Can’t Understand Why People Converts

Around 200 people from UP got converted, it was a big news, ABP, NDTV and most of Indian Media were engaged and got good TRP. Hindus were happy, welcomed those family, Muslims were worried and now finally we came to know it was a Drama as they were not influenced with the philosophy or the beliefs. Here i have to say something to all, hope you will get me. If my views are wrong please correct me as i am ready to learn and accept to buy all points which worth and made me convince.

Game of Conversion
Game of Conversion

There is nothing new about conversion(Religious) except this time media has tried to find whether these converted fellow really get influenced or just got bribed. I don’t want to complaint to media that why it was sleeping for last six decades, don’t want to express my views about many others conversions but here i want to welcome media for its late but a needed wake up. I personally believe that people should left with choices and its their personal matter that with which philosophy they are happy, which source of inspiration make them live peacefully. Religions should be a topic to debate but not for oppressing and abusing each other. We are living in 21st century, an era of technology where humans have achieved many which was unrealistic in past, moon is no more far from us, it is not just a matter to write poems and we are trying to find the possibility of life there but here on earth we are trying to make others believe what we are believing, why i can’t understand. I can’t tolerate all those who are trying to just increase the numbers in their camp but cant care who are already with them. I am not talking about any particular religion, any particular mentor but a whole. I’m a Hindu, RSS or VHP or any other organization who believes in Krishna has never shown interest to clear my doubts but they are trying to convert Muslims, why what’s it need? Same i want to say for Muslim mulla that when they are killing each other why the hell they are keep saying that Islam is a religion of Peace, Jesus Believers i am sorry but i have not heard in these many years about anyone who has made sacrifice like jesus, So now stop claiming who is better and better try to find your roots if u don’t feel proud on ur past recreate it. I can’t leave my past, my way, the history and so i am living it, we all have options but choose wisely. Accept the Fact that none of us who are living today has meet Krishna, Allah or Jesus, very few of us who cared of the destination, and living the message of Supreme but most of us are enjoying to throw stones at others and made tough to live a life. A wise and unbiased mind can really accept that nothing can please  a person with desire and once your are desire-less it doen’t matter which path you are opted you will reach the best place, The Supreme, The Krishna(Call it whatever you want). May we find truth, peace and kind gesture for others. SAY NO TO FORCED/BRIBED CONVERSION [Just after publishing this post get to know that it was my 200s post. Thank you WordPress

for this medium, thank you friends for reading me, helping me. Stay Blessed. Jai Shri Krishna


9 thoughts on “Can’t Understand Why People Converts

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  1. if you feel Quran is the only religion which oppose idol worshipping then you must be having enough knowledge what Veda has to say about idol worshipping it opposes the ideology of idol worshipping.Idol worshipping came into exsistence since people were finding it hard to concentrate when they used to pray to God.Many people feel that Islam is a new religion which was formed 1400 years ago which is really untrue,messengers were sent at regular intervals to spread knowledge about Islam thats why there are so many messengers, It was only 1400 years ago when Islam had spread like wild fire.Defination of a muslim is not only limited till the 5 pillars of islam it extends to mannerism,humanity and so on.You pick up people from any religion and if they just read the holy books without reading the meaning or without leading a life of how it has been stated in the holy book does it make sense. If you go by history everyone knows about Roman empires,Mahabharat
    and so on why there were killing and wars if only islam preaches violence.You say that you don’t hate islam but if you read by what you have said till now you have stated islam again and again.Suppose you doing business won’t you make all the efforts to make it a successful business or you would do things to tarnish the image of your firm, the same way no muslim would do things to bring shame to the community if he is a true muslim.You yourself has agreed to that there are good and people in every religion so then why you keep saying “muslim terrorists always do things in the name of Allah”.Does terrorism really have any religion.When they kill people do they announce first (OH PLEASE WHOEVER ARE MUSLIMS BE ON ONE SIDE AND THOSE WHO ARE NOT BE ON THE OTHER SO THAT WE CAN KILL ).similarly whether what religion anyone belongs to if he is killed its like killing the entire humanity.About ISIS you can read above what i feel about it, its horrible nobody likes them nor anyone supports them so please stop associating it with islam.YOU YOURSELF IS SAYING YOU DON’T KNOW WHY THESE TERRORIST TRY TO TARNISH ISLAM IMAGE, BUT I KNOW WHY ,SO THAT EVERYONE HAS HATRED TOWARDS ISLAM PEOPLE HAVE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS ABOUT IT.If you were really honest about reading the Quran then you must have had really good knowledge about it,rather then setting up a hatred towards islam and just sticking to it because it would hurt your ego.Firstly nobody can be like PROPHET MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him) no matter how hard we try to, he was a great man,the sacrifices he made nobody can even imagine, ya but people can always try to follow what he has taught us.If you notice time is changing really quickly and the bad things are getting common.You pick up nudity,extra marital affairs,drugs and alcohol abuses,pre marital sex,adultery,gambling,cheating and so on,these things will worsen as time passes and this was all predicted years ago.You should also hate industries and other stuffs which are polluting the Air,Water etc.They killing the entire world slowly and slowly.An advice from a brother if you hate islam so much then never have kids you never know your future generation would accept islam and you wouldn’t be there to stop them.I hope you would honestly read the Quran one day atleast once to gain knowledge and then have your opinion towards it,just to be fair to yourself.

