ख़्वाबों की जरूरत और नहीं..

Missing Herआँखों पे सितम अब और नहीं,
इस दिल पे जुलम अब और नहीं,
जो देखे थे ख्वाब, वो टूट गए,
अब ख़्वाबों की जरूरत और नहीं।।

मौसम था वो मेरा प्यार नहीं,
जो बदला है मेरा यार नहीं,
है बोल मेरे होठों पे उसके,
पर दिल से दिल का मेल नहीं।।

Another Lie

Will Meet AgainBreak Up Letter Before Love Letter

Dear Lovers, First of all thank you for reading all my Lies, keeping believe in me and forgiving me for my unprofessional writings.

Today, before i tell you about “Confusion and Doubt”, What they are meeting, would like to ask, Have you ever written a break up letter before love letter..? No? Hmm good but Confusion, Hero of my  lies, he had.. Why and How is the thing would like to share with you. (If you don’t know Confusion and Doubt please click here to read from beginning. Another Lie_1 )

Confusion, a careless guy with worst fate was trying her(Doubt) number since morning onwards, first network didn’t allowed him and when network worked Doubt didn’t picked his call and asked for the reason of call(She texted), Confusion didn’t replied and called again and then Doubt messaged him and asked him not to call again and said she is getting irritated with his meaningless calls.

Doubt, The perfect lady (In Confusion”s believe) has also written that she never had love and this relation was just fake. May be she was angry but confusion felt like nothing, wanted to say a lot but what he did…?

Ruthless guy, who should know the reasons, should try to make things on way but he didn’t. He just written a letter and here it is.

Dear Doubt,
I don’t know what and how to write at the stage when we are going to live like strangers. I don’t want to recall those good days when we were friends, beautiful nights when i had not allowed you to sleep and those evening when i made you cry. Though i had suffered too but this poor guy knows the fact that whatever happens to me, i was responsible. I’m sorry that you have suffered with me in those days and thank you that you made the decision and talked today with the worldly rules.
Don’t loose the qualities in you and remember my name one day if your Jesus n my Krishna want we will meet again.
It was not a fake relationship, it was fake people who were involved, why to blame abstracts.
Thank you.
(do 1 more mercy, if possible leave all those places where you are.)
Sorry and Thank you(Strangers can use.)
Good Bye.
A Liar

Don’t know what will happen tomorrow, Is this an end or a new beginning but yes I do pray and May Krishna Bless them with love.

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Boost Her Hope For A Better Tomorrow

A week before i read about Milap initiative on IndiBlogger. The Hope Project, a campaign by Milap to inspire urban masses towards empowering rural women through small contributions. What makes this project special is that the women in this case are ex-Devadasis and the possibility of self-reliance through entrepreneurship is a ray of fierce hope for them.

Devdasi GalI have not heard of Devadasi before but after reading different web sources i came to know about Devdasi System. It’s An ancient practice in India, the Devadasi (meaning: ‘servant of God’) system involved dedicating a girl, as young as 5-6 years of age, to the temple Goddess. This meant that she would spend her entire life serving the temple and was not allowed to marry anyone else. The system was abused by the rich and the powerful who began to force the young Devadasis to sleep with them.

Over the years, the Devadasis were reduced to being incorrectly termed ‘temple prostitutes’. This merciless practice, though illegal and outlawed, still exists in certain small towns of India and its stigma continues to cling to the women who attempt an escape. Because of the social stigma around their roles, employment opportunities are denied to them. It is a vicious cycle where future generations too, are drawn into this ruthless system.

After reading about devdasi and The Hope Project i felt to write about the brave ladies who has been tortured before on the name of Pseudo religion and still suffering to meet their daily livelihood.  This system is still in practice and few days back The Supreme Court had directed Karnataka Chief Secretary to take all steps to prevent women from being forced to become ‘devadasis’.

I accept the fact that we can’t fix all the things at once, we can’t help all Devadasi but yes our little effort can change someone’s life so don’t you feel/urge to Boost Her Hope For A Better Tomorrow..?

Your loan will help Sumitra Kamble and Group to expand buffalo rearing businesses
Your loan will help Sumitra Kamble and Group to expand buffalo rearing business.

