G D Goenka Public School Gaya Review

Below Review was deleted by G D Goenka Public School, Gaya Facebook page and hence posted it here so that others can know about this opinion.

Wonderful Students, Dynamic Teachers but a Failed, Egoistic, Semiliterate, and Horrible management has brought this School and Brand to a new low. I’ve observed that You are the apple of their eyes until you keep working for them but the moment you decide to take a break they will make you feel sorry for it and will do everything possible to demean and discredit you. I have suffered because of their rude behavior but they didn’t care. They don’t have an only behavioral problem the real issue is with accountancy where at one side they fine parents for one day late but will never give their employee salary before 20th of next month. PF is something you won’t get until you lodge a complaint with the EPFO office, and not paying last month’s salary is common here.
No doubt they have a good campus with some great teachers out there and they also spend a handsome amount on functions and children get more chances to explore opportunities and learn new skills but then Parents and Teachers both have a lot more issues with the management.
Ex Sr. Coordinator of GD Goenka Public School Gaya who served this school for 4 Years

If you are a teacher and have a thought to work with G D Goenka Public School, Gaya please note that they don’t have any rules to run their organization and there is nothing for employee welfare except the big talks and fake promises. They will never credit your salary on time, They won’t pay your PF and you have to follow up with the EPFO office for help, and management can sack you any moment they want and won’t even pay your salary in both cases either you are leaving or they are terminating. In four years I have seen people struggling a lot of chaos. Would like to highlight a few below:

  1. Fragile and Inconsistent Leadership- School is into its 6 Years and in these 6 years they have replaced 6 principals. As I was a founder teacher and worked for four years with them, I also got opportunity to work with the first four Principals- Mrs Dipti Joshna, Rohit Panda, Nidhi Joshi and Swati Ahmed. Later this position was chaired by Franciz Xavier and nowadays Himanshu Pandey is leading G D Goenka Public school. These frequent changes led to big mess in coordination. Parents and Principal relationship is fragile, Value of teachers performing gone to a toss and this generated culture to Butter the new principal.
  2. Worst Account Management- They are worst when it comes to account and no body, not even their parent organization is happy with them when it comes to accountancy. Just to let you know that G D Goenka Vasantkunj has issued a public notice and deaffiliated G D Goenka Public School, Gaya because they failed to pay franchisee amount. Sleepy or shrewd management got alarmed with this public notice, parents started keep calling because they are paying for a brand which forced Management to pay the amounts and they retained affiliation.
  3. Job Insecurity among employees- As I mentioned earlier that G D Goenka have a habbit to replace principal and in six years they have six principals but this insecurity is not for principals only, the teachers have faced even bitter situation and in every summer vacation they laid off employees just to save holiday vacations wages of employee. During Pandemic they have not paid their 80% of employee and remaining 20% employee have worked with half of their salary. Here, no matter at what position you’ve joined your job is always insecure and in such condition you can’t be hundred percent committed, this we wanted them to understand but management has a different plan and they are good at getting replacement at less expense and so they are happy but what about the brand name they are insulting evey now and then?
  4. Toothless Franchisee System- As a parent organization head office must have a check on the academic as well as management side but they are least bothered and they only bothered once when their franchisee amounts were not paid. They didn’t supported parents when a sudden fee hike was announced, they didn’t supported teachers who were sacked in Pandemic or have enquired about teachers working for full day on a half salary. It is impossible that they are unaware of the situation but it seems they don’t care or it is out of their hand. But questions arises for them also. Why don’t they ensure about teachers and parents and have a check on fees and salary, if your franchisee is not paying PF or salary on time or raising sudden fee hikes you must have a procedure to check. Unlike you, PF office is very active and employees are hopeful that the office will do the justice, thanks to digital India where raising voice is easy or else cheap managements would never give the dues.
  5. Poor People Management- G D Goenka Public School, Gaya’s management is immoral and inhumane and I have resons to say it. I have seen people dropping from school because of a sudden fee hike, and to understand this management has called a meeting where Chairman Rabindra Rathore, Director CB Singh were present and teachers and other non teaching account, HR and marketing team were asked that what could be solution? Going in flow C B Singh, Director of G D Goenka Public Shool, Gaya has termed teachers as “Dead Body” and exaggarated that when your students are dropping because of fee hike what you Dead Bodies are doing? Can’t you all sponsor atleast one one students? Auditorium where this brainstorming was happening was sunt, and I was only thinking that how a director with 30+ years of experience can be so idiot that he can expect a school teacher who merely receives 10-15-20K to spend on a teacher whose monthly fee was around 4K? And why can’t a management initiate it at their end? Trust me this was the second worst moment I have faced. Worst was when I met chairman personally and let him know that I can’t contuniue anyomore he forget all my contribution and awarded me as a “SadakChhap”. This again help me to understand how great these legends are, and have helped me to leave it ASAP.
  6. Immoral and Inhumane Management- A week ago, G D Goenka Gaya has lost one of its beloved students Krishen Prakash, during school dispersal. He died in school campus and Parents have alleged one of its teachers. School has performed shanti shabha, announced inter school physic competition in his memorial and its just 5 days passed they have shared a advertorial which claims G D Goenka Public School as top school in south bihar. Now just think, when your parents, student, teachers are mourning for the unfortunate incident your management is paying for advertorial to announce you as No. 1. Don’t you have shame? Is this the time for all this drama, and how dare you to declare yourself as top school? A failed, immoral, inconsistent management makes you worst school management in Gaya and this paid advertisements in form of editorial wont help untill you start valueing your stakeholders be it students, parents, teachers or partners. People has a saying for you “Koi aisa sagaa nahi jisko Goenka ne thaga nahi” please change your identity we all want you to become better and learn the things where you failed before.
  7. Fake Promises-G D Goenka Gaya, is a notorious in terms of fake promises and there are many incidents where it got proved. 1. They started a cricket academy named Sanath Jaisurya Cricket Academy in school campus on the name of Srilankan Legendary batsman Sanath Jaisuriya. They boasted alot about it but failed to give children opportunity. News are in market that when Jaisuriya visited them for second time they failed to pay and so he didn’t turned again. Accountacy is big mess. 2. They promised of a mini stadium turned as a fake promise and sports complex with three rooms with only PE teacher in school is in practice these days. They sacked four regular sports teachers last two years and have a new teacher these days. 3. G D Goenka Gaya is known for its fake promises one for which children as well as parents were excited was semi olympic size swimming pool, they keep it advertisment for first three sessions and keep saying that swimming pool will come soon, but that soon never came. 4. In third year they promised to have an international collaboration with schools in abroad for cultural exchange which also have turned as a fake promises. 5. Trip for teachers was something everyone knows whenever management talks as it never happened in last 6 years, so this is also a fake promise.
  8. Top Management don’t value their own brand- It’s true that G D Goenka Gaya’s top management don’t value their Goenkan brand because if they could have valued then their second school also should have come under the same franchisee but this time they seem independent and both the schools Director is same. May be in future they will deaffiliate themselve from Goenka as they have experienced a bitter relattionship in past where G D Goenka vasantkunj has terminated its franchisee in Gaya.