    1. ISIS videos go and see, please read mumbai attack story, also cases against yajidi, everyday muslims(you can say they are not muslims) in pakistan are doing rapes to muslims girls and forcing them to conversion, be honest and address those issues and accept that many of people who blvs islam are absurd soul and worst that they are doing all on the name of religion. My post was against conversion and if you want facts related to forced conversion happily give you number of cases not from only iraq but through worl and you can also admit that there are so many muslims but peacekeepers are silent. I am waiting for the day when muslim community will do jihad against ISIS, because it is your duty to set the things and save the message of your prophet. And brother please read about yazidi, also on mumbai attack you will come to know that before killing whether they asked or not about religion.
      May Krishna bless us all with peaceful heart.

      1. brother I have already gave clarifications of your doubts above and with examples you wanted me to read about yezidis i did that and this is what i found about them.Their belief are different from the muslims.(Yezidis have often been wrongly labeled as devil-worshippers for centuries. The Yazidi faith contains elements of Zoroastrianism, Manicheism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Gnostic and local pre-Islamic beliefs. The Yazidi holy books are the Book of Revelation and the Black Book and they believe themselves to be descended from Adam. The twice-daily prayer services must not be performed in the presence of outsiders, and are always performed in the direction of the sun. Yazidis believe in God, but his role stops there. The active forces in their religion are Malak Ta’us and Sheik Adii. According to Yazidis, Malak Ta’us is a fallen peacock angel who repented and recreated the world that had been broken. He filled seven jars with his tears and used them to quench the fire in Hell. The most important ritual is the annual six-day pilgrimage to the tomb of Sheikh Adii in Lalish, north of Mosul. During the celebration, Yazidi bathe in the river, wash figures of Malak Ta’us and light hundreds of lamps in the tombs of Sheikh Adii and other saints and sacrifice an ox.) .You are saying muslims in pakistan are raping and converting girls but then what religion are they converting them to?.Rape is an offense, its sad that you are associating it with a particular religion, why go far you read about the Delhi case and others in india.I am not happy just because those GREEDY men who did and the victim were not muslims.RAPE has no religion just imagine what the victims of rape have to go through its a real trauma for them.Its a shame on humanity.Lets not favour rapist on the basis of religion.33 christians being beaten up and forcefully asked to convert, a church being demolished how do you justify this.I won’t think like i won’t hold entire hindu community for this because i know not everyone believe in these ideology.Can you ever convert someone by creating hatred and fear is it possible same goes for ISIS.Tell me which Prophet adopted these methods which ISIS is holding,which religion gives these kinds of rights what these filthy men are performing.Bro this for you from a newspaper if you wanna deny you can deny this also (Kamal Lochan Das of ISKCON said the deep meaning of the name of the VHP was that they wanted to ensure that the entire world became Hindu. He claimed that the name of Russia was derived from the penance of ‘Rishis’ there. “Isnt Russia a Hindu Rashtra?” questioned the religious leader, while calling for Hindus to work till the entire world became a “Hindu Rashtra.”) now what you have to say for this.As per my knowledge there is nothing as CONVERSION in hinduism.If a man murder someone then as per as you not only that man should be jailed the entire family should be jailed.Don’t you think it doesn’t make sense.“Islam advocates clemency with captives. History has never known warriors so merciful to their captives as the early Muslims who followed the teachings of their religion. Numerous religious texts demand clemency with captives.”
        War is decreed in Islam in self defense. This indicates that aim behind war is to ward off aggression not to impose Islam as a religion. Referring to this, Allah Almighty says
        “To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight), because they are wronged;- and verily, Allah is most powerful for their aid;-” (Surah Al Hajj 22:39)
        Islam never fought nations but fought only despotic authorities. Islamic war was one of liberation and not of compulsion. Muslims are prohibited from opening hostilities without properly declaring war against the enemy, unless the adversary has already started aggression against them.
        Nothing to help the wounded, nothing to help widows, nothing to help the fatherless children, nothing to bring a piece of bread to the hungry but strangled by a veto resolution. When these rights were revealed in the Holy Quran and detailed in the Prophet’s (PBUH) sayings, they were put into action. This is the difference between Allah’s laws and man-made laws that can be violated or changed or modified. The first and the foremost basic right in Islam is the right to live and the respect of human life. The holy Quran and the traditional sayings and acts of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) strictly impose the following injunctions during the time of peace and the time of war.

