Happy Anniversary Bujji

Prasu-Kuchipudi (1)_001 Dear Priyeee,
It’s 26th March and on this special day I would like to thank Krishna and you for a beautiful night where we interacted and discovered a world of faith, where we explored ocean of love, where we ride on dreams. I am thankful to you dear lady who found me lovable, who taught me how to love, care and live. I mean my words and i would say that many of times you made me feel magic happens and Life iz Amazing. I love you for everything you did, I am thankful to Krishna that he sent you in my life.  Bujji that night i was in a quick hurry and once i sensed that you have love for me I felt an amazing pleasure, thi mind turned into home of dreams and heart was full of love. I noticed your hints and fact that you were hesitant so i proposed you. I am sorry that i couldn’t make it as a memorable propose but i was lucky enough to get you before those three magical words which turns the world once spoken. I inew i never deserved you but i wanted to be with you, your care was something i got addicted of, you have no idea how i feel with your care and love and when you treat me like your hubby.
Time passes very fast, and in just two years we discovered most unpredictable situations, success and sorrow accompanied ours love, magic which i found in you has lost, but i am really sorry bujji for not being what you were looking for. Every year this day will remind me of a beautiful girl, some broken promises and love on phone where we agreed to love without boundaries, complemented each other with thoughts got commited and then we failed.
Bujji, today i don’t have anything for you or against you but few good memories. You know i came out of those situation when i was keep calling you for thousand of times a day and disturbing you. You should also thank me and my people who helped that lunatic to move on. Now when i read your old texts, your hangout history, shared pictures, videos and thoughts i laugh. Really i laugh and make fun of myself, you know things changed faster than a drama and now I am convinced that Krishna has punished me for ignoring myself and blessed you for your commitments. There are so many good qualities in you, and i agree with you that you are best. I loved your confidence when you said world knows you’re the best. As you already know I never had any exceptional view and also i trust worl so if they found you best you are the best. But bujji do they know you 😉 leave. I am really impressed with your priorities, which is key to any success. I remember just after we got committed you saved my number as SOS number and informed me about that and you made me feel very special. Started planning of marriage but in a year you knew me better and so last year you started ignoring and just after 26th, informed me that relationship was fake. I loved your tricks, to fight with me, like other looser(lovers) i too had digested all your abuses, but not just your love but your ignorance all taught me many of things. We both were different(everyone is) and now we know the difference. I am happy that you made your parents proud and i am lucky enough who got sometime replies from you.
You know I believe in words, and Brida says God manifest himself into everything and so in words. This believer have been taught a very good lesson by the same god who is everywhere. And lesson is if you are believing words you must know the art to read what’s the hidden texts behind the letters. I still believe if you had that art we would have a different story.

I am confused today, don’t know what i am writing, whether am I making any sense or not and will you ever spend your two minutes to read this or not but i am writing, not for you, for my bujji, for myself for all good things i met in my life. I am in pain today, reasons are many but i know how to survive, you are a good teacher and learnt from your love, from your abuse, from your care, from your ignorance, from your belief and also from your cheats, really i loved you and you will always special for me. This night of 26th will keep teaching me to live in moments. I know things are going to be change very soon and the best is yet to come.
Happy Anniversary
Have A Successful Life
Yours Bujji
Thank You

Another Lie

Jai Shri Krishna Dost, Hope you are enjoying monsoon season and making your life memorable. Here once again I do welcome of you guyz who spend your valueable time with this joker. I am thankful to you people who read me and forgive for my unprofessional writing. Dost, I expect you to visit my virtual place more often and guide me with your suggestions. Here once i again i bring the news from Doubt and Confusion’s life and once again you are going to read my Another Lie. This might be my last last post on Confusion and Doubt’s Love fight and if you have not met lovers of my story yet, I request you to please start reading from beginning and experience all the love fights between two love birds and find out what happens if you love in chat rooms, when you believe someone blindly, without any conditions and how poor lovers ended?

