Robotronics Show by Goenkans

On the launching event of NIIT Nguru centre in G D Goenka Public School Gaya, School’s Robotronics team have presented a show where students of Grade III-VII have shown their models and explained about its functions. Here I am sharing few of pictures from yesterday’s event and you might be glad to know that these kids were guided by me, in fact we all are learning together and finding it fun. Must say Robotics improves child’s mechanical as well as logical skills and children find it fun and enjoys every robotics session with lot of enthusiasm. 🙂

When I met Jaisurya

sanath-jaisurya-pepercuttingIt is December, the month which i loves most, which has already blessed me with my life, my first love, first bicycle and more has offered me something unexpected this time. Yes, Day before Yesterday and Yesterday also, I mean i have had spend my two day with the legendary batsman, Mr. Sanath Jaisurya and have learnt simplicity, real class and few cricketing tips.
Well, being a cricketer i never thought that I would even manage to meet state level players, but in last six months due to my school, G D Goenka Public School, Gaya I got opportunity to meet few Ranji Players, Md Azharaduddin and this time Mr. Sanath Jaisurya. Yes I managed to get photographs, Autographs, hand shake opportunity too… I am happy, really I AM.

Read what Dainik Bhaskar is saying :

ख्वाबों को बुनने दो


ख्वाबों को बुनने दो,
ख्यालों को पलने दो,
समेट लेंगे ये चादर में आसमां,
जो इनको उड़ने की आजादी दो।

कलियों को खिलने दो,
बचपन को संवरने दो,
बदलेंगे यही संसार को कल में,
जो इनको आज से सपने दो!

बेमतलब न रोको-टोको इनको,
न समझ की सीमाओं में बांधो,
ये स्वछन्द मन कल संवारेंगे दुनिया,
इनको बस सही लगन लगवा दो।

चुनने दो इनको अपने सपने,
जो मर्जी है बनने दो,
ख्याल रखो इनके ख्यालों का,
और सही गलत का भान करा दो।

ख्वाबों को बुनने दो,
ख्यालों को पलने दो,
समेट लेंगे ये चादर में आसमां,
जो इनको उड़ने की आजादी दो।
-सन्नी कुमार

(credit:- Students of G D Goenka Public School, Gaya)


लक्ष्य राष्ट्रनिर्माण का होगा


बुद्ध का जो है अतित सहेजे,
उस धरा से भविष्य का भोर अब होगा..
ज्ञान-बोध की ऐतिहासिक मिट्टी में,
नवभारत अभ्यास करेगा..
सींचेंगे हम सब सपने मिलकर,
लक्ष्य राष्ट्रनिर्माण का होगा..

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