        No one should be burned alive or tortured with fire.

        Wounded soldiers who are neither unfit to fight, nor actually fighting, should not be attacked.

        Prisoners of war should not be killed.

        It is prohibited to kill anyone who is tied up or in captivity.

        Residential areas should not be pillaged, plundered or destroyed, nor should the Muslims touch the property of anyone except those who are fighting against them.

        Muslims must not take anything from the general public of the conquered country without paying for it.

        The corpses of the enemy must not be disgraced or mutilated.

        Corpses of the enemy should be returned.

        Treaties must not be broken.
        In Islam, taking one’s life is equal to taking the life of the whole of the mankind. Allah says in the holy Quran:
        Prisoners are usually taken when a battle is at its height and there is danger that rage may lead the victorious warriors to harm those who have been defeated in order to take revenge. The Prophet, however urged his followers to treat their captives with clemency. He said to them “You are recommended to treat your captives kindly.” He also urged his Companions on the day of Badr to be kind to their captives. Accordingly the Companions of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, gave their captive preference over themselves in matters of food. This is the tolerance of Islam and its respect for human dignity.
        4) Abu-Bakr’s instructions to Usama’s Campaign on Syria:
        “Do not betray or be treacherous or vindictive. Do not mutilate. Do not kill the children, the aged or the women. Do not cut or burn palm trees or fruitful trees. Don’t slay a sheep, a cow or camel except for your food. And you will come across people who confined themselves to worship in hermitages, leave them alone to what they devoted themselves for.”
        5) Abu-Bakr’s Instructions to Yazid ibn-Abi Sufian:
        “I give you ten commandments: don’t kill a woman or a child or an old person, and don’t cut trees or ruin dwellings or slay a sheep but for food. Dont burn palm trees or drown them. And don’t be spiteful or unjust.”
        From the early days of Islam the sanctity of the medical profession was recognized. Christian and Jewish doctors were employed by the Islamic state since the days of the Umayyads, and some of them were even court and personal physicians to caliphs. Under the tolerant attitude of Islam, some of them got the chance to unfold their full scientific potential and thus contributed to the progress of medical knowledge.
        Medical help was a right to all men in spite of religion or creed. That this was also extended to those amongst enemy. An example well known in the West is that of Saladin securing medical help to his opponent, Richard Lion Heart of England who was seriously ill during the Crusades. Saladin sent him his own doctor and personally supervised Richard’s treatment until he became well.