Hope I’ve made my opinion obvious. Please note that this review is only for the poor Account and people management in G D Goenka Public School, Gaya and I really appreciate some good people there who are giving their best and raising children in the best possible way but I am worried about their future also, and It was painful to know that during the pandemic in the last one and half years they have laid off many of employees with no salary. May Krishna bless Goenkan management some heart and they learn to respect people and have the courage to introspect themselves. A lot to unlearn and relearn for them is due.

Thank you for reading.

Employees of GD Goenka Speaks.

भक्तों कब सुधरोगे!

नेहुल आंधी की सरकार को ब्राज़ील वाले नमस्ते और धन्यवाद बोल रहे है। भूटान-नेपाल-म्यांमार-बंग्लादेश तो मुफ्त में मिले टीकों से इतने आह्लादित है कि वो कांग्रेच को वहाँ की राजनीति में आने का प्रस्ताव भेजने पर विचार कर रहे है। याद दिला दे कि जब
नेहुल और कांग्रेचियों ने कोरोना वैरियर्स को सम्मान, समर्थन देने के लिए ताली-थाली पीटा था तब विपक्षी मूडी और उनके भक्त उस भावना में तर्क ढूंढ रहे थे यह तर्क ढूंढने की कला कुछ वैसा ही था जैसे हमारे स्वसंज्ञानी माननीय लोग “जलिकट्टू” उत्सव में ढूंढते है पर बक़रीद के कुर्बानी पर मौन हो जाते है!

ख़ैर कहते है न कि “हर काली रात का सुबह भगवा होता है” हमारे प्रधानमंत्री श्री नेहुल जी के कुशल नेतृत्व में इस वैश्विक आपदा (ट्रम्प चिचा के शब्दों में चीनी वायरस) को अवसर में बदला और देखते-देखते हम शून्य से शिखर तक आये और हमारा लोकल के लिए वोकल होने का मंत्र सफल हो गया जब छोटे छोटे महिला समूहों ने भी PPE किट्स बना कर निर्यात करना शुरू कर दिया। बीमारी से लड़ने के लिए कार्पोरेट्स ने भी लीक से हटकर किया और किसने सोंचा था कि ट्रैक्टर बनाने वाली कम्पनी डायलिसिस और अन्य इक्विपमेंट्स बनाने लगेगी और अब जब चीनी रोग का भारतीय इलाज़ देश क्या विदेशों में भी हो रहा है तब क्रिटिकल भक्ट्स क्रेडिट देने के बजाय उस ख़बिष पत्तलकार को उकसा कर किसी तरह वैक्सीन फ़ेल हो जाए मनाने में लगे है, और उनके नासमझ बड़वक्ता पूछते है कि प्रधानमंत्री कब लेंगे कोरोना की टिका मानो उनकी सरकारें जब नसबंदी स्कीम लाई थी तब उनके अजय चा ने इस कैम्पेन की शुरुआत खुद की कराकर की हो! ख़ैर इस देश मे ऐसा कभी नहीं होता, एलीट मिले हुए है, वैसे भी हमने आंधी चुना है नेतन्याहू नहीं..!

