Another Open Letter

Boss Is Not Alwayz Right
Boss Is Not Alwayz Right

{A Letter to my previous Employer}

First of all i would like to share my thanks for reading this and now Without making any delay, Coming straight to the point.

Sir, I am one of those employees from your company who have joined organization with lot of hopes, served company with spirit and left the organization as got a better life outside.
I hope you are aware of all major movements inside and outside of our organization and also about the changes made in the policies for employees. We were with you and were hopeful in November 2011, when our process was shifting from Noida to Gurgaon. Those promises are still a dream while half of team and policies has been changed. I don’t have any problem with unfair promotions and changes in the company’s policies as you people have this right and you are using it. But sir, this is frustrating when management is neither promoting old employees nor allowing them to go easily. I am still confused with your middle level management team; they don’t have time or the guts to speak frankly?
I have served for more than 2 years and when time came to leave the company they behaved strange. All who were working around me sounded a bit changed and made me confused. What all I had asked to them was a simple relieving, as I was not in a situation (Mentally, Physically and financially) where I can serve notice for 1 month. But they started talking about company policies, I asked will I get paid, will get the benefits and leaves and when will be my last day what they replied they know better, all I want to say is they made me confused and given no clear answer(Still my mails are waiting for replies).
I had requested/begged to them to let me go on a short notice period or give me what I deserve but neither were they agreed nor refused. Like a lost ball, I was working there and one day I informed to my Team Leader that I am not able to continue any more, she did not had any problem with it. I asked to let me inform when will I get the relieving and what all i need to do more. It has been more than a month but not got a call/text from office in this regard.
Sir, I have no complaints but few questions to you.  I wanted to know is this the way companies treat their employees? Don’t I deserve a relieving? And what is this that company is reintroducing a face on some sort of interval with different name(It’s not funny but frustrating as it is curbing possibilities for those who are working hard there, I hope you know what I am talking about)?

With Best Wishes
One of the Ex. Employee from Your company
{Figures are not provided as it may defame associated individuals and the firm.}

२०१४ गुलज़ार होने वाला है तुझसे..

आज Life is Amazing-Narendra Modiमीडिया के चूल्हे इसी नाम से जलते है,
कांग्रेस, देश को गुमराह इस नाम पे करते है,
जो लड़ते थे आपस में कभी, आज इस नाम से चुप है,
अल्पसंख्यकों के पास कई सवाल है इस नाम से,
तो बहुसंख्यकों के कई जवाब है इस पहचान से,
आम आदमी को उम्मीद है जिससे,
२०१४ गुलज़ार होने वाला है तुझसे..


नरेंद्र मोदी जी को समर्पित मेरी अन्य कवितायें.

आज शंखनाद हुआ है.

२०१४ गुलज़ार होने वाला है तुझसे..

वो शुप्त नहीं है..

चुनाव नहीं मतदान करें

एक नया इंक़लाब लायेंगे..

एक नया इंक़लाब लायेंगे..
एक नया इंक़लाब लायेंगे..

जो सुलग रहा है सीने में, उसी से मसाल जलाएंगे, है कसम इस मिट्टी की, एक नया इंक़लाब लायेंगे.. ना कोई बाँट सके आपस में हमको, हम ऐसी एकता लायेंगे.. आस्था को लेकर तकरार न हो, हम ऐसे विश्वास बढ़ाएंगे..

Ishq ka jaal..

इश्क का जाल,
कुछ ऐसा है जनाब,
अक्सर हम जिनपे ऐतबार करते है,
जिनकी तलाश में सुबह को शाम करते है,
उनका भी आलम कुछ ऐसा ही होता है,
बस अफ़सोस की उनका ये हाल किसी और के लिए होता है,
इश्क में अक्सर यही बुरा होता है,
कि हम जिससे करते है इश्क,
उसके सीने में कोई और होता है…

Life iz Amazing-Love confusion
Ishq ka jaal,
kuchh aisa hai janaab,
aksar hum jinpe aitbaar karte hai,
jinki talaash me subah ko shaam karte hai,
unka bhi aalam kuchh aisa hi hota hai,
bus afsos itnaa ki unka ye haal kisi aur ke liye hota hai,
ishq me aksar yahi bura hota hai ki
hum jisse karte hai ishq,
uske seene me koi aur hota hai…..

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