Varanasi Says Namo Namo

Being a supporter of Narendra Modi, i am overwhelmed by the support of Varanasi. Happy that Lacs of people have joined Modi’s road show and were keen to vote against opportunist. The crowd was a mix of intellectuals, students, saints, common man and even goons but common in everyone was they all want to wash out Congress and its allies.

Some Facts:

At BHU, NaMo garlanded the statue of the university’s founder Madan Mohan Malaviya.

Late Malviya’s grandson, a retired judge is among those who will propose his name. In a programme designed for symbolism, a singer, a weaver and a boatman are the other proposers.

On the streets are priests and even people dressed as Gods. A ‘Hanuman’ is waving a wave. The sound of conch shells punctuates the sloganeering.  

Hundreds of prayer ceremonies are being held to bring luck to Narendra Modi.

Senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi congratulated party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on filling his nomination in Varanasi and also claimed of his certain victory in temple town.

I felt touched to read Modi’s after nomination tweet. He written ” My coming to varanasi is like child going to his mother. I have come to this divine land of the call of Ganga Mata.

Like others i too felt that this election is going to change nation.

On May 13 Varanasi will vote.


चुनाव नहीं मतदान करें

Sunny Kumar Votedचुनाव नहीं मतदान करें,
नए भारत का निर्माण करें.

मत दो वोट गिरगिटों को,
न जयचंद की औलादों को,
है जिनका खुद स्पस्ट मत नहीं,
उन गद्दारों को अब वोट न दो।

दो ऐसा मत, सेना का मान बढे,
बेदी हो हर घर, न दूसरी दुर्भाग्यिनि बनें.
फिर कभी कश्मीर में तिरंगा लुटे न,
मुज़फ्फरनगर, कोकराझार में देश टूटे ना.

था विश्वगुरु यह भारत, फिर से वही गौरवमयी इतिहास बनें,
न बटें आपस में पाखंडो के नाम पर,
आदेश हो सर्वधर्म रक्षा की,
आओ ऐसे हम मतदान करें.

चुनते आ रहे पिछले ६५ सालो से,
इस बार, कुछ नया करना है,
अब और ना उलझे रोटी की जद में,
की इस बार मतदान हमें अब करना है.

मत दो ऐसे मतवाले को,
जो हो मतवाला, देश समर्पित,
न करो मतभेद जो भेष न बदले,
होगा काफी वो देश के हालत जो बदले.

भारत जग में और महान बने,
गौ, गंगा, गायत्री का भी सम्मान रहे,
कोई रोके न हिंदुस्तानी को हिंदुस्तान में,
सारे वतन में तिरंगा आन रहे.

की अब और नहीं घोटाला हो,
न कलमाड़ी न कोई राजा हो,
न ही लड़ाई छोड़ने वाला बेचारा हो,
जो दम्भ भरे और जग मूक हो जाए,
ऐसे हाथो में तुम कमान को दो.

जो सेवक हो, सेवा का अनुभव भी हो,
ऐसे सक्षम बेटे को बल अब दो,
क्या हुआ जो गांधी सा नाम नहीं,
कम है क्या बारह सालों में कोई दाग नहीं?

आप मत उलझो मेरे शब्दों में,
बस खुद से कुछ सवाल करो,
क्यों घेर रहे सब मिलके, उसको अभिमन्यु सा,
क्यों नहीं उससे कोई तरक्की की बात करें?

जो मिले जवाब उस को बुलंद करो,
जीते कोई जीत हो भारत की,
बस इतना ही तुम ख्याल रखो,
इस बार से वोट नहीं,
अपने मत का तुम दान करों,
की आओ इस बार मतदान करो.

-सन्नी कुमार
[एक निवेदन- आपको हमारी रचना कैसी लगी कमेंट करके हमें सूचित करें. धन्यवाद।]


नरेंद्र मोदी जी को समर्पित मेरी कुछ बोल.

आज शंखनाद हुआ है.

२०१४ गुलज़ार होने वाला है तुझसे..

वो शुप्त नहीं है..

चुनाव नहीं मतदान करें

अरविन्द जी  के  ‘आप’ के लिए मेरे कुछ शब्द..

है दिल्ली से अनुरोध

आप किसकी बात करते हो

Success Mantra : For A Successful Career


For a successful career first and most important thing you require is a vision. You must know where you are going, where you wanted to. Deciding a vision is critical to anyone’s life and you should know more about yourself before deciding a goal. You should consider your interest, like/dislike and capabilities.

How to set a goal, vision?

To answer this I would like to ask another question that how does you decide about your summer trip? I think you consider destination’s attractiveness, the fun you can have there, transportation facility, surrounding, expenses and more. In the same way you can decide a vision for you.