        Biden’s admission: US allies armed ISIS
        6 October 2014
        Speaking to students at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy Forum Thursday, US Vice President Joseph Biden committed what the US media characterizes as a “gaffe.” In other words, he told an embarrassing truth about US government policy, one that is usually obfuscated in the remarks of government officials and the commentaries of media pundits.
        Asked about US policy in Syria, Biden touched on the dirty secret of the current US-led war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. ISIS (or ISIL as the Obama administration terms it) is essentially the creation of the United States and its allies who fomented civil war in Syria against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
        Referring to Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Biden said, “They were so determined to take down Assad and essentially have a proxy Sunni-Shia war, what did they do? They poured hundreds of millions of dollars and tens, thousands of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad—except that the people who were being supplied were al Nusra and al Qaeda and the extremist elements of jihadis coming from other parts of the world.”

        (Lastly i would like to tell you as a brother study a subject thouroughly and then be judgemental about it, don’t listen to others and make up your mind) RAPIST,TERRORIST, AND SO ON HAVE NO RELIGION.

  2. can anyone convert anyone at the gun point if he does what sense does it make as one wouldn’t be accepting it from his heart.If islam as what you feel compel people to convert and support killing so why so many people around the globe including celebs are accepting such a bad religion.You can browse the list on google.I am doubtful that anyone can force them when they have all luxury of life.When you know something which is good and you tell a person as a friend or a brother its on him to consider it good or bad for himself.Islam don’t need us we need islam.If you want you can check that so many muslims are against terrorism we don’t associate ourself with all these bullshit ideology.People who are doing it can’t even called a human being forget about calling them muslims.Its difficult to change a person thinking if one hates a religion or people from a particular community even if you give him all the clarifications yet he will think the same.About kill of non believer i would like to copy paste what it actually means (“Now let us correct some mistakes in the ‘question’ itself. There is not such a meaning in the Quran, ordering or even permitting the Muslims to ever attack innocent people whether they are Christians, Jews, or any other faith for that matter.
    Combat is only ordered against those who are attacking or killing the innocent Muslims.The word used most often in Quran, that is so often mistranslated as kill; slay; or slaughter is not jihad, it is Qital and if you look to the Arabic, you will quickly understand this word in today’s usage would clearly be combat.not intended to imply a general meaning for just anyone to decide to go around combating non-Muslims. The early Muslims had been driven out of their homes and turned out into the desert to starve. After finally, relocating in Medina, verses came in Quran instructing them to make hajj (pilgrimage) back to Makkah. Finding their way blocked and after several years of making agreements and treaties that the others continually broke, the Muslims were at last, told they could now fight in combat against the tyrants who had so horribly mistreated and abused them in the past. However, this would only be acceptable to Allah if they remained within very specific limitations.It should also be noted the usage of the word “Fitnah” in the same verse denotes a horrible condition, not unlike what we find today when there is terrorism and tyranny against the moral and just society at large. It would be easy to properly understand the meaning as, “Engage them in combat, even killing them, until the state of “Fitnah” (terrorism) no longer exists in the society and people are free to worship Allah by their choice.”

    We can see these verse are not designed to promote terrorism, but rather these are very orders from Above to the Muslims to be the first of those who stand out aggressively against all forms of terrorism and oppression.

    Once this is in place, there really isn’t a question anymore, due to the necessity as we see today, to prevent and subdue enemies of freedom, liberty and justice. In other words, we could easily say Allah ordered believers in the Quran to wage combat against terrorism – 14 centuries ago. And the “struggle against oppression, terrorism and tyranny” in the Arabic language, it is called, “Jihad.”)

    1. Impressed with your knowledge. So Quran is not against those who do idol worship, it has allowed people to follow what they wants? If all the good things is in Quran then why muslims are killing each other. I am not against Islam and i have same affection and respect for the supreme but i call him by the name Shri Krishna, i have no issue if you call it Allah but on the name of Krishna or Allah killing is bullshit. I said it before and writing again that every religion has good and bad people but don’t know why muslim terrorists always do things on the name of Allah. Saying that Quran is against a single innocent is not enough you have to produce such legends who really has done good for the world. Malala has done something we need more malala from there just allow them and don’t be absurd and do jehad against ISIS who is killing innocents. If Mohammad saahab has asked muslims to fight against terrorism then please go ahead, fight against ISIS, let us feel fortunate that we have Mohammads and who will protect for goodness or else stop saying that Islam is religion of peace, i am failed to find peace in muslim countries.