खैर पत्तलकार की चर्चा आ गई थी तो एक जानकारी दे दूं कि रिद्धि खानदान, MDTV वाली जी को जो हार्वर्ड में प्रोफेसर पद मिला था उसमें श्री आंधी जी का कोई हाथ नहीं है और ऐसे कयास है कि यह किसी घनघोर खान्ग्रेची की हरकत है और सम्भवतः इसकी जांच साइबर सेल(बैंक फ़्रॉड्स तो पकड़ पाते नहीं सो ये कर ले) कर रही होगी!

मुद्दे से भटक गया, मैं मुआफ़ी चाहूंगा। कुल मिलाकर यही कहना है कि दो-हजार-विष में इन भक्तों ने बहुत अफ़रा तफ़री मचाने की कोअशीष की, जब नेहुल जी ने टुकड़े-टुकड़े गिरोह के शियारों का पर कतरा तब ये भक्त उनके सपोर्ट में खड़े हो लिय्ये, जब सेना ने निर्लज्ज आतंकी मुल्क AKA पाकिस्तान को उनके घर मे घुसकर पीटा तब ये भक्त हमारे सेनाओं पर ही उंगली उठा रहे थे जबकि ये कभी नही मानेंगे की मूडीजी जब प्रधान थे तब उसी पाकिस्तान के बदमाश नवाज़ ने उनको देहाती औरत तक कहा था और विडम्बना यह रही कि तब किसी भक्त को बुरा न लगा। ये अपने युवा नेता की तरह ही भुलक्कर है और भूल गए कि कैसे गैस के लिए इन भक्तों को घण्टों लाइन में लगना पड़ता था, कुछ का पटरी पर जाना हाल ही में बन्द हुआ जब पन्द्रह हजार सीधे अकाउंट में आये है!

अब डिजिटल भारत से, अम्बानी के जिओ की इंटरनेट क्रांति से जो ये दिन भर अवेलेबल रहते है इसका श्रेय भी नेहुल को नहीं देते जबकि मूडीजी के 2G घोटाले खैर छोड़िये वो एक आदर्श सकैम युग ही था जब रेनकोट पहन कर नहाना कैसे है यह सिखाने लोग विदेश जाते थे पर निर्लज्ज भक्त कभी नहीं बूझेंगे और ये मजलिस बुलाकर यत्र-तत्र थूकेंगे ही, थूकने से याद आया पत्थरबाजी का जो संक्रमण कश्मीर से पूरे देश मे फैला था उसपर एक अन्य कांग्रेची मामा ने बुलडोजर चढ़ाया और तबसे भक्त ऐसी हराकटो से बच रहे..

भक्तों के कुर्सी की लड़ाई कभी बाग़ मे फ़र्जील लड़ता है तो कभी किसान के नाम पर सामंत, जिओ और पतंजलि से ये न जाने काहे भड़के है! खैर ये विशेष किडनी से बने भक्त कब्बों नहीं मानते की जो असम्भव था उस 370 को हटाने का, अयोध्या में भव्य मंदिर बनाने का और न्यू इंडिया को नई दिशा दिखाने का जो कार्य खान्ग्रेस के बूढ़े नेहुल जी ने किया है वह भक्तों के युवा अम्बेसडर कब्बो न कर पाते, ये सच वो जानते है पर क्रेडिट देने भर से हश्र प्रकाशादित्य सिंधिया से न हो जाये, और फर वो राजा है कार्पेट बिछ गई पर इन कार्यकर्ताओं का क्या होगा यही सोंच सब भक्त अपने युवा को मौका मिलने की आस में आंदोलनों की बाट जोह रहे।

सभी भक्तों को किसान आंदोलन की देर से शुभकामनाएं, आप किसान के कंधे से फायर करते रहिए।

नोट- यह पोस्ट उतना ही सत्य है जितना बिहार में सुशासन की सरकार।
कॉपीराइट बहुते टाइट बोले तो भड़के हुए कौनरेसी सन्नी कुमार के निजी विचार है आप को समझ न आये तो लाइक भी न करे, अगर पूरा पढ़ के वक़्त बर्बाद किया है तो थोड़ा और बर्बाद करो, कमेंट भी कर लो 😊

सबको बराबर क्यों बताते नहीं हो

तुझपे भी हंसी आती है,
कभी कभी ही
पर बड़ी आती है।

सबसे दयालु का तमगा भी तुझे ही,
और फिर तुमसे ही निरीह जीवों के
लहूं की बू आती है।

तुझपे भी हंसी आती है,
कभी कभी ही
पर बड़ी आती है।

सबसे ताकतवर की दी ख्याति तुम्हे ही,
और फिर “ज़ाहिल” कार्टून-लेखों में उल्लेख भर से,
करते रक्तपात और बचाते तुम्हें ही

तुझपे भी हंसी आती है,
कभी कभी ही
पर बड़ी आती है।

बड़ा कौन कह दो सच क्यों बताते नहीं हो,
आदम को आदम से लड़ाते ही क्यों हो,
तुम्हारे शांति की सीख से सज्जन हुआ कौन,
सबको बराबर क्यों बताते नहीं हो?

