थू है ऐसी राजनीति पे

थू है ऐसी राजनीति पर जहां अपनों को ही छला जाता हो,
नीचता की सारी सीमाएं तोड़, जो जननेता कहलाता हो।

थू है ऐसी राजनीती पे जहां कोई आम होने का स्वांग रचाता हो,
मानवता से गद्दारी कर जो, नए ढर्रे का नेता कहाता हो।

थू है ऐसी राजनीती पे जो झूठी कसमें दिलवाता हो,
अपने बीबीे-बच्चों से ज्यादा जहां , कुर्सी का मोह लुभाता हो|

थू है ऐसी राजनीती पे जो नौटंकी बस सीखलाता हो,
थू है ऐसे राजनेता पर जो, खुजलीवाल कहाता हो।।
-सन्नी कुमार

अगर मेरे शब्द बुरे लगे है किसी आपिये को तो लगे, उनपे आज वाक़ई थूकने का मन कर रहा है, कैसे निर्लज्ज लोग थे वहां, कैसी बेशर्म सोच थी, किस तरह की राजनीती करना चाहते आप इस देश में?? सोचिये, क्या आपको घृणा नहीं होती, वहां मौजूद लोगों को कायर कहूँ, बेशर्म कहूं, हत्यारा कहूँ या कुछ और?? कुछ नहीं कहता बस थूकता हूँ ऐसे घटिया लोगों की राजनीती पर।

निवेदन- अगर आप बुरे समय से गुजर रहे है तो यकीन रखे दिन बदलेगा, आप। थोडा और प्रयास करे, यकीन खुद पर और ईश्वर पर करें औरों से उम्मीद कभी नही, समर्थ बने सक्षम बनें।

ईश्वर गजेन्द्र की आत्मा को शांति दे।





U-Turn on Lokpal and Swaraj

U-Turn9Arvind Kejriwal is the worst thing happened in a progressive politics. Why? because he used youth to do dharna and took whole nation’s attention on name of corruption and lokpal and when he has a full majority government in state he said there is no requirement of lokpal. What the hell he was doing in 2011-12 if lokpal was not required? This shrewd man has written a book named swaraj, he capitalized on the dream of mahatma gandhi to distibute the power among every citizen through multi channels, like wards, panchayats, mandals, zila and so ons but after writing his book “swaraj” he given hundred of speech and convinced people and as he was a master in social engineering, used energy of youth but when time came to implement the concept of Swaraj, he again took U-Turn. Like a dictator he removed strong founding members of his party and shown us how much he care for his dream called swaraj. Actually he was always a power seeker and when he was not elected, having no power, he hand hunger to hold some position to have some rights, power no matter even at ward level so he advocate the concept of swaraj. But when foolness of Delhites, stupidity of freebies given him power to rule, to distribute the power among panchayats he took U-Turn. Once holding a chair, having position, He realized what all can happen if power got distributed. Still If Kejriwal supporters think that he is a hero, its their wish but for me Kejriwal is the worst thing happened to a progressive politics. And now i am worried to see Anna silent on Lokpal, when his own trained student got an opportunity to guide, can he ask Kejriwal to Implement Lokpal and Swaraj? I doubt.
Stay with me for U-Turn’s next U-Turn. 🙂

Delhi Restores Team U-Turn

Team MufflerMan is once again back in Delhi, so much noise this time, everyone is discussing how brilliantly they made a clean sweep in Delhi Election. Well last time he was fighting against sheila, he had made many allegatins against Sheila Dixit, Ambani, Vadra and many others famous personalities but when he took into power he did nothing and left Delhi, to chase Narendra Modi in Varanasi. And with Lok Sabha Defeat Mr. Kejriwal became Hero to Zero. He came back delhi make apologies and surprisingly Delhi Trusted him again, this time he was chosen againstKiran Bedi. Delhi believes he won’t take any U-Turn this time. Well, Mr. Mufflerman has made many of promises to Delhi through this post i am going to share his and his party members fastest U-Turns.