My advice is that you find a peaceful place where you cannot be disturbed. Just rethink once again about yourself and ask that what you wanted to be. Vision is not about detailed plan; it is all about the destination where you wanted to be. You no need to care whether it is realistic or not. You must have a destination, a goal where you wanted to be, which you want to achieve. It can be social, professional or spiritual. Remember a vision motivates you and make you able to imagine happening in your life.

Courage to Execute

Millions of people have ideas but thousands only have been achieved and it was not because ideas were useless it was because of the visionary who has no courage to execute. Once you set a goal for you, you must have courage to execute. Deciding a summer destination is not enough if you won’t gather information related to destination, if you won’t book tickets and hotels to stay. I mean to say once you have decided where you wanted to go, the next you should start working to reach your destination and always remember that everything is achievable, all you need is better effort. So never give up, take help but don’t stop until you reach the place you dreamt of.


It is another important factor for a successful career. You must know the right time to set a goal/another goal or the right time to execute a plan. For example if you have decided to visit Vaishali (Destination) booked ticket/hotels and taken necessary things with you (Shown courage to execute) but failed to find the right timing and went in summer (uneasy weather to visit Vaishali) you won’t enjoy much and after visiting place you might feel that you have not decided a right destination while the fact is your timing was not right. So always remember that you should know about the right time for planning and execution.


And here the luck comes, one of the most discussed topics while talking about someone’s career, right? See luck is nothing but combination of hard work, focus, courage and network. Hard work always gets paid, focus will short the journey of struggle, courage will keep you away from negative elements and network will support you to reach the destination. And so you require luck to have a successful career.

Keep Dreaming and Dream to make this world a better place to live. 🙂

Jai Shri Krishna


[This Article has been written for EduTech Guide.]


सौगंध मुझे इस मिट्टी की मैं देश नहीं मिटने दूंगा

सौगंध मुझे इस मिट्टी की मैं देश नहीं मिटने दूंगा

मैं देश नहीं झुकने दूंगा
मेरी धरती मुझसे पूछ रही कब मेरा कर्ज चुकाओगे

मेरा अंबर पूछ रहा कब अपना फर्ज निभा ओगे
मेरा वचन है भारत मां को तेरा शीश नहीं झुकने दूंगा

सौगंध मुझे इस मिट्टी की मैं देश नहीं मिटने दूंगा

वे लूट रहे हैं सपनों को मैं चैन से कैसे सो जाऊं
वे बेच रहे हैं भारत को खामोश मैं कैसे हो जाऊं

हां मैंने कसम उठाई है मैं देश नहीं बिकने नहीं दूंगा
सौगंध मुझे इस मिट्टी की मैं देश नहीं मिटने दूंगा

वो जितने अंधेरे लाएंगे मैं उतने उजाले लाऊंगा
वो जितनी रात बढ़ाएंगे मैं उतने सूरज उगाऊंगा

इस छल-फरेब की आंधी में मैं दीप नहीं बुझने दूंगा
सौगंध मुझे इस मिट्टी की मैं देश नहीं मिटने दूंगा

वे चाहते हैं जागे न कोई बस रात का कारोबार चले
वे नशा बांटते जाएं और देश यूं ही बीमार चले

पर जाग रहा है देश मेरा हर भारतवासी जीतेगा
सौगंध मुझे इस मिट्टी की मैं देश नहीं मिटने दूंगा

मांओं बहनों की अस्मत पर गिद्ध नजर लगाए बैठे हैं
मैं अपने देश की धरती पर अब दर्दी नहीं उगने दूंगा

मैं देश नहीं रुकने दूंगा सौगंध मुझे इस मिट्टी की मैं देश नहीं मिटने
अब घड़ी फैसले की आई हमने है कसम अब खाई

हमें फिर से दोहराना है और खुद को याद दिलाना है
न भटकेंगे न अटकेंगे कुछ भी हो इस बार
हम देश नहीं मिटने देंगे सौगंध मुझे इस मिट्टी की मैं देश
नहीं मिटने दूंगा।

Microsoft Stop Supporting Windows XP after Today

Just read that Microsoft is going to stop supporting Windows XP after Today. Windows XP was released in 2001 and, soon after that, Microsoft announced it would support all its products for at least 10 years from the release date. However, in 2007, the company decided to extend support for XP to 8 April 2014, because it was still so widely used.


Another Lie

I Am Sorry Bujji
I Am Sorry Bujji

Hi Reader hope you are doing good and enjoying your life. I have come with another lie where liar of my story, Confusion is struggling. If you don’t know about “Confusion and Doubt” please read these posts.

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Confusion, the ruthless guy who has written his first letter to Doubt, The Super Girl whom he loves most, was a break up letter letter which hurt both but anyhow their lies survived and they remain in touch and shared emotions.