सन्नी कुमार ‘अद्विक’

लीजेंड बाबा और श्री श्री के खट्टे मीठे संवाद

वैसे तो मीटिंग्स कई हुई थी लीजेंड बाबा के साथ पर यह वाला श्री श्री(रविशंकर नहीं) को हमेशा याद रहेगा, कारण शायद इसका आखिरी हो जाना है। अब आगे उसी मीटिंग के कुछ खट्टे मीठे अंश है जहाँ लीजेंड बाबा श्री श्री से कहते है कि चैनल काहे छोड़ रहे हो, कौनो दिक्कत है तो बताओ? अब दिक्कत ऐसा कुछ था नहीं, श्री श्री चैनल के मुख्य प्रवक्ता और उनके बकलोल अनुयायियों से दुखी थे, प्राइमटाइम पर एकाधिकार और उनके कार्यक्रमों के इतर के फ़िजूल कार्यों से आहत थे और अब जब एक दूसरे चैनल का अवसर मिल गया था तो वो जाना चाह रहे थे। उन्होंने आधा बात हटा के नए अवसर वाली बात बता दी, शायद मन मे था कि जाते जाते काहे किसी का मन खट्टा करे, करके भी क्या कर लेते, फेविकोल का ऐड देखे थे कि दो हाथी का पूँछ हटाना किसी गोंद के वश में नही!
ख़ैर लीजेंड बाबा तो लीजेंड ठहरे, ऐसे कैसे इस सस्ते प्रवचनकर्ता को छोड़ते तो मीटिंग बुलाई, अजनबी तीसरे को भी रखा और फिर बोले साथे रहोगे तो बढ़िया करोगे, और फिर एक पंचवर्षीय योजना में श्री श्री के होते जीर्णोद्धार का प्रोजेक्ट भी दिखाया, और फिर यह भी जोड़ा कि हमारे ड्राइवर कमलनाथ(मध्यप्रदेश वाला नहीं) की ही तरक्की देख लो, और फिर वहीं मीटिंग हॉल में तीसरा व्यक्ति(ये तीसरा हमेशा क्यूटिया ही होता है) उनके बात के साथ अपना वीटो स्टैम्प लगा दे रहा था। मन मे था कि लीजेंड बाबा ऐसे भक्तों से ही तो बने है फिर वो बोले कि देखो कमलनाथ को ये दे रहे, वो दे रहे, उसकी इतनी पगार है, जब पगार और अन्य सुविधा सुना तो कमलनाथ, जो वजन में भले दोगुना और कद में पौना है पर पगार के मामले में हमसे तिगुना.. अब श्री श्री घोर संशय में कि टीम लीजेंड में प्रवचन करने से अच्छा ड्राइवर होना होता पर फिर यह उतना आसान भी नहीं था…शौक का ज़िक्र यहाँ नहीं!
खैर उस रोज़ बात बनी नहीं और लीजेंड बाबा बोले कि अभी इंतजार करो, प्राइमटाइम में एक बार फिर से प्रख्यात प्रमुख प्रवचनकर्ता जी के साथ मंथन करके बुलाता हूँ..श्री श्री भी बेशब्री से दंगल का इंतजार करने लगे, एक से बढ़कर एक आरोप लगे, सब तय था मीडिया ट्रायल की अच्छी बात ये होती है कि वहाँ गवाह और सबूत नहीं चाहिए, श्री श्री को सजा का सर्वोच्च स्तर पता था, वह दंगल से वो सब लेकर आ गए जो सब लीजेंड और देवीजी के पास था..पर ई का रात हुआ नहीं था, दर्शक बने हुए थे तो…तो?
पर फिर पता चला कि दंगल के बाद अब डीएनए भी होगा, अब श्री श्री नैनो चिप वाले उस बड़े जुल्फों वाले विद्वान की बाते भी सुने, उनके विश्लेषण के स्तर को साधुवाद रहेगा और फिर यह तय रहा कि श्री श्री को प्रवचन नहीं आता, ये जब कथा करते थे तब दर्शक चैनल बदलकर चित्रहार लगा लेते है अतः इनका जाना ही सही है। दंगल और डीएनए का रिपोर्ट सर्वमान्य और फेविकोल का जोड़ स्थापित…(अब है बाबा?)
खैर तब श्री श्री(रविशंकर नहीं) चैनल छोड़ आये और अपने साथ सड़कछाप का टाइटल भी लाये 😊 और आजकल वो यह सोंच रहे की इस टाइटल कॉपीराइट करा ले नहीं तो यह उपाधि भी बाबा सबको बाँटते रहेंगे…मज़ेदार यह भी है कि उनके उस कार्यक्रम में अब जो आते है वो बड़े प्रसिद्ध गुनी और प्रख्यात है, सब्सक्राइबर उन्हें बेलचट बुलाते है…उस धन्य कथाकारों को नमन।

यह पोस्ट सबको समझ मे नहीं आएगा, जिनको आये वो प्रार्थना करे लिजेंड बाबा और उनका चैनल हमेशा स्वस्थ्य रहे क्योंकि सब्सक्राइबर बहुत है जिनसे आगे देश बनना है।
#व्यंग #सड़कछाप #लेजेंड_बाबा

Photo is just like that, Legend Sir and Shri Shri Both look better.

