Tips For First Year Students

My Dear Young Friends,

I congratulate you all for getting into your dream campus and pursuing your favorite subjects there, Be it Engineering, Medical or other courses. Being a student you have a lot of dream for your future and here through this post I wanted to remind you about many of things which you should care while your course duration.

You’ll be surprised to know that a large percentage of students who join college fail in first year. All these students work hard for previous two years to get admission into a good medical, engineering or college and succeed. Then, why do they fail? Simply because of few mistakes and perhaps due to the lack of some timely words of advice and guidance.

There can be many reasons for failure but the more reasons are

  1. One becomes complacent… It means a student work hard and got admission to the college, after getting admission he/she feels that his aim in life is fulfilled and relaxes. This is a great mistake.   You must know that you have just taken one step and never relax till you reach the goal.
  2. One becomes very proud and imagines that he is great! For example, after joining the engineering college, some feel that they are already engineers. Yes, it is a simply ‘day-dreaming’. Guard against this. Remember with humility that there is a long way to go.
  3. Inability to adapt to new situation.. yes, this is a genuine difficulty but you should get over this mood soon. Don’t brood over the absence of your parents or friends; keep yourself copied with study or games or music or other useful activities; make new friends, speak to your professors and well-wishers, and ‘get into the groove’ as early as possible.

These are few reasons where you should be careful now you must be interested to know that how you can achieve excellence in your studies.

My friend, to achieve excellence, it is important that you never forget the goal and take every step in that direction.

Now I would like to discuss as to what happens to a student’s mind when he joins and engineering college, what pressures and difficulties he goes through.

When a student join college , typically he goes through the following stages:

  • Euphoria: Yes, you are very happy that after doing very hard work for two years, finally you got admission into a good college. Your parents, relatives and well-wishers are happy and they speak very high foe you and shower praises on you. Yes it feels very good. Perhaps, you think that studying in a professional college is all smooth, sailing singing and dancing.
  • Dawn of reality: Within a week, you will realize that lessons are in full swing, you are yet to adjust to your new surroundings and if you slipin your studies you may find that you’re left far behind. You will slowly get a feeling: “this is not what I thought”!
  • Increased Pressure: Within 2 or 3 weeks, you’ll find that lectures continues with no let up; in addition, there may be assignments and submissions to be completed. Again if you do not catch up with the work, you find yourself very much out of plate.
  • Loneliness: If you do not catch up, it will result in loneliness and a doubt may arise in your mind.. “Is this the right course for me? Did I commit a mistake in coming here” You may further find that there is not friends to whom you look for support as they all very busy with their assignment or submissions.
  • Depression: Obviously this will result in Depression and you are leading to a poor result or failure in the exams.

Of course, you no need to get frightened, and should know that everyone will go through these stages and here I have depicted the worst scenario, my only point being that you should not relax but be serious and careful about the studies from the very beginning.

Once a student joins the course, he is subjected to psychological pressure from parents, teachers, peers and also from society. You must know how to guard against these pressure and this is very simple Never forget your aim and take every step in that direction.

-For EduTech Guide (Your Educational Counselor)

EduTech Guide | Bridge Between You and Your Dream Campus

Dear parents and students,
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Important Tips for Making Career and course choices.

EduTech Guide: Bridge Between You and Your Dream Campus

1. Be clear about your likes and dislikes, your strength and weakness. You can’t choose a course or job if you don’t understand yourself.
2.What is important to you in doing a course?
Make a list of factors quality education, placement assistance, travel arrangements, course fee, regional language, near home or away, hours, how a course is assessed. These factors to you consider your choice.
3. Do your research
Before Joining your course gather some information related to opportunities after completion of course, accessibility of course, also get good information about the campus you are going to join.
4. Talk to people already doing some of these courses o. Ask for help in finding useful contacts, if you don’t know anyone. Find out why these people choose their jobs/courses, what it involves and what they like and dislike about it.
5.For course choices, visit the place first, or at least have a good look at the college/uni via online films. You can’t be certain that you would like a place without seeing it yourself
7.Compare campuses/courses you are interested in, write down the advantages and disadvantages of each then show this to someone else to get their opinion.
8. Try putting your main options in rank order from most to least
9.Test out your ideas by talking to a careers adviser or teacher/tutor. They will help you think through the options.
10. Always have a backup option in case your first choice doesn’t work out you can go for second option.
For free counselling you may contact EduTech Guide.

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