After that break up letter they both came closer and cared more, but careless confusion never cared of Doubt’s expectation, he always failed to realize her situation. One side confusion was happy with his zero performance Doubt was busy in her preparation for government jobs. She asked confusion not to disturb and so he followed her commands. Now when Doubt return to Confusion with her success story (she got three appointment offers from Govt. Banks), He felt happy but congratulated halfheartedly. Doubt has texted him number of times that eve and Confusion failed to reply as he was driving. When in night she called they talked for a while and again Confusion’s poor fate came in between and he struggled because of mobile’s low battery.

Things were never normal, not attractive, impulsive or demanding like before, talks were formalities and Confusion has accepted that he should stop dreaming.

Confusion, who works with his friends now a days and working to setup a new business have nothing to show, share and tell to anyone, he is dying inside and his mental state was not like before. The person who was known for his jokes and pranks has now blessed with a burning heart and he is convinced that he should live a lonely life.

Yesterday when he was suffering physically and mentally he dialed Doubt for hundred of times and his poor fate that she was busy in her bank formalities. He cried at his fate, not eaten and were acting like a lunatic, he went to that old chat-room (where they met for first time) but  it didn’t worked.

Then he started writing for Doubt and written this…

Dear Bujji,

Please give me your few minutes, it is not going to change anything but my heart wanted to share it with you. It suggested me to share what i felt/lived in last 1 year with you.

I have not noted every day, not remembered how many times you made me feel that my Life iz Amazing but i have remembered how do we met, those funs and hundreds of texts in a day. I am thankful that you had noticed me and shared your life with me, suggested to focus on my carrier and that saved me..

I don’t know how to thank and actually i don’t want to. You did what you should. I would always praise you for your commitments, dedication and “Just get it” Attitude. I admire you the way you love your heroes and fight for them. There was a lot of things to learn from you, but i didn’t.

It was more than amazing the way we met and thankful to Krishna that he send you at the very right time. I don’t want to make you remind of those sleepless nights, i don’t want to make you realize of the fantasies we shared but i wanted to tell you that i will always miss those days.

You know most of time when you hung up the call i felt like god has taken my life away. You have put me in pressure cooker most of the time, i still imagine what if that day i couldn’t see you message where you texted to  reply you back within 10 minutes or else you would not contact me ever. Thanks to Krishna he saved my dream that day, i have suffered and made you too. I am sorry.

When you got BOB Joining Information, i felt happy for you but don’t know why my excitements got down when i had seen a post about it on FB. May be my failure was hesitant or may be you have informed the world before me. I don’t want to figure out on those when i know how pious your soul is and the importance of your happiness mean to me. My poor brain you know had suggested me to stay away and said that you got result as i was not with you.(Don’t forget we had fight at that time and you were ignoring me, reason you know). I was convinced and ready to stop dreaming and i failed again.

I love you for calling my family as yours and caring for us. When i know that there are only barriers between us and the love which we feels is not coming out to world, I found myself helpless , i hated myself that i was not there when you needed me and i was not strong enough to achieve a goal given to me.

I agree with you that i am dominating and wanted to add that whenever i turned to you it was for my mental peace. You made me feel good always no matter how tough i was living.

I respect your values, freedom and choices. I know that we are living in different situations and i have created so many problems for you. If possible forgive me but haan you made me feel that i am love and in love.

You have doubted me on churail and i have cheated you, sorry but we are just friends, she is my sister from my another mother, and she is also a pious soul and had cared for me. I also wanted to say that i have followed swetie’s profile from yours.

I have nothing to give you, nothing to share, the things i cared of became useless and my things are hurting me now.

For me your love was not a medicine it was an additive drug.

Today i came from Muzaffarpur to Patna, not feeling well, and so called you(sorry for it) but you have not picked, you might be busy with your preparation, Once i opened my fb have seen two posts from you both were meaningful and agree that “Not Knowing is better than Knowing and worrying”. A guy like me who cries at small small things can not make your life beautiful, my mind suggested that we had lived enough together and now we should apart, for us.

I will always pray for your success and my selfishness is that in my story there should be at least one successful character. Please make your parents proud.

I can’t wait for my last day to say you this

Though i have loved you and got double in return,

Though we have dreams of future together,

I found you were suffering whenever i was with you,

I know i have created problems and leaving you to face alone,

All i want to say you now is Please FORGIVE AND FORGET.

“Hold me to your willing heart

And let me—help me—weep

That I of need might fall apart

And then at last might sleep.

Let the truth slice into me

That I might finally bleed

And purge myself of agony

I cannot now concede.

For I have bound myself in light

That I might live in joy,

And cannot—will not—let the night

My bonds of love destroy.

And yet I know if I would gain

The peace for which I pray,

I must allow the floods of pain

To wash my love away.”

Krishna bless you Bujji, Love u Always..(Sorry)

In evening when Doubt came from bank she texted Confusion that she was busy in banks, Confusion congratulated her again and ask to forgive and forget him..

[Don’t know what will happen tomorrow but yes keep believing in Krishna, The Supreme.

My Take-  Be Love as it is better than Being in Love.]


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