  3. Yes. I stand on my word. Muslim Mullas should stand for peace, they should focus on the message instead conversion and killing. Same thing i quote for my Hindu brothers that we don’t need numbers and we should not worry if some one leaves us. The game of conversion should be stopped and messages needs to live, else sooner we all will be finish something called humanity.
    One more thing dear, there are n number of terrorist organization Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and every religion has good and bad people but Quran is the only religious texts which has been used to misinterpret and to mind-wash. Killing of nonbelievers? Kaafirs? Well i have not read quran full but once i am done will discuss as of now i just wanted to say to all islam believers that please stand for peace or else a normal mind like me will stop trusting you. We are hesitant.
    At the end I pray to Krishna for all innocents who got killed yesterday and may they find rest in peace.

    अपनी मर्जी से तो मजहब भी नहीं उसने चुना था,
    उसका मज़हब था जो माँ बाप से ही उसने
    विरासत में लिया था
    अपने माँ बाप चुने कोई ये मुमकिन ही कहाँ है
    मुल्क में मर्ज़ी थी उसकी , न वतन उसकी रजा से
    वो तो कुल नौ ही बरस का था उसे क्यों चुनकर,
    फिरकादाराना फसादात ने कल क़त्ल किया

  4. Firstly I appreciate you for coming up with this topic. You pick up any religion no religion teaches violence.If there is a family where 10 sons are there and even though they have been given good upbringing by the parents yet they start fighting among themselves is it fair to blame the parents for it,so in the same way it’s not right to blame any religion for it.If that is the case then Buddhism teaches peace yet you saw what happened.Recently Hindu saints were fighting among themselves on stage whether to allow sai baba idol or not.It doesn’t mean Hinduism or buddism taught them to do all this.If you are referring to what happening in Syria, Africa etc then firstly if you go by history all these groups are made n funded by zionist and only think there are so many intelligence agencies working how is it possible overnight such powrtful groups are formed without any knowledge to these agencies. Its not right to judge anything unless you have witness it by your ownself one can only judge if he sees at two sides of the coin.there are good n bad people in all religion.

    1. I welcome you my friend on by blog and wanted to know what other side of coin you are talking about? I agree that there are good and bad everywhere, you know even some time an average teacher got opportunity to teach talented students but in those scenarios student looses.. 100 years ago Vivekananda has talked on unity, religion, conversion and it is time to talk on those issues or like a blind man keep Ignorance. I ask you what’s the need of conversion, how many of converted goons has helped society, they converted to live more, to get better facility, most of the time these converted helpless people have bribed or scared, it was fact. Now government should come with some laws against it and before India became Gaza, seria or like Kashmir we should get ready to work against all psuedo secular, anti Indian forces.

      1. (Same i want to say for Muslim mulla that when they are killing each other why the hell they are keep saying that Islam is a religion of Peace) these are your words.Firstly i already gave an example of a family.This is another one you must have seen that in hindi movies and all when an actor wants to play a role of a muslim he wears a cap grows a beard etc to look like a muslim that doesn’t mean he has become a muslim so the same way whatever is happening in syria n all its not necessary the people who are behind these mischiefs are muslims just because they knew few verses from the Quran n have grown beard.Islam is not a religion,Its the way of life.Islam,hinduism or pick up any religion none of them talk about violence.For instance someone upload your picture on facebook saying you have raped a girl though you haven’t everyone would start abusing and cursing you without knowing the facts and you wouldn’t even come to know about it so in short its very easy to create negativity about someone or some community in others mind.Ofcourse you shouldn’t ignore you should stand for what you feel is right but when you say about the entire community which has nothing to do with it.I feel thats not appropriate.Instead you can use the word SOME when you disagreeing about people from a particular community.

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