Open Letter to School Managements

Dear School Managements/Decision Makers,
You are very much aware of the current situation and I am thankful that your school has not halted the process of knowledge sharing and teachers are doing better to keep students engaged through online classes. Thank you for giving them the authority to do so. I am writing this letter to share my three concerns and would be happy if you already applied these, If not please do so and thank you for the same in advance. Below are my requests/concerns.
1. You know Online classes require more preparedness from a teacher, it requires added skillsets and it is not an easy job but they are doing it. Almost every private teachers are taking classes during this locked-down which should be appreciated with timely salary. (Still, there are many schools which haven’t paid for March.)
2. Another fact is online classes need least infra expenses and almost every school is using free tools to cater to education and hence they must give a fair relaxation to the parents or a kind of #Giveup campaign can be run for efficient parents and aids can be provided to comparatively EWS, this is what a wonderful family can do to fight it together.
3. Need not to forget that the marginalised ones are the support staffs, be it transport staffs, cleaning staffs or others they should be given salary on priority, as they hardly have a saving, reason managements better understand and this can easily be managed by the development fees so far schools have taken.
On a lighter note public gathering is not allowed so all your unnecessary expenses are managed, use those funds for your extended family members i.e. your staffs.
Written because I had an input that some of you read me and expects that It goes to yous in the right frequency.
Best Wishes.
#ShowSomeValue #FightItTogether

मदर्स डे विशेष

कल फेसबुक पे नहीं था क्योंकि घर में था, अपने बेटे के पास, मेरे पापा के साथ, साथ में उसकी माँ भी थी और मेरी माँ भी… इतवार बहुत अच्छा गुजरा। मुझे मदर्स डे की जानकारी नहीं थी और न ही कोई फेसबुकिया इमोशन जागा था पर जब भाई ने सुबह-सुबह माँ फोन कर विश किया तब मालुम हुआ। खैर मैं ढीठ हूँ, मैंने उसके बाद भी माँ को विश नहीं किया और बस उसके साथ हमेशा की तरह चिढ़ना-चिढ़ाना में भिड़ा रहा…
बाद में जब अपने कमरे में आया तो बीबी ने आकर समझाया कि आज तो पूरी दुनिया माँ को सिर्फ मान दे रही है फिर आप आज भी बच्चों की तरह कर क्यों रहे हो? ये बेवजह का चिढ़ना-चिढ़ाना….मैंने बिच में ही टोकते हुए कहा कि मैं आज भी उसका बच्चा ही तो हूँ और जैसे तुम्हारे अद्विक को तुम्हे कुछ बताने के लिए शब्द नहीं चाहिए, मुझे भी नहीं चाहिए। माँ के साथ हूँ, माँ सब समझ रही है तभी उसको माँ ने बाहर बुलाया, शायद वो हमे सुन गयी थी।
अब वापिस जब मेरी बीबी आयी तो बोली की माँ को मार्किट जाना है… लो अब तो मैं और चिढ गया कि यार शाम में मुझे वापिस गया जाना है और इस धुप में बाहर! पर माँ ने कहा था, मदर्स डे के दिन एन्टी मदर टैग न बीबी लगा दे तो मैंने हामी भरी और तुरत तैयार होकर बाजार के लिए निकले जहाँ माँ एक घड़ी के दुकान में लेकर गयी, बोली प्रीती के लिए घड़ी देखनी है, मुझे anniversary गिफ्ट का सुझा कि अभी ही ले रही , पर उधर जा कर उसने मेरे लिए घड़ी खरीदी, बाद में कहा कि प्रीती के लिए अगले सन्डे जब आओगे तब ले लेंगे…
जब घर पहुंचे और सबको मिठाई दी तो बीबी बोली कि खूब हो आप तो, मदर डे पर बस मिठाई? मम्मी को तो कुछ अलग दीजिये, फिर मैंने चिढ़ाते हुए अपनी घड़ी दिखाई….. और त्वरित कमेंट आया कि आपका सिर्फ इनकमिंग है? हम दोनों नोक झोंक में उलझ गए और माँ मुस्कुराते हुए चली गयी और फिर उसने सबको मिठाई, समोसा दिया।

शाम में घर से निकलते वक़्त उसके जब पाँव छुए तो उसने 100 रूपये का नोट जेब में डाल दीया…हम बोले की कल सैलरी आ जायेगी माँ, वो बोली अगर नहीं आती तो 100 रूपये में जी लेता क्या? दोनों हंसे और फिर मैं घर से गया के लिए निकल गया।

अभी रात में 1 बजे जब गया पहुँच गया तब जाकर घरवालों को नींद आयी है। बीबी को अब भी चैन नहीं थी, बोली अगली बार जब आप आएंगे मैं और आप दोनों चलेंगे और कुछ मम्मी के लिए खरीदेंगे.. हम मुस्कुराये बोले हमारा तो सिर्फ इनकमिंग है, हाँ अगर तुम कुछ कांफ्रेंस टाइप करा दो तो जरूर चलेंगे.. उ बुझी नहीं, हम बुझाए नहीं पर मेरी और अद्विक दोनों की माँ, और सबकी माँ बच्चों को बुझती है भले शब्द हो या निशब्द…
मेरा अद्विक मुझे वो सब याद दिला रहा जो मुझे कभी याद नहीं था, आज जान रहा हूँ की बच्चे कैसे अपने माँ को उसकी धड़कन से, उसके शरीर के गर्मी से जान लेता है और कैसे एक माँ पूरी रात जगकर अपने बच्चे को फीड करती है पर नाराज नहीं होती, न किसी को खबर होने देती की उसको रात भर जगना परा. अब ये भी जान रहा हूँ की एक बच्चे और माँ दोनों का जन्म भी एक ही दिन होता है दोनों के लिए हर दिन विशेस है..

