Internet Version of Two States

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Hai Friends, Before i go further and share the love, the cruelty of destiny and make you believe that some time no matter how much you are in love, love is not enough, I would like to thank my friends from bottom of my heart, Today if i am alive and writing this story, you people are the reasons who have supported and convinced that there is still much to do and experience. Yes, once again i wanted to say that My Life iz Amazing because i have people like you. I am thankful to my family, friends and most importantly Mummy, $heen(Churail), Pooja Mam, Nikky Mam, Prashant Sir, Om babu and The Krishna’s spirit for supporting me in my hard times. I am really blessed to have you all who have helped me and given your valuable time, suggestions and support in the great hour of need. All of you already know some part of my story and the fact that this fool is just trying to recover from being dumped by a lady whom he adore most. You people never asked but now I wanted to share what exactly had happened and why and how this Joker changed. Here through these posts I am going to share my story, Another Internet Love Story. Hope you will understand us better and will help after reading this Internet Version of Two States.

Internet Version of Two States is a true and heartbreaking/happy ending story where He is from Bihar and She is From Andhra, where He believes Krishna and she is a great fond of Jesus, He is a Hindi speaker and She, A Telugu gal, Where He is a vegetarian she loves to eat prawns and omelette, Where He is still trying to set his own platform she is far ahead and got a good government job. Yes There was no similarity between these two hearts except they were much in love(still it was not enough).

This eLove was started on a public chatting platform where “She” was an older chatter and used to chat with her Telugu friends when He got into that chatroom, He got attracted by Her profile picture. She kept a beautiful baby picture. He initiated the conversation with her and then they started talking few words daily. He has given her a special name “Priyeee”. Initially she objected and couldn’t understand why he is not calling by her name but later by knowing the meaning she din’t objected and started replying. In earlier days He & She were talking on politics, career and then they started talking about their everyday life and after a few months they got involved much and started interacting every day. She was very caring towards him and was giving more hints to understand her love for him. On one fine night, He sensed her emotion and proposed her on phone call and then things were never normal. They started talking for 5 to 6 hours daily, love messages, greetings, fantasy everything was there. They both loved blindly each other and this dream was very close to their reality. It was a fun and both were curious too but The guy, He was not sounding serious and was believing that world is going to favor and surely they will meet soon. But things never happened the way you want, they were not exception, and their Destiny ended their dreams and Trust converted into tears.

This story will be all about Internet Friendship, Relationship, Dream and Reality. You can read my story if you are looking for a True Internet Love Story or you wanted to read about a joker who was not ready to accept the truth and the rules. If these two reasons are not enough to read me please don’t waste your time and stop reading.. Thank you!

Oh you have continued to read, Great. Hope you will enjoy with us.

Now, when I am going to share my part of story, to help myself and also to let you know that Shakespeare was right when he said that True Love can’t go smooth, I was not aware of this fact or else to get her I won’t love her truly 😉 No, No I am not trying to claim that ours was a true love story. Even I don’t know it was love or something else but yes It had happened and i enjoyed every moment no matter I was happy or crying, the feelings were superb, world seems wonderful when we were together. Now when you are going to read and I am writing, surely i will write the truth and believe that you too will fall in love with her. Yes, She, My Magical Bujji, My Priyeee is love and her love was the best gift I received from anyone after my birth.

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Happy Reading, Stay Blessed and Keep in Touch.
Thanks Again

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