(Read from Beginning)

People ChangeIn last post you had already read, how Confusion approached Doubt’s best friend Laxmi to know the truth. You had also read that Doubt had not shared anything about Confusion near Laxmi or any of her friends and When Confusion approached Laxmi she has unable to recognize Confusion. Later Laxmi explained that Doubt has never spoke anything about. Infact she told that Doubt is loving her Brother Siddharth. Laxmi, who was not aware of their long distance relationship has suggested Confusion that he might have some misunderstanding and he might considering Doubt’s friendly care as love, she was damn sure that Doubt loves Siddharth. She was not ready to believe what confusion was saying to her. Well confusion has not elaborate much near her and in middle of their conversation, Doubt has called Confusion(As Laxmi informed Doubt about Confusion’s Approach) and requested to stop asking to Laxmi and said no one knows about them and then she promised to Confusion that she will disclose everything soon and said she has much to share.

From last few weeks, Doubt was keep saying that she has no love for Confusion and the relation was just fake while Confusion was not ready to believe and he was convinced that she might be lying due to family/society pressure. Last week when Doubt said that her marriage has been finalized, and also praised the guy for his cool nature, since then Confusion started to figure out why is she leaving her, why can’t they get married? In last few weeks Confusion has asked the same question more than ten times “Why can’t we get married?”  Doubt has given every times many of valid reasons like, their parents wont agree, she wanted to marry with a guy having government job, she can’t left her job, she can’t settle in Bihar, her mother wants a Jesus Believer and many more reasons but these were just reasons and Confusion was not ready to accept any of these reasons. He was confident on his love and he was fool enough to believe love is enough. These days he cries daily and hating himself for losing her, but he still expecting some magic. In these many of days many of times confusion tried to convince her with her ideological logics, but her words have no more impact on the girl who was once worried whether confusion parents will accept a minority girl. A girl who was saying that she will put acid if he married someone else is happily going to marry some one else. It was hard to digest, completely unbelievable that he is going to lose her love as he don’t have government job?  Confusion ask Doubt that if a job is issue ask your parents that seeking a job is better than creating, but Doubt is more realistic and practical than joker and so she never bought his points.


Today morning when Confusion approached Laxmi, Laxmi informed the same to Doubt  and then Doubt called Confusion and requested not to ask anything to laxmi or anyone else as people are not not aware about their relation. Doubt promised to share all fact by today noon.

In afternoon Doubt text-ed to Confusion a message which was reading “Given chance to Amaan”. After reading her text he got a sock, she was no more lying, she is leaving Confusion. Nothing can be tougher than this to handle a cheat. You know, Amaan is not the guy Laxmi talked about but he is the guy whom Confusion knows before and had a good conversation before but neither Amaan nor Doubt has revealed this before. After listening Amaan’s name, confusion was confirmed that Doubt was not lying anymore because he suits to her dream and Amaan was keep on trying for long. He is the same guy who had shared his feelings for Doubt near Confusion 2 years before and that time confusion was doubt’s best friend. Doubt had prayed for Amaan and now we can say Krishna  has accepted Confusion’s pray on the cost of his love.

Though Doubt has expressed love and care for Confusion but finally what she is saying is a naked truth. Doubt has shown her happiness near Confusion and texted many of texts praising Amaan. She was very happy that she is marrying to someone who loves her, having a standard job. She written Confusion that it is better to marry a lover who you met in real and not just in text box, not only on calls. She asked Confusion to Forget Her, Forgive Her, she asked confusion to forget all this as they never met in reality, and called this distance relationship a nightmare.

Confusion was helpless again but now no more hope left, he was dying inside, the lover, the poet, the dreamer, the chatter, the joker all had wiped out with his tears. His balanced mind was happy for Amaan, at least he was meeting her love but he was keep asking to himself that if it was a fake relationship, if it was a nightmare why she took so much time to find it, realize it. What was his fault? He knows Amaan is a good guy, well settled, working in a government bank and have earned good respect in society and far better than Confusion(joker) in all kind of comparisons available but he was available before, why not she accepted his love before, why she tested Confusion, why she played with Joker? Amaan had expressed his love last year, even Confusion has talked to Doubt and asked for her feelings but last year Doubt said she is is loving Confusion and so Amanan left silently(?).  (Click here to know what happened last year)

After realizing that Doubt is not lying from past few months, Joker(Confusion) burst into tears, he cried on his reality and yet again he started screaming why destiny always wins his life? so many dreams he had for Doubt, all has been vanished with a truth, he wanted to scream and shout on her, he wanted to abuse her, wanted to call her cheater, selfish and a shudra but how can he? His heart still believes that it all happened due to his faults and so he kept silent.