Here i am introducing you Sumitra Kamble and Group, she is a resident of Ghataprabha in Belgaum district. Just like many other former Devadasi women, she has never been to a school. Her entire earnings come from selling milk products obtained from the two buffaloes that she has raised for many years. This allows her to just make ends meet. Even sending her two children to school is more challenging than she would expect. At times, she becomes anxious by the thought that she is just an illness away from financial strain. She sees that the time to change things for the better is now, when she has the will and the enterprise to achieve financial security. She needs a loan not just to supplement her aging buffaloes but to increase her savings. Joining her in her mission are Bhagavva Kamble, Champa Mayanavar, Champa Kamble and Jayashree Lambugol, whose stories mirror the each other.  Together, they will encourage and support each other on the road to financial independence.

How Can You Boost Her Hope.?

Sumitra Kamble, Bhagavva Kamble, Champa Mayanavar, Champa Kamble and Jayashree Lambugol, are  now jointly seeking a loan of Rs 48,750.00 to meet their objective to buy more buffaloes and goats to add to the strength of their existing herds. Your loan can help them to meet their objective. Click Here To Contribute http://milaap.org/fund/sumitra-kamble-and-group/2037?&referrer_id=9166

AAP Kiski Baat Karte Ho

[I have observed these guys and also supported once when they were not involved in politics (may be they were but not pubclically), but now they have a new team (The Jhaadu Wallas), new opinions(Where and When To Do Strike) and they also seem that they compromised with so many things and worst about it that being in politics they can’t share such things. But what what I am thinking about India’s new political party AAP, that they are just running behind the glamour. For me it does not matter that they had already created history and most of us are appreciating them. What i wanted to know about them is here, hope you will get..]

हम है हिन्दुस्तानी,
आप तो,
कुछ भी हो सकते हो।
हम अपनी करनी से जाने जाते है,
आप, अब नौटंकीबाज कहाते हो।
हम वोट के लिए अपनी,
पहचान नहीं बदलते,
और आप नंबर प्लेट से भी,
राजनीती करते हो।

हमारे लिए कश्मीर हमारा मान है
और भारत माँ समान।
और आप हो जो भावरूपी भारती से,
परहेज रखते हो।

हम बात करते है, जान ले लेने की,
जो बात करते है, कश्मीर ले लेने की,
और आप हो की कश्मीर बाँट लेने की, बात करते हो।

हम खाप कि खामियों को, है सहर्ष स्वीकारते,
आप ठहरे सातिर, जो यहाँ सबको उलझाते।

हम आते है जब सत्ता में,
तब शोर होता है,
शासन होता है, काम होता है,
बाधायें होती है, पर देश बढ़ता है।

आप तो पद कि गरिमा का भी
न ख्याल करते हो,
धड़नो पर बैठ आप,
बस बुद्धू बनाते हो।

आप का खैर कुछ नहीं,
पर देश रुकता है।
आप की सुर्ख़ियों की हसरत,
में देश रुकता है।

हम वो जो व्यस्वस्था परिवर्तन की बात करते है,
सुशासन, सुरक्षा और समानता की बात करते है,
और आप आरक्षण और छूट, छूट, छूट की बात करते हो।

हम है हिन्दुस्तानी, हिंदुस्तान कि बात करते है,
आप से कहाँ हम, जो बाँट कर राज करते है।

हम वो जो शिक्षा, सद्भाव और रोजगार की बात करते है,
आप यहाँ धड़ना, वहाँ रुकना,
और प्रतिशतता की बस बात करते हो।

हम है हिन्दुस्तानी, हिंदुस्तान कि बात करते है,
आप जो बात करते हो बस आपको मालुम,
आप किसकी बात करते हो।

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You Left After Spreading Love in Air

LonelyShould i forget this world,
or just myself..?
o please tell me,
where to go when,
you’re not next to me..?

Should i stop dreaming,
or just living..?
o please tell me,
what to do when,
you are not near me..?

I know just before, we were together,
lived my dreams and reality altogether..

Don’t know why, what happened,
that you left, after spreading love in air..

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