Never Ending Love Shower

To Krishna for My Bujji
She has left me? She has gone so far??
If it is,

then who is inside, who is in my dream,
to whom i was talking so far??

No, she can’t leave me, she can’t go far,
she is just loving and hiding for sometime,
Krishna, don’t confuse and clear all our doubts,
I wanna near her and this relation should go far..

Krishna, ask all birds to sing in favor,
to make her smile allow this joker.

If life is hard we can manage together.
So please bless us with a “Never Ending Love Shower”.

I can’t wait anymore..

I can't wait anymoreI can’t wait anymore..

To hold you in my arms,
To sleep in your embrace..
To get you in my life,
To gaze upon your face..
I can’t wait anymore..

Bujji, I need you more than before,
and Sorry, I can’t wait anymore..

To let you know, You are magical,
and making things sensual..
I Want to share love, lie and all,
So listen your heart, n come,
today, don’t wait for my call..

You Left After Spreading Love in Air

LonelyShould i forget this world,
or just myself..?
o please tell me,
where to go when,
you’re not next to me..?

Should i stop dreaming,
or just living..?
o please tell me,
what to do when,
you are not near me..?

I know just before, we were together,
lived my dreams and reality altogether..

Don’t know why, what happened,
that you left, after spreading love in air..

U’re in my heart, U’re in my mind

PriyeeeU’re in my heart, U’re in my mind,

I’ll prefer to die but i can’t make you hurt..
Der may be situation when we’ll face ups n downs,
I promise to b always there,n would cheer when you’re down..

It might possible that i will do many of mistakes, and may make you feel low,
But please be assured that in tho i also wont b able to glow…

You were with me and i wish you would be with me always,
I was there to make you laugh and would love to do this always…

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