Confusion asked Doubt that how she met Amaan again and then she disclosed the bigger truth which she never said to Confusion, she told, Amaan is her childhood friend and he loves her for 8 years, she too loves him but for last two years they were not in contact due to some confusion and doubts. She also expressed her happiness and said that she is lucky that she got him back.

Doubt’s every word was killing him but joker has no other choice to listen her, to understand her also to know that why is he crying if next time he cry.

After knowing their truth I can quote that Not only a girl can be raped, some time dreams also get raped.

Doubt wanted to know why she did this? Sometime he thought to kill himself but couldn’t. He remembered the day when Doubt and Confusion were just good friends and she used to say she don’t like to be in love, she wanted to get a job first, she wanted to make parents proud first but sooner she expressed her love for confusion. She is the same lady who had told him more than hundred of times that he is her first love and she can’t let him go, has shown care for family, started behaving like a caring wife, sharing lover over phone calls, texts messages, suddenly what happened to her?

After knowing about the lucky guy Amaan, Doubt’s past, Confusion wanted to know the truth that why they people fought and what was the situations which make them to resume their relation, how destiny played that they get reunited? Why she lied to confusion on first love?

Confusion asked his every question and Doubt has already ready with answers and given all his answers except few and I am Sorry, I can’t disclosed those and my reasons are personal. But trust me they both were good people but it was Joker’s Life who got defeated, whose dreams get shattered and destiny overruled his dreams. Doubt has made her parents proud, she choose her first and real love, she opted reality rather a dream, she went for better. Yes, I will fall in love with Doubt again the day I became a good professional, sincere business man with less useless emotions.

After Getting all answers from Doubt, Confusion has left with no choices, he has loved her and so he just kept silent and texted her  a message reading “The girl I have loved has been raped and killed by you both and Krishna will do justice” Later he also reached to Amaan and wished him half heartedly and asked to take care of hers and also to stop drinking.

Confusion who loved Doubt for more than a year, will suffer alone and Doubt is also going to miss his foolness for whole life.

[At last- Though my story “Another Lie” has been ended but there are many other lies, more Confusion and Doubts are Hanging Out online, taking it as a reality, There must be some Doubt and Confusion who are facing same, I pray to Krishna that they met a better end and love at rest. I pray to Krishna to bless people with loving thoughts and real values. I suggests my friends to be careful with online things, online friendship, online love. I am not denying you will get cheated always but yes most of the time you are not going to get what you deserves.

One more news to my readers, I am drafting Confusion and Doubt’s Story With a New Title, Internet Version of Two States, Read and Let Me Know Your Feedback]

Another Lie

Missing youHe Cares Me A Lot Not In Dialogs, In Real”

Before i share the big news, before i let you know about Doubt and Confusion, heroes of my story, I wanted to thank you first for reading me, for believing me. Krishna, I came after two months here and i really sorry for it. I was very busy with Confusion and Doubt’s status. As you people already know them, today i have a big news from Confusions life, hope you will be happy to read this. If you don’t know confusion read my previous posts. Here are the links.

