AAPtards have you realized it ever?

Came to know that Kejriwal and his Aam Admi Party has vows to ban RSS. I’m not going to support RSS as i have zero information about this organization, my Ideal Atal ji, The Greatest Hero after Indian Indepences has praised this organization and had said that RSS is his soul, it is the same organization which has given us new hope by giving a leader like Narendra Modi. Then what’s wrong with RSS? Why people, like kejriwal opposing RSS?

Through news channels only i realized that they are extremist but nationalist which always stand with Bharat, Their good works has helped us and they have never demanded anything not tried to separate then why AAP vows to ban? AAP was not in kashmir when it was drowning, AAP has done nothing for Uttarakhand, they are opportunist who are hurting those who are serving this nation as mother and trying to get that identity of superior back. What’s wrong in it Mr. Kejriwal?

Ashutosh and all AAPtards must clear that how and why they made this statement? Why should not a nationalist will consider them a real villain, when we know that they are same who are sitting with naxalites, sympathizing Kashmir separatism and known for collecting money from Dubai. AAP got more than they reserved but what they did in return silent on real threats and creating more.? I have not find these fellows saying anything against Sonia but they were keep questioning 6 months old government. For me they are just opportunist and restless souls, what about you?

Here i have also a request to all my Delhites Friend DO NOT TRUST AAP blindly, don’t go with media but realize what they are saying what they are doing and how good they will be for you, its your choice boss. For me AAP is a looser and RSS as i said all i knew from media is somehow better, old and trusted organization.

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2 thoughts on “AAPtards have you realized it ever?

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  1. I agree with the writer… there is something wrong with AAP supporters mentally just like congress faithful supporters who vote Congress as a tradition…

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