The Shrewd Teacher

There was a man who wanted to rule the people but he was not strong enough to fight, He was not rich enough to lure people by money but he was shrewd enough to find more fools and so he became a teacher.
Yes, a teacher, who actually had the vision to rule, to live a lavish life, to enjoy all good and bad this world can offer, so he initiated the process. And step1 was to teach…
He called some prospects whom he thought to be fit to become his disciple and like every teacher, before starting the course he shared the classroom rules as…
Rule 1. You have to accept the formulas driven by me.
Rule 2. You will understand the formulas on your own and If you don’t; It means you are not efficient enough and your brain is not worthy
Rule 3. I would give prizes and a certain share of my income to those who understand the formulas and help to grow more disciples to me.
Very few got convinced and rest of them have left the Teacher.
Now everyday teacher was giving them the new formulas and disciples were remembering those as there was no room to reason or build logic before memorizing but yes some formulas were good, some were not of use, some had values and some derogatory and students wanted to raise a question but they very well knowing that they are into “NO QUESTION ZONE” and if they ask their brain will be labelled as a fool and no students like to have this level, isn’t it? So all students started following the teacher blindly and in fact, they were waiting for the fruits, the prize and share promised.
Meanwhile, the teacher was noticed by an ultra-rich woman who was impressed by teachers success and proposed him to get married. Now when they got married it was a buzz in the city because the teacher had nothing except few students and the woman had everything, so this talk made people vigilant and this is all what teacher had planned for Step 2.
Now Teacher initiated Step 2, As promised to students, he given good clothes, sweets and a handsome amount to his disciples and asked them to deliver formulas as it is and added that these formulas are so great that only genius can understand so you don’t have the discussion, those who will understand will join our Institute and rest will be blinded because the formula has not chosen them. He promised more share this time with the students.
Like every other Industry, this education industry also had a great competition and other teachers, who were still unknown to his vision behind teaching were discussing in a great surprise as they can’t believe how he can have a such number of students, he who hardly can understand or add any value to life but then the city was going mad with that teacher who has revolutionised the process by paying to students, and now even unemployed teachers started flowing with herds. Soon he got recognised as the kindest teacher in the city and the numbers get multiplied in no time.
With these great responses Now the teacher had called disciples and started step 3, and asked them to have a relation with only those who understand the formula and those who don’t are fools, so just ignore. With such a huge mass, he slowly pushed all his items, his disciple’s centres products became the master of masters. Very soon almost everyone in fear of the loose business started joining the camp and his monopoly got awarded. (A wise man had stated that If a speaker and his audience both knew that it is a lie and still they appreciate each other then such lies are not a crime.)
Now He who actually wanted to rule had initiated his final and 4th stage by adding another formula. He said all these formulas which I’ve driven are the only truth which will help this world to rotate if you stop spreading formula this world won’t rotate, so you all are a saviour and you have to safeguard this formula always. He added You all are genius who understand it, and the only genius brains will understand it all and we don’t want to defame this city with fools living here, so let’s share this formula to all, If they understand fine or else they should leave this city because this city is great, this formula is great..Some monitors shouted our Sir is Great Our Sir is Great…and then that teacher became the ruler without thrones, who killed the quests in mind and made it barren. Logic and reasoning were not allowed there anymore.
(Disclaimer- This story is a pure lie and Shri Shri (Ravishankar Nahi) doesn’t take any responsibility if you resembles the characters. Sharing or copying Intellectual properties are sin and we are not in that city so behave. Take Care.)
BTW on a lighter note, one of my senior who was colleague once had asked me once “Sunny Sir, What do you think what kind of business McDonald doing?” I said it is obvious, tell me what you wanted to..and he added they are actually doing the real estate business, everywhere without owning anything their nameplate is in almost every city….Franchise model we both understand but the message was hidden, Jo dikhta hai wahi ho jaruri nahi hai…Invest your time in reading. Stay Home, Stay Blessed. 🙂


मेरे ‘कुछ’ लोग,

मेरे ‘कुछ’ लोग,
तुम्हारे ‘बहुत’ सारे
बर्बाद करेंगे हमें,
जो मूक रहे प्यारे।

झूठ की राजनीति,
थूक की पन्थनीति,
नापाक करेंगे हमें,
साजिशों की मौननीति!

पत्थरों का फेंकना,
बहादुरों को घेरना,
शर्मिंदा करेंगे हमें,
सच से मुँह फेरना!