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Confusion and Doubt have broken up, their love is no more same. As you already read, Doubt has said that she has no more feelings for Confusion but confusion is not ready to accept this truth. In last two months he behaved worse than a lunatic, he texted her daily about their beautiful past, about those beautiful lies, he called her hundred of times daily and when he didn’t he was busy with doctors. Confusion was no more the same guy, his eyes always filled with tears and he stopped eating for days, not eating on time and many of times he thought of suicide, even he texted many of times about his feelings to her. Doubt asked him why is she behaving like this, why is he blackmailing? He said in a lunatic way that he is paying for the luxuries which he availed for free before. Doubt said to him that if you will do any stupid things she cant live, she asked to understand. Doubt was clear that if he will give up then she wont live either and in those situation her parents cant live too. Confusion find his life associated, he didn’t wanted to disturb her but he was not a kind heart like others and so he turns to her whenever his emotions got high. He was feeling himself alone and dejected by the same girl who was making him smile and was giving a heavenly pleasure by saying he is her firs love. Thought of loosing her was not allowing him to weep easily but he feels better and so he cries generally. Whenever he needed her he just started doing the same what he generally do, He calls her for whole night, even after when she switched off her mobile. In last few weeks she didn’t replied and ignored him completely. Both were busy with their routine but then scene changes.

Confusion who was not feeling to work and due to poor health was taking rest at home, he again started calling her and unlike other days today Doubt has picked his call and informed that she is going to vizag for one week Bank Training. In evening confusion visited her facebook where she posted that she is enjoying there. Next evening confusion has texted her so many times and then she got her reply. She texted Confusion that her marriage has been fixed and she will get married with a banker and he is coming to take her on saturday and will drop her at home. She was very happy and also said that she is lucky that she found her. She said about that guy that he is very cool and his love is more true and he cares in real not with dialogs.  Confusion was not easy with this news but he wished her.

Yes, once she stopped replying, Joker(confusion) cried again, her pain was increasing, same shitis thoughts again to give up and this shrwed mind was suggesting he can not easily as his life has not that much freedom and he is in debt. He again started testing her was askingthe same thing in different ways  “Why, Why are you leaving me?”. He was not ready to accept that he is loosing his love just because he does not have a government job. Doubt didn’t replied, in fact she hardly replies and that day she did not given attention to confusion’s question.

Confusion was not ready to digest the thing and so she checked her old mail where Doubt has mailed her friends resume to fill a form, successfully he got Laxmi, her classmate’s number. She is the same girl with whom Doubt use to share her hostel. It was like Laxmi is waiting for Confusion to give a sock. Yes he thundered to know that she didn’t know anything about her. She said about some other guy and also said that Doubt was in love from last 6 years with that guy. Doubt has never shared anything about Confusion near her, He got surprised/socked, (Krishna) he is the same guy who filled her bank application form and she was not even knowing her name. It was more than interesting, more than frustrating. Confusion felt like his reality has been crushed, heart has  brutally killed and now this overrated love seems cheap after listening from Laxmi. Doubt, The Joker can not smile anymore, he use to thanks Krishna for meeting her and for making his first, Doubt has said this many of times that he is his first, whether she was lying? No she can’t. Curiosity started increasing and he wanted to know more but suddenly he got a call from Doubt, it was a surprise and a good thing which happened after many days, anyways she picked her call in first ring. She has called to ask whether has she approached Laxmi or not? He said yes he has and then Doubt said you can ask to me, world has no knowledge of my personal things, she agreed to give all his answer and asked to wait and said she will disclose few facts today.

Confusion became paralyzed with all these and waiting to know the fact, The Truth he unaware of. He was desperately waiting for her call/text and was dying to know about the guy. He wanted to know why she is leaving, what she found in him and whether she is marrying with the same guy Laxmi talked about??

[My Take- When Lie seems very close to truth and in a few hours confusion will met his reality, he will come to know to whom Doubt is going to marry and is she really happy or just acting. It’s good if he found his love, it’s better if a guy is having all qualities what she dreamt of but what if she is just doing everything on the name of society status??]

Stay connected to know about life’s lie which has accidentally met to reality. Stay connected to know the values of love and life, to know how they will lead their life and also keep praying for all.

Take care of yours, keep sharing love and believe in Krishna. Thank you people for making this life Amazing.

