on these courses. Now after spending one year in that college guy has came with a year back and now thinking to leave technical field. My simple and straight question to government what he find, why he financed? Just because he is a born SC?? Can’t government do this favor to any talented guy without figuring out his caste?
Example No. 2- Last Year in a survey i read that unreserved category train drivers has performed far better than reserved ones, reasons are obvious they have only talent no matter from where they belong. If you will google you will found many of such survey reports.
Example No. 3- Government has introduced so many freeware schemes or food at cheapest price? In village like Kharauna where farming is a major occupation and farmers are more dependent on agriculture labor, who are denying to work on grains as they are getting it for free or at nominal cost. These labors are not interested to work anymore in lands and farmers are not in a situation where they can compete the daily wage comparing to other sectors? So what this govt wants, Should farmers having acres of land should sell their lands or what.? Why they are giving things for free, can’t they ask for work? Oh you are saying govt. has already work for food plan or NAREGA OR MNREGA? I know the contractors and their work style. Capturing photos and getting bills cleared is not going to work.
Example No. 4- The greatest ever SC politician CM, MayawatiJi, her ideology was stupid and i found that was cheap that a leader has inaugurated n spent more than 600 crores on her memorial there was nothing for SCs. Believe me.
In a village like Kharauna, where SCs are still treated as untouchable by few of us then what this Kashiram, Mayawati, Ramvilas and all has done.?
Giving reservation is ok but these reservation became barriers and it hurts alot to lower middle family who belongs from general. Government should come forward with a convincing plans or else these causes will spoil country soon.

Reservation is the reason that after 65 years we are still developing in progress and became 2nd most populated country.

Important Tips for Making Career and course choices.

EduTech Guide: Bridge Between You and Your Dream Campus

1. Be clear about your likes and dislikes, your strength and weakness. You can’t choose a course or job if you don’t understand yourself.
2.What is important to you in doing a course?
Make a list of factors quality education, placement assistance, travel arrangements, course fee, regional language, near home or away, hours, how a course is assessed. These factors to you consider your choice.
3. Do your research
Before Joining your course gather some information related to opportunities after completion of course, accessibility of course, also get good information about the campus you are going to join.
4. Talk to people already doing some of these courses o. Ask for help in finding useful contacts, if you don’t know anyone. Find out why these people choose their jobs/courses, what it involves and what they like and dislike about it.
5.For course choices, visit the place first, or at least have a good look at the college/uni via online films. You can’t be certain that you would like a place without seeing it yourself
7.Compare campuses/courses you are interested in, write down the advantages and disadvantages of each then show this to someone else to get their opinion.
8. Try putting your main options in rank order from most to least
9.Test out your ideas by talking to a careers adviser or teacher/tutor. They will help you think through the options.
10. Always have a backup option in case your first choice doesn’t work out you can go for second option.
For free counselling you may contact EduTech Guide.

Aaj Shankhnaad huaa hai

Hope of Nation :NaMo
Hope of Nation :NaMo

काशी विश्वनाथ  की धरती से,
आज शंखनाद हुआ है.
माँ भारती का मान  बढ़ाने को,
आज हिन्दुस्तान एक हुआ है.

मौकापरस्त, मतलबियों  की रात छंटी हैं,
गंगा के तट पर, भरोसे का सूर्योदय हुआ है,
जियेंगे स्वाभिमान, बढ़ाएंगे माँ भारती का मान,
हिंदुस्तान से हिंदुस्तान में, आज ऐलान हुआ है.

गंगा की रवानगी  में,
साबरमती आज मिला है,
हिंदुस्तान को करने एक,
नए सरदार का आगाज़ हुआ है.

ना बदलेंगे टोपी, न उलझेंगे टीको में,
रखेंगे देश को पहले, न बदलेंगे वचनो को.
मान होगा हिन्दुस्तानी होने का,
चाय वाले ने ये  ऐलान किया है..

बहेंगी विकास की गंगा,
यमुना फिर सींचेंगी दिल्ली।
होगा भारत जग में आगे,
अब दुनिया देखेगी, नयी दिल्ली।

नरेंद्र मोदी जी को समर्पित मेरी अन्य कवितायें.

२०१४ गुलज़ार होने वाला है तुझसे..

वो शुप्त नहीं है..

चुनाव नहीं मतदान करें

आज शंखनाद हुआ है.

I can’t wait anymore..

I can't wait anymoreI can’t wait anymore..

To hold you in my arms,
To sleep in your embrace..
To get you in my life,
To gaze upon your face..
I can’t wait anymore..

Bujji, I need you more than before,
and Sorry, I can’t wait anymore..

To let you know, You are magical,
and making things sensual..
I Want to share love, lie and all,
So listen your heart, n come,
today, don’t wait for my call..

God’s Way


Friends, I’m addicted of websphere or better to say, a freak of this virtual web world and it’s various discussion forums where i discussed on number of topics with the people and so by this way i came to know that Religions which had made for humans to live in a  pious way, has misinterpreted by some clever fox for their personal gain. Today you can found that web world is badly flooded by communal and falsified facts and hurting people sentiments.

I would like to share with you my friends that last week on a public forum where people were talking about religions and faiths were ended with fights and abuses, most of the participant started abusing others and the main cause (To understand different Religion) get buried.  I paralyzed with the results of these discussions as most of them came to end and resulted only abuses. If you have ever participated or browsed any communal/religious discussion forum (where media and fake people,who never came with realism, are not available) I am assured that you also have been tested what I’m talking about.