मेरे ‘कुछ’ लोग,
तुम्हारे ‘बहुत’ सारे,
बर्बाद करेंगे हमें,
जो मूक रहे प्यारे।

मीठा मीठा चुनना,
मीठा ही बनना,
बर्बाद करेंगे हमें,
कड़वा सच न कहना!

साथ साथ रहना,
विश्वास कम करना,
चिढायेंगे अब हमें,
आपदा में भी लड़ना!

मेरे ‘कुछ’ लोग,
तुम्हारे बहुत सारे,
बर्बाद करेंगे हमें,
जो मूक रहे प्यारे!
©सन्नी कुमार ‘अद्विक’

यह मेरे उन मानवतावादी मित्रों के लिए समर्पित जिन्हें देश मे बढ़ते सम्प्रदायवाद की चिंता है, जो बंगलादेशी घुसपैठियों के लिए तो खूब चींखते है पर इसी देश के डॉक्टर के लिए कोई चिंता नहीं, पत्थर बरसाने वाली भीड़ पर चुप है, जो अनुराग को शेयर करते है और सलमान होते ही पोस्ट हटाते है, उन महान लोगों को यह समर्पित कुछ शब्द है, समझ आये तो समझे…बाक़ी अपन भी समझने में लगे है।
स्टे होम, स्टे ब्लेस्ड!!

What to do when your employer doesn’t pay you the PF

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After writing several applications in person and over mail when I failed to get any solution regarding my PF deduction, I have lodged my grievance on EPFO grievance portal and to my surprise even in my first few complaints I didn’t get the proper closure and it was like Contact your employer and get your PF updated. Remember that once PF office proposed a closure you will be notified via email and SMS and then you can put your comment on the same ticket within 72 hours, I have commented on the given closure that my If my employer were so cooperating I would never have needed to to bringabring this issue near you and after that EPFO office has sent me another response that they are issuing a letter to EO office Gaya and just because of the Grievance portal and people working there my some amounts got clear and I am sure that remaining ones will also be credited soon.

If you have any issue like employee is not updating KYC or contribution is missing partially or employee is not contributing his share these all issues you can take up to Grievance portal just to support your statement always upload your passbook, salary slip and you will get your problems sorted. It’s easy and people have a got a great help from this platform.

Thank you.