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I have started posting my hindi poems on a new site. If you wanted to know me just read Joker’s Diary. Click Here


See U Here and There 😉

Another Lie

Hello Krishna believers, Hope you all doing good and enjoying your life. Once again i am back with my lies, my story, Oh sorry! story of confusion and doubt. There are so much to say in this post and probably this is my last page on confusion and doubt, heroes of my story. If you have not read earlier posts, please do read to know Doubt and Confusion. Hope you are enjoying my lies, if you don’t please drop your feedback so i will stop wasting readers time. 🙂 Lonely Life is Amazing Click here to Read  Previous Lies. Another Lie_1 Another Lie_2 Another Lie_3 Another_Lie_4 Another_Lie_5

Another Lie: Or Is it my Last Lie?

As you read in earlier posts that Doubt got three appointment letter from different different leading government banks and now she has joined a rural bank as she wanted to prepare for higher level jobs. She was very happy and informed Confusion that she is enjoying her life. She was very busy from last few months for various reasons and now her interaction with Doubt was just a formality. On the otherside, Confusion was struggling with mixed emotions, he wanted to smile on her success and also have many reasons to cry for her ignorance, he stopped behaving normal, he started hiding himself from others and was trying to get her back. He was not giving his 100% to his new business, even he was not feeling to work. He was neither enjoying his life nor he was allowing others.

Confusion’s last letter to Doubt was an outcome of his deep frustration, he was just paying for his day dream. Doubt, who use to access his social site had urged him to change password, he did. Now Doubt was not replying to his text and not talking anymore. Confusion has no idea how is she, what are the situations there, when he asked to her she replied that she is fine and also asked about her past, confusion’s first love, he said he is fine, may be Doubt was not fine with her answer and she asked confusion to enjoy with his people and requested not to disturb.

On the same day when confusion logged into his social site he found that Doubt and her first love/lie both has blocked him, he got disturbed again that what he did new now, why they blocked. As Doubt has blocked him, he accessed his brother’s profile and texted her again. She replied and said that she has no more love for him. Confusion asked where is that girl who use to be mine, who says i am better, who was always available. Doubt didn’t answer and said from last two months she is not feeling love. Confusion was not able to bare that situation, like a baby he cried, he accepted his failures and tears were proofs. On that moment he wanted to abuse her, but how can he when he knows that all is his fault, when he knows that she is one who carried him out from daydreaming and given him the real view. She is the lady who he believed most and thanked god for allowing him to meet her, he was not able to show her frustration near her, he created problem for himself. He controlled her anger and said nothing bad to her but he asked why? Confusion asked why are you not feeling love, what is the reason behind? He asked you are not feeling anymore because we are from different state, or because of religion or government job??

She said reason is government job, she reminded him that from last few months she is saying Confusion to do preparation for government job but he is not serious. Doubt has said many of times in these months that their parents wont accept if he wont have a government job. Now after getting her clear answer he wanted to ask that why not you hurt me on the same day when we expressed our love, why after so many months but he did not because he was convinced that it is not fault of her it is Krishna’s mercy. He wanted to say more but Doubt has blocked that profile too and later texted on Confusion’s mobile that she has no options for now. She wished him for future and texted good bye.

Confusion who became heartily dead replied that he will never come back to her and asked her to not call/text back again. He is still convinced that she is good no matter she is ambitious.   ————————————————————————————————————————-

My Take- And now when their fights has been ended, love is not alone in the air, Doubt is enjoying her new life, a fresh, a boundless life, a life with new responsibility, with feeling of an achiever. Today i checked her social site and found she was happy and she also shared pic of her new bike.

On the other side Confusion is sharing his story with family and friends and got a good care and trying to change the things soon. He is lucky that she has a huge support and he is not paying anything  for it. May Krishna Both Them and Bless us all with more love and pious thoughts. Thanks for reading.  Keep Loving and Believing.!

Another Lie

I Am Sorry Bujji
I Am Sorry Bujji

Hi Reader hope you are doing good and enjoying your life. I have come with another lie where liar of my story, Confusion is struggling. If you don’t know about “Confusion and Doubt” please read these posts.

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Confusion, the ruthless guy who has written his first letter to Doubt, The Super Girl whom he loves most, was a break up letter letter which hurt both but anyhow their lies survived and they remain in touch and shared emotions.