Well, It’s not a big talk that people abused or they fought, its normal like a blind man, who could drop the precious things unknowingly in a way to get his stick but what i realized there was, In  discussions many of  People ask questions with a notorious sinful mind and their motives are not to understand or gain from others but pull them down or to prove their superiority and in result these discussions are spreading hate and affecting this society badly. It’s socking but truth that most of us, those mind get absurd, enjoys while hurting others.

Remember If you are thinking that you are good, It’s good for you and everyone should think that he/she is good but when you started considering that people from different believes are not good or starts justifying without knowing the bright part of theirs, then all your good deeds turns into bad deeds. If you have read any of holy books then i am assured that you also have read and felt that we should respect others. As it is written in our holy books that we should respect others then the concept of superiority ended here only.

I’m not saying these things on the basis of any holy book  but on the basis of what i faced and also from the happy Atmans (Souls) whom i meet during my life and  who are living their life with spirituality, without hurting others, they are not only happy but got respect from all societies. I am also saying on the basis of India’s one of the great son who addressed this world in the 20th century in a religious summit and got appreciated, he was the blessed Atman who asked the world to stop spreading hate and  said “Come to god any way you can, but in coming do not push anyone down“. He was who  asked for self enlightenment and said it’s better to ask your soul rather than questioning others.

After reading and spending time with many of spiritual people and my friends from different beliefs what i came to know is Religions are just a way for we, Atman (Soul) to live our life with morality and to get purified out soul and holy path to embrace the Paramaatma(Supreme soul or God).  In my view all religions not only talk about The God and his order but also about humanism. I think these extremists from different beliefs are those who misinterpreted god’s order as per their convenience  and forget the later and more important thing to survive on this planet that is Humanism.

In this very fast technology savvy world, we all are so habituated of ready made material and so we are suffering, we are jumping to a result within a minutes, we start suspects a whole clan/caste if an individual from that clan/caste do mistake, which is injustice.  In a very short span of time i realized every religions is blessed with pious soul and also with extremist or trouble makers and so we must stop judging a religion on the base of some immoral and extremist minds.  I do believe that no religion tells you to spread violence or fight for your personal gain or to victimize innocent humans, so it’s nonsense to fight on the name of religion and it would be easy to live if we do have respect for Others.

A request to you- 

I’m not a preacher, just an another Indian, who wishes  a free society without any communal barrier and I’m writing this all just because i get hurt when some Indian brothers whose minds are dangerous for society are fighting with each other on the name of beliefs.  Dear Friend, It’s time to teach yourself, listen to everyone but do what your soul says and what you have learn from your religion, this universe and from your own experience.  Dear, Please don’t degrade others  as it is the activity which spreads enmity and also don’t follow those people whom you don’t know as people are highly trained in pretending good.  It would be better if you experience from real world, from nature, from history and once you start analyzing I’m assured these all conflicts will came to an end.

Made a decision for My Self-

For me it is not easy to practice all the good things at once and so I have decided to follow the common things by which no one  will get hurt and i can live my life in better way.  First three rules i have decided to follow is Truth in my action, Peace at soul and respect for others.  I do believe if  i  follow these three things,  I am following some sorts of world’s every religion, where truth, peace and respect for other exists.

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You Are Never Alone

Jai-Shri-KrishnaYou are alone..? Hating to live alone and thinking so many things in negative perspective..? Stay cool, we all have faced and will face this situation again but what i am going to suggest you to Don’t think much, this loneliness is not going to kill you once you know that you are never alone. Yes you are never alone. The Krishna, most pious, most loving and the bravest one is living inside. So stay normal and be happy because you are going to spend your life with your best companion.. Don’t think of any soul-mate, just think of your soul, The Krishna. Do some adventure, listen to him, ask him what he want and do what he ask you to do. If you are not smiling make others smile and then feel..Krishna inside you is smiling and it reflects on your face too.

All i wanted to say is explore yourself, know more about yourself and thanks to all those are not with you right now and given you the opportunity to spend your life with yourself. Now have a smile and start doing what you wanted to do.

Love Friends, Love All..!

Jai Shri Krishna..!

My Dream Destination..!

Tenali-My Dream DestinationSkyscanner thanks for asking about My Dream Destination, about my plans for smart trip.

Like everyone i too have a dream, a dream destination.! My dream destination is Tenali,  where my Priyeee lives. Tenali, Where i have never been before and i wanted to explore my dream destination this year. I am in a great need to meet my dearest friend whom i met on a virtual place and shared our stories, experience, dreams, lies and don’t know when we became friend and family. She, the lady i adore most, is living there and she has told me about her birth place i.e. Tenali. Tenali also called Andhra-paris is a birth place of great Poet Tenali Ramakrishna. Well i have read many of TenaliRama’s stories in Nandan(Hindi Magazine) during my school days but he is not the reason for my excitement and eagerness.I need to meet my family, wanted to live my dream and reality together and so i wanted to go to Tenali this year.

I have no plans except to give her a sock and surprise. Let me tell you that i don’t know anyone except her from Tenali. My only wish is to see her face, to note her reaction of surprise/sock. I don’t want to reveal my plans to visit her and so i can’t ask her for the routes, the places where i can stay, from where i can hire cars and the important thing all the services at affordable price with better services. And as i can’t ask my only friend over there, all i have now is Skyscanner, my fellow bloggers and my readers who are gonna to help me out from this situation.

Meanwhile i am planning and have to plan more, i came to know more about SkyScanner and found it interesting. They are providing easy and affordable air tickets (Providing air ticket price comparison), Best Deals from Best Hotels & Accommodations and the best thing is it’s Free. ;)

Will share my plans, pics and the whole experience soon. For Now all i have to say is TENALI I AM COMINGGGG.. ;)

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