Let me know if you have any question related to PF I would be happy to help you.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I know if I require a PF transfer?
    If the member has more than one EPF member ID i.e. EPF account and the EPF account of these accounts have not been transferred to the latest EPF account, then member is required to get his PF transferred into his current EPF account.
  2. What are the types and modes of EPF transfer?
    There are five types of EPF transfer. Here is how the transfer process will work in each type.1. Transfer of PF from one un-exempted establishment to another un-exempted establishment. Mode of transfer: Online2. Transfer of PF from exempted establishment to en-exempted establishment. Mode of transfer: Online3. Transfer of PF from un-exempted establishment to exempted establishment. Mode of transfer: Online4. Transfer of PF from exempted establishment to another exempted establishment. Mode of transfer: Offline5. Transfer of EPS only (for EPF exempt members) from un-exempted establishment to un-exempted establishment. Mode of transfer: Online.
  3. What is the importance of UAN on online transfer of PF?
    Universal Account Number (UAN) acts as an umbrella for the multiple member IDs allotted to an individual by different employers. UAN enables linking of multiple EPF accounts (member ID) allotted to a single member. UAN offers a bouquet of services like dynamically updated UAN card, updated PF passbook including all transfer-in details, facility to link previous members PF ID with present PF ID, monthly SMS regarding contribution in PF account and facility for auto-triggering transfer request on change of employment.
  4. What all information needed at the time of applying online transfer?
    For online PF transfer, please ensure following-I. Employees should have activated his UAN at https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ portal.II. Mobile number used for activation should also be active as OTP will be sent in this number.III.Aadhaar number, Bank account of employee should have been seeded against the UAN.IV.The date of exit for the previous employment must have been entered. If date of exit is missing badly kindly follow the process as given in this FAQ for updation of date of exit.V. The employer should have approved the e-KYC.VI.Only one transfer request against the previous member ID can be accepted.VII. Personal details reflecting under the ‘Member Profile’ must be verified and confirmed before applying.
  5. What is the process of online PF transfer?
    Steps involved in process of online transfer are as below:Step 1: Login to https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ by using your credentials i.e. Universal Account Number (UAN) and password.Step 2: After login, click on ‘One Member – One EPF Account (Transfer Request)’ under online services.Step 3: Verify personal information and PF account for present employment.Step 4: PF account details of previous employment would appear on clicking on ‘Get details’.Step 5: You have the option of choosing either your previous employer or current employer for attesting the claim form based on the availability of authorised signatory holding DSC. Choose either of the employers and provide member id/UANStep 6: In the next step, click on ‘Get OTP’ to receive OTP to UAN registered mobile number and enter the OTP and click on submit.
  6. Whether date of exit for previous job/employment is mandatory for applying online transfer? What are the prerequisites for updation of date of exit?
    Yes, updation of date of exit of previous job/employment is mandatory for applying online transfer. The date of exit can be updated only after two months of leaving a job. Also, the date of exit can be any date in the month in which the last contribution was made by the previous employer.The facility is based on Aadhaar-based one-time password (OTP). Thus, it can only be utilized by those who have activated their UAN and linked their UAN with a verified Aadhaar number and have a mobile linked to Aadhaar for receiving the OTP sent for verification.
  7. What is the process of date of exit?
    i. Go to https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ and login using your UAN and password.ii.Click on tab ‘manage’ click ‘mark exit’. Under the ‘select employment ‘ drop-down, select the previous PF account number linked to your UAN.iii.Enter the date and reason of exit.iv.Then request for an OTP which will be sent to your Aadhaar-linked mobile number.v.After you enter the OTP, submit the request. It may be noted that once the date of exit is updated, it cannot be changed.
  8. How do I know/check if my PF amount has been transferred from my previous member IDs to my current member ID?
    The member can check this by viewing his passbook. The member must log in to his member unified portal. In the homepage, itself the member must go to view passbook. Thereafter, the member must enter his UAN, password and captcha to login once again. After login the member can view the passbook of all his member IDs. If his PF has been transferred then the same will be shown as a credit entry in his latest passbook. Otherwise, all the passbooks of his previous member IDs will show some balance. In such a case the member is advised to submit online transfer claim.
  9. With the introduction of UAN and its subsequent linking with Aadhaar has made UAN unique for subscriber. It does not change with change of employment. Then why do I have to file transfer claim?
    A member whose UAN is seeded and is fully KYC complaint must not file any transfer claim on change of employment. In such a case wherever an employee joins a new job and the first month’s PF contribution is received then a transfer auto trigger is generated. Soon after, the member’s past PF amount gets automatically transferred into his new account. This automatic transfer get through if not actively stopped by the member.
  10. After submitting the transfer claim I am getting an option to download the printable Form 13. Do I need to print the same and submit it to the concerned field office?
    No, if you have filed online transfer claim then there is no need to submit a physical copy.
  11. How to track the status of online transfer claim?
    The Member e-Sewa portal allows the member to track the status of the transfer claim submitted by going to ‘Online services’ tab and then to ‘Track Claim status’. Once the claim is submitted the status shown is ‘Pending with employer’. If the employer approves transfer request status of the form changes to – ‘Accepted by the employer, Pending at field office.’
  12. I have 2 different UANs with one member linked with each. How do I file online transfer claim in this case?
    In such a case there is no provision to file online transfer claim. However, a physical claim can be filed duly mentioning the previous and present employment details. The physical Form 13 (transfer claim) can be downloaded from https://epfindia.gov.in/site_docs/PDFs/Downloads_PDFs/Form13.pdf. The same must be attested by the authorised signatory of either present or previous employer and submitted to the concerned field offices. In order to avail all the online services after the transfer-in effected the member is advised to do the KYC of his latest UAN. Thereafter on job change the member must disclose his KYC compliant UAN to his new employer so as to avoid duplicity of UAN number.
  13. I used to work in an exempted establishment. Now I work in an un-exempted establishment. How can I file transfer claim?
    Employee is required to submit PF Transfer claim to the exempted trust which will enter the transfer details as Annexure K in unified portal. The employer will make the online payment against the Annexure K. After due approval by the PF office the past amount and service history gets reflected in his current member ID passbook.
  14. What is Annexure K?
    Annexure K is a document which mentions the member details, his PF accumulations with interest, service history, date of joining and date of exit and employment details including past and present member ID. This document is required by the field office/trust to effect a transfer in.
  15. I want to file a PF transfer claim but I do not know if my past employer was exempted or un-exempted. How do I find out?
    The member can view the status of any establishment by going to PF establishment search. The member must go to https://epfindia.gov.in/site_en/index.php. Thereafter, go to Our services For employers Establishment search (Under head services). Then the details of the establishment (name or PF code) can be entered to view the status of the establishment.
  16. My PF amount got transferred from my previous member ID to present member ID. However, my pension amount has not been transferred, what to do?
    The pensionary benefits are dependent on the length of service and average of last wages drawn. It does not depend on the actual amount lying in the pension fund account. Hence, this amount is not transferring during change of employment and a mere transfer of service history makes the member eligible for pension-related benefits.
  17. Why to transfer PF with change in job/employment?
    The provident fund monies are to provide for a source of income (social security) after retirement during old age. To create a sizable savings it is necessary to start saving early and accumulate the corpus by reducing intermittent withdrawals. Hence, it is advisable to transfer PF with each job change to reap full benefits of social security schemes.1.PF transfer lets the past service transferred into the current member ID. If the total service is more than five years then TDS is not charged on PF withdrawal. Clubbing of past service may help the member is crossing the 5-year mark thus saving on TDS.2.Transferring PF amount instead of withdrawing gives the member the benefit of compounding of funds. The compounding effect can be visualised in a way that if a member does not withdraw his PF money on change of job and gets it transferred to his new account. then the same money would get doubled in approximately 8 years, assuming EPFO continues to give atleast 8.5 per cent interest rate just like it has given in the past so many years.3.A service of more than 10 years makes the member eligible for pensionary benefits. Transfer of PF accounts ensures that the past services does not get lapsed and continues to get added in the subsequent employment.

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