After that break up letter they both came closer and cared more, but careless confusion never cared of Doubt’s expectation, he always failed to realize her situation. One side confusion was happy with his zero performance Doubt was busy in her preparation for government jobs. She asked confusion not to disturb and so he followed her commands. Now when Doubt return to Confusion with her success story (she got three appointment offers from Govt. Banks), He felt happy but congratulated halfheartedly. Doubt has texted him number of times that eve and Confusion failed to reply as he was driving. When in night she called they talked for a while and again Confusion’s poor fate came in between and he struggled because of mobile’s low battery.

Things were never normal, not attractive, impulsive or demanding like before, talks were formalities and Confusion has accepted that he should stop dreaming.

Confusion, who works with his friends now a days and working to setup a new business have nothing to show, share and tell to anyone, he is dying inside and his mental state was not like before. The person who was known for his jokes and pranks has now blessed with a burning heart and he is convinced that he should live a lonely life.

Yesterday when he was suffering physically and mentally he dialed Doubt for hundred of times and his poor fate that she was busy in her bank formalities. He cried at his fate, not eaten and were acting like a lunatic, he went to that old chat-room (where they met for first time) but  it didn’t worked.

Then he started writing for Doubt and written this…

Dear Bujji,

Please give me your few minutes, it is not going to change anything but my heart wanted to share it with you. It suggested me to share what i felt/lived in last 1 year with you.

I have not noted every day, not remembered how many times you made me feel that my Life iz Amazing but i have remembered how do we met, those funs and hundreds of texts in a day. I am thankful that you had noticed me and shared your life with me, suggested to focus on my carrier and that saved me..

I don’t know how to thank and actually i don’t want to. You did what you should. I would always praise you for your commitments, dedication and “Just get it” Attitude. I admire you the way you love your heroes and fight for them. There was a lot of things to learn from you, but i didn’t.

It was more than amazing the way we met and thankful to Krishna that he send you at the very right time. I don’t want to make you remind of those sleepless nights, i don’t want to make you realize of the fantasies we shared but i wanted to tell you that i will always miss those days.

You know most of time when you hung up the call i felt like god has taken my life away. You have put me in pressure cooker most of the time, i still imagine what if that day i couldn’t see you message where you texted to  reply you back within 10 minutes or else you would not contact me ever. Thanks to Krishna he saved my dream that day, i have suffered and made you too. I am sorry.

When you got BOB Joining Information, i felt happy for you but don’t know why my excitements got down when i had seen a post about it on FB. May be my failure was hesitant or may be you have informed the world before me. I don’t want to figure out on those when i know how pious your soul is and the importance of your happiness mean to me. My poor brain you know had suggested me to stay away and said that you got result as i was not with you.(Don’t forget we had fight at that time and you were ignoring me, reason you know). I was convinced and ready to stop dreaming and i failed again.

I love you for calling my family as yours and caring for us. When i know that there are only barriers between us and the love which we feels is not coming out to world, I found myself helpless , i hated myself that i was not there when you needed me and i was not strong enough to achieve a goal given to me.

I agree with you that i am dominating and wanted to add that whenever i turned to you it was for my mental peace. You made me feel good always no matter how tough i was living.

I respect your values, freedom and choices. I know that we are living in different situations and i have created so many problems for you. If possible forgive me but haan you made me feel that i am love and in love.

You have doubted me on churail and i have cheated you, sorry but we are just friends, she is my sister from my another mother, and she is also a pious soul and had cared for me. I also wanted to say that i have followed swetie’s profile from yours.

I have nothing to give you, nothing to share, the things i cared of became useless and my things are hurting me now.

For me your love was not a medicine it was an additive drug.

Today i came from Muzaffarpur to Patna, not feeling well, and so called you(sorry for it) but you have not picked, you might be busy with your preparation, Once i opened my fb have seen two posts from you both were meaningful and agree that “Not Knowing is better than Knowing and worrying”. A guy like me who cries at small small things can not make your life beautiful, my mind suggested that we had lived enough together and now we should apart, for us.