I will share more U-Turns and i strongly believe they will help this post with their frequent U-Turns. Stay in Touch and watch Team U-Turn.

मुफ्तखोर दिल्ली?

MufflerMan Promises
MufflerMan Promises

पिछले शर्दी भागा था जो,
उसी को है जितवाया फिर से,
दिल्ली की जनता बड़ी है न्यारी,
सस्ते को स्वीकारा उसने??

किसी को चाहिए थी दो बाल्टी पानी,
कोई था बिजली बिल से परेशांन,
कुछ दीवाने इन्टरनेट के थे,
और कुछ अवला सुरक्षा से परेशान.
सो चुन लिया है सबने मिलकर,
आम आदमी की सरकार.

अब लगेंगे १५ लाख कैमरे,
होगी कमांडो हर बस में तैनात,
सस्ती बिजली, सस्ता खाना,
जी हो गया देखो दिल्ली आसान.

Fastest U-Turn
Fastest U-Turn

देखो आप है कितनी जनप्रेमी,
बटला को फिर से उधेरेगी,
मोहन चन्द्र की शहादत को,
अब दिल्ली शक की नजरों से देखेगी.
मिला फतवों से जो वोट था,
अब उसका भी कर्ज उतरता देखेगी.

कुछ और नहीं बस जानना था इतना,
किस बात को ये जनादेश मिला,
क्या वाकई मोदी का काम नहीं,
या दिल्ली तू मुफ्तखोर हुआ??
-सन्नी कुमार

Kejriwal’s Most Ambitious Promises During Election

  • Free 700 litres of water to every household
  • Electricity bills will be halved
  • 500 new schools, 20 new colleges
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout Delhi
  • 1500000 CCTV Cameras will be installed
  • To Legislate Swaraj Act
  • Full Statehood for Delhi
  • Delhi, A Solar City
  • Jan Lopal is parties priority

To get AAP manifesto you can click here.

It is impossible to execute every promises but if Kejriwal done half of his job, i would say he is different but the way their fastest U-Turn came from Mr. Sanjay Singh i doubt. Till then for me he is the same person who don’t know how to use broom, the escaper.

Delhi have MufflerMan. Cheers!!

[Note- Images are copied and adjectives like mufflerman is used for Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Saviour of Delhi. If it hurts someone, please let me know.  ]

Arvind Kejriwal’s Letter To The Youth Of Today

Dare to be free, dare to go as far as your thought leads, and dare to carry that out in your life.” – Swami Vivekananda

I always believed that truth is timeless. These words by Swami Vivekananda are as relevant today as they were when we had to struggle for freedom. And they will be just as relevant, decades after I have left this world.

With each passing year I add another number to my age and I will eventually become a part of the past while you are growing into the today that will shape our tomorrow.

Welcome to the most decisive time in the history of future India. We often tell young people they are the leaders of tomorrow, but I disagree. Your strength is needed in India today. You are here right now, as I am. It’s our burden to bear; it’s our responsibility to share.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many passionate and intelligent young souls during my journey to this point in my life, many who reminded me of who I was when I was young, and many more who showed me I could have been better.

I’ve also learnt that there is nothing I can teach you that you can’t teach yourself, in this era of Internet and smart phones. In fact, most young people, somehow, end up teaching me something new. Every day.

A few points come to mind as I write this letter. Some were taught by experiences, and some are beliefs. I will share them with you, as I remind myself too.

1. Anything is possible as long as we believe in it, truly and strongly.

2. Fence sitting will get us nowhere. If a problem bothers you, find a way to communicate and solve it.

3. Try not to hold back the truth because every time we hold it back, something that is not true will be presented as the truth.

