My Favorite Blogs in 2014

This year i have discover some excellent blogs, talented bloggers those writing have inspired me, those gesture and appreciation made me keep on writing. I have not followed many blogs, fact that i am not reading blogs with bookish words but these bloggers have made me to wait for their posts and i enjoyed their most of posts. Here are few blogs i would like to ask you all to read and meet these talented bloggers.

PamelaResonner’s Blog– A blog by very talented lady who draws my attention with her superb writing and simple attitude. Yes, It might possible you’re already following this blog and impressed with Pamela’s thoughts and writing but if you have not read this blog you must read, her poems, her stories has meanings and surely you will be enjoy Resonner’s Blog.

InduRaviहृदयानुभूति Highly appreciated Hindi blog with lovely poems. This is the blog i came to know, in my first IndiBlogger meet, where i found a beautiful lady, with very soft voice and difficult Hindi words was introducing herself. Later i came to know she was InduJi, the well known blogger.

Visit हृदयानुभूति today if you like to read Hindi Poems and meet my favorite Hindi Blogger, my inspiration.

GaneshKnown is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean– An inspiring blog, full of spiritual, meaningful, logical and positive teachings. This blog by Ganesh says“Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace”. You should follow Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean if you want to read quotes with beautiful pictures, you should visit this blog if you are looking for something positive something meaningful and in short.

Rahul RanjanRange rover’s dream– Though it is a new blog it’s worth following. Rahul Ranjan, the author has stories, articles, poems and more to share and you will appreciate his posts. I have read his many of blog posts and liked most of them. He writes on random topics, poems in English as well as in Hindi, book reviews, cinema dialog, life making tips and many other topics about he has written. You should visit Range rover’s dream not only to read good posts but also to appreciate and to guide a new Blogger.

Lahari BasuThe Free Boundless Soul– An Interesting blog by Lahari Basu where she shares her own experiences, articles on national issues, humors and more. I found Lahari when she had commented on by blog post on B Negative Blood Group and through her comments i came know one thing that she can help anyone not just because she is O Negative but also as she has a beautiful heart and amazing expressions. You must visit The Free Boundless Soul and meet a beautiful person with amazing thoughts.

These 5 Blogs/Bloggers were my favorite and i really enjoyed their posts. I wish they keep writing inspiring posts, share the goodness and stay Blessed.


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