I will always pray for your success and my selfishness is that in my story there should be at least one successful character. Please make your parents proud.

I can’t wait for my last day to say you this

Though i have loved you and got double in return,

Though we have dreams of future together,

I found you were suffering whenever i was with you,

I know i have created problems and leaving you to face alone,

All i want to say you now is Please FORGIVE AND FORGET.

“Hold me to your willing heart

And let me—help me—weep

That I of need might fall apart

And then at last might sleep.

Let the truth slice into me

That I might finally bleed

And purge myself of agony

I cannot now concede.

For I have bound myself in light

That I might live in joy,

And cannot—will not—let the night

My bonds of love destroy.

And yet I know if I would gain

The peace for which I pray,

I must allow the floods of pain

To wash my love away.”

Krishna bless you Bujji, Love u Always..(Sorry)

In evening when Doubt came from bank she texted Confusion that she was busy in banks, Confusion congratulated her again and ask to forgive and forget him..

[Don’t know what will happen tomorrow but yes keep believing in Krishna, The Supreme.

My Take-  Be Love as it is better than Being in Love.]


Another Lie

Will Meet AgainBreak Up Letter Before Love Letter

Dear Lovers, First of all thank you for reading all my Lies, keeping believe in me and forgiving me for my unprofessional writings.

Today, before i tell you about “Confusion and Doubt”, What they are meeting, would like to ask, Have you ever written a break up letter before love letter..? No? Hmm good but Confusion, Hero of my  lies, he had.. Why and How is the thing would like to share with you. (If you don’t know Confusion and Doubt please click here to read from beginning. Another Lie_1 )

Confusion, a careless guy with worst fate was trying her(Doubt) number since morning onwards, first network didn’t allowed him and when network worked Doubt didn’t picked his call and asked for the reason of call(She texted), Confusion didn’t replied and called again and then Doubt messaged him and asked him not to call again and said she is getting irritated with his meaningless calls.

Doubt, The perfect lady (In Confusion”s believe) has also written that she never had love and this relation was just fake. May be she was angry but confusion felt like nothing, wanted to say a lot but what he did…?

Ruthless guy, who should know the reasons, should try to make things on way but he didn’t. He just written a letter and here it is.

Dear Doubt,
I don’t know what and how to write at the stage when we are going to live like strangers. I don’t want to recall those good days when we were friends, beautiful nights when i had not allowed you to sleep and those evening when i made you cry. Though i had suffered too but this poor guy knows the fact that whatever happens to me, i was responsible. I’m sorry that you have suffered with me in those days and thank you that you made the decision and talked today with the worldly rules.
Don’t loose the qualities in you and remember my name one day if your Jesus n my Krishna want we will meet again.
It was not a fake relationship, it was fake people who were involved, why to blame abstracts.
Thank you.
(do 1 more mercy, if possible leave all those places where you are.)
Sorry and Thank you(Strangers can use.)
Good Bye.
A Liar

Don’t know what will happen tomorrow, Is this an end or a new beginning but yes I do pray and May Krishna Bless them with love.

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Another Lie

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Dreaming TogetherHe was dreaming and when he came out of dream, this reality was waiting to hug him with an another dream. Yes, It was a perfect Sunday Morning for Confusion, he slept yesterday very late and don’t know how many meaningless dreams he had.Today’s morning gifted the best to him. Her love, doubt was there for him.

Doubt, a beautiful lady who accidentally fell in love with confusion and then things were never normal but today this abnormal, sensual, loving daybreak was making confusion to feel like he is favorite and the most beloved child of Krishna.
Doubt and Confusion shared their love from morning to noon and things were going perfect for Confusion. But his dream cum reality did not long last and in early even, The Sunday came into action.
Superstitious confusion’s superstition proved right again and doubt fought with confusion and this time again she was right with her points.
What happened actually was, doubt logged in his social networks and get socked by seeing his n number of requests to unknown girls. It was not only reason for their fight but this confusion has chatted with another girl and had not informed to her. Now she asked for explanation and what this confusion that his answers are not going to change the things as she is not believing.
The girl about doubt asked was one of his best unseen friend meet on internet only and the n number of friend request about she is asking, confusion don’t know when he sent, may be in his early days, may be purposely in last 5 years of his career over network which he forget.
It was something where doubt were right and her questions were genuine but confusion have no answers, felt bad but was not able to make her believe that she means everything.
Now she is not picking his call and he don’t want to disturb the lady who he love.