4. Try not to disrespect anyone who speaks his/her mind, no matter how much you disagree with what is said. If we disregard the ability to disagree and to hold dissonance, then we lose that most fundamental freedom of being a human being: the ability to be true to ourselves.

5. Our countrymen and women don’t need protection; we just need to realise how powerful we really are. Power that was always ours in the first place.

6. The beauty of India’s diversity lies in the freedom it gives us. To follow the religion of our choice, to marry whom we choose (if at all), and the right to love whom we see fit. To build the future that we want for ourselves. There is nothing positive or productive to be achieved by dividing people on this basis, or restricting their ability to access information or services on the basis of their caste, class or gender. This was never the vision for India in the 21st century and this isn’t my vision for the India I have grown up in and care so deeply about.

7. Economic growth should not mean financial growth exclusively for companies and industries that build our bridges, industries and roads or sell our natural resources for profit. It should mean growth for the common man, as well. This can be achieved; we have the skills and knowledge to do it.

8. Your individuality and identity are important. Find your voice, your way of participating in the system and believe that every attempt is worth it. Find that one issue that you are passionate about and let it spark a revolution inside you.

9. And finally, I believe that what I can do alone, we can do better and faster, together. I hope you will stand strong and challenge my generation with a new vision for India. A vision that believes in solidarity, diversity and freedom and is blind to the politics of intolerance, hatred and indifference. I believe in that India and that is the country I go to work for, each and every day. I hope you will join me.

Jai Hind
Arvind Kejriwal.

AAP Kiski Baat Karte Ho

[I have observed these guys and also supported once when they were not involved in politics (may be they were but not pubclically), but now they have a new team (The Jhaadu Wallas), new opinions(Where and When To Do Strike) and they also seem that they compromised with so many things and worst about it that being in politics they can’t share such things. But what what I am thinking about India’s new political party AAP, that they are just running behind the glamour. For me it does not matter that they had already created history and most of us are appreciating them. What i wanted to know about them is here, hope you will get..]

हम है हिन्दुस्तानी,
आप तो,
कुछ भी हो सकते हो।
हम अपनी करनी से जाने जाते है,
आप, अब नौटंकीबाज कहाते हो।
हम वोट के लिए अपनी,
पहचान नहीं बदलते,
और आप नंबर प्लेट से भी,
राजनीती करते हो।

हमारे लिए कश्मीर हमारा मान है
और भारत माँ समान।
और आप हो जो भावरूपी भारती से,
परहेज रखते हो।

हम बात करते है, जान ले लेने की,
जो बात करते है, कश्मीर ले लेने की,
और आप हो की कश्मीर बाँट लेने की, बात करते हो।

हम खाप कि खामियों को, है सहर्ष स्वीकारते,
आप ठहरे सातिर, जो यहाँ सबको उलझाते।

हम आते है जब सत्ता में,
तब शोर होता है,
शासन होता है, काम होता है,
बाधायें होती है, पर देश बढ़ता है।

आप तो पद कि गरिमा का भी
न ख्याल करते हो,
धड़नो पर बैठ आप,
बस बुद्धू बनाते हो।

आप का खैर कुछ नहीं,
पर देश रुकता है।
आप की सुर्ख़ियों की हसरत,
में देश रुकता है।

हम वो जो व्यस्वस्था परिवर्तन की बात करते है,
सुशासन, सुरक्षा और समानता की बात करते है,
और आप आरक्षण और छूट, छूट, छूट की बात करते हो।

हम है हिन्दुस्तानी, हिंदुस्तान कि बात करते है,
आप से कहाँ हम, जो बाँट कर राज करते है।

हम वो जो शिक्षा, सद्भाव और रोजगार की बात करते है,
आप यहाँ धड़ना, वहाँ रुकना,
और प्रतिशतता की बस बात करते हो।

हम है हिन्दुस्तानी, हिंदुस्तान कि बात करते है,
आप जो बात करते हो बस आपको मालुम,
आप किसकी बात करते हो।

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