Krishna Bless You Both.. N Sorry for posting your story here.

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Another Lie

Am I Alone?
Am I Alone?

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“After so many years….Sunday gave me smthng 2 smile..” it was confusion’s facebook status today and reason behind this status was BJP’s phenomenal win in state election. It has won 408 out of 589 seats, which is near 70% of the total seats. In excitement, he written for Pappu, Shown Namonia, Thanked New Voters and shown respect for AK Sir’s performance. It was like a perfect day for him, agreed that he was not performing but his team was winning so he too was excited and hopeful.

As it was a Sunday and this jobless joker has not much to do rather read his old stuffs. He started browsing and then glued to his blog, he liked one poem penned by him and he just shared that on his page. He didn’t realized that it was written for his past and The present whom he is living has a strong objection on it. But the poor guy without making any calculation he has shared his creativity.

Krishna, once he shared his poem, The Villain (Sunday) came into action and shown him his hell.

Doubt, who was busy whole day in church and then theater, came online and saw confusion’s posts where links were defining his past, she was unhappy and reasons were obvious. All she asked was why he recalled his past if he had nothing, why he has shared this post. She believes he is living his past and thinking that he is living present. She said to confusion that he is just pretending, not loving and have played with her emotion. Later she said she can’t live with a guy like confusion. She also texted him good bye and asked him to take care.

Confusion wanted to make her convince but she was not in a mood to listen, don’t know the actual number that how many times he has called and how many messages he has sent but it is 3:45 and he is still trying.

If he is pretending i must say he is not only joker but a good and responsible actor too. Well, Krishna bless you both.

(Sorry doubt n confusion that i am posting it. )

[Please forgive me for grammatical errors or should i remind you that Hindi is my first language but to reach you i am using in it.]

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Another Lie

Life-iz-Amazing-CoupleIt was month of love when Confusion fell in love with Doubt, his best friend over internet  And once they found their love for each other this earth had welcomed them with a passionate hug and both felt the music in air and found their galaxy of love under this colorful sky. They were very glad and used the full clock to spread the fragrance of love all around.
Every morning Doubt was waiting for Confusion’s text and Confusion was also dying to hear her voice after every passing hour. It was Confusion, The Chatter Box, who had not allowed doubt to sleep many of nights and took her busy with his love chit-chat.
Their life was filled with love and dreams but situation can’t be always same and smooth. In few days month got changed and it was summer when doubt got hurt by confusion’s mind, who always talk about his past. It was a fact of that time that confusion was assured about Doubt and had thought that she can understand his situation and whereas doubt has full trust on confusion so they both were never worried about the time frame(Past/Present or Future). But unfortunately this relationship dig in a deep trouble. Confusion, who was living present and sharing past, had failed to win the trust more and doubt was assured that confusion is more happy with his past and he wanted to resume with his past, so she decided to leave confusion.
Confusion has also a view that Doubt deserves better and he is good for nothing and if he will leave then she would be more happy as he is only creating problem for her. Now they both were in love but with different feeling.
One Evening Confusion wrote a poem about his past and informed about this to Doubt, now Doubt was assured that he loves his past more.
Well, Confusion was never choosy with his words and many of times he had hurt Doubt unknowingly.
Doubt observed Confusion’s word but failed to observe confusion whereas confusion was loving Doubt but never shown his care and also failed to know what doubt Expects from him. Time has changed and so their form of Love and Now Confusion and Doubt, who were best friend cum Lovers are not sharing anything and trying their level best to ignore each other…

No one knows what will happen tomorrow, but yes there is some hope left..

[Please forgive me for grammatical mistakes.]

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