Why are you here on this earth?

sunny kumarAn old Man from ISKON Temple Kurukshetra, whom i met last night in the train, asked to me “Why are you here on this earth”? When he asked this, for few seconds i found myself blank and was thinking that what to say to this old man that i want to live a better life with my family, i want to get married with a girl whom i love, i want to spend my morning watching sun and writing new lies on paper, i want to blame more and more this corrupt government and voting system and many more things which i love to do. I didn’t said these things and simply said that I am here to live my life.
He again questioned, animals are also living their life then what’s the difference between them n u? I said that they are living their life and we too but difference is that we are thinking of others and can help each other, we are responsible to make this world better.
I tried my best to convince him that i know why i am on this earth and he look satisfied with my answer. He said Krishna you seems a good guy just observe yourself, ask you inner self and if possible try to spend your life with keeping Krishna in your Heart, You will see the change on your face and will found peace in your heart.

Like a new student i said Thik hai.


Train JourneyLike other days Sapt Kranti Train is full but yes this is not a usual day, the weather outside the train is just awesome. Overloaded platform is looking beautiful with this amazing cloudy climate. Poor light management seems working and this stormy cloud darkness is adding amazing flavor and making a sensual environment. I am not only enjoying this weather but missing my love, my life too. Train Whistled and started running on time. Some of attendant who were boarded into the train are departing and yes there is some risk but they are busy in waving and now train has left the platform. An old man seems a Pujari instructed me close the window; i have followed him and closed the window with glass cover. Muzaffarpur is beautiful there is no doubt but this rain; Krishna Ji, i don’t have correct word to define its beauty and what i am feeling about my favorite destination. Green grasses, trees and working farmers in this rain are few things which i can see from this moving window. This all is making me feel fresh and like a little child i want to go out and enjoy this rain. While my life is on a wheel and i am moving from a small town to a metro city, not just a city but heart of this nation, i am going to miss many of things specially my small friends, my play grounds, local cinema halls, street hawkers and most importantly my family. But Delhi is my another guardian who gave me enough space to survive. It’s Delhi who converted me from a Dehati to a Dude. Well, I’m not a dude kinda but my friends used to say and how can i contradict with them 😉 Train is running at it’s full speed, i guess and just crossed Kanti station. I don’t have any memory this railway station but Kanti, this place is special to me. I have spent many of my childhood days and teenage eve here, played a lot of cricket matches and this is the place which shown me my first crush about whom i later found that it would be a sin if i will think about her. When train is going through this place, i can see the leechi garden where we used to come to eat lichi and had lot of fun. Krishna Ji, thank you for those days.

Train stopped; may be some one has pulled the chain, this vacuum system, some college students departing here and they are the culprits who stopped the train. God don’t know when we will be matured enough to understand our responsibility.  Train is near Motipur and it is still raining, If i would not be in train then i would be either in football ground or on the streets. I am  crazy for these love drops. I wish delhi would have the same climate, same freshness and same love for me.

I am going to miss my town but lucky enough that i am going to Delhi, Mini India, where you won’t miss everything and have lot of tools to recall your besties..

Bye for now, feeling hungry so going to eat.

Love you all.

and haan wish me happy journey 😉

Request to All : Vote for Development Vote for Modi

Get Ready to Kick Every Individual who are supporting this Corrupt Ruling Party which is good for nothing but scams.
Good news for all change seekers that After so many internal fights Namo has came out with a winner and declared as BJP’s chief election campaign and he needs us now. It’s our responsibility to make him win who has dream for mother nation.

To All My Friends Who Are Supporting Namo, Please start contacting the mass if you want to see change. Call every individual who are supporting UPA for discussion and ask him why they are supporting a party which is running from a fixed address from last 65 years. We are independent and talented too then why we always look and cast our votes to the Nehruvians, who can easily made Guinness entry with their unstoppable scams.

Why can’t we find a solution? why can’t we see a leader in us? I’m going to Support Shri Narendra Modi Ji, who never did a caste/region or religion based politics and proved himself as a leader of mass, a leader of development.

Muslims are not going to vote for Narendra Modi and reason is Godhra, Why can’t we Indian accept this truth that from last 12 years Gujrat is one of the few state which has not seen a single day of curfew? Now world is appreciating Narendra Modi for his leadership and development what he made in Gujrat.

It’s we, specially the youth who are going to decide the fate of 2014, so please vote whoever you want but not to congress who is very good at divide and rule politics and sorry but it’s a black truth that our minority have not much choice they can do business for their vote and can ask for 18 or 20% reservation and we should not doubt that congress would be happy with this deal as they are best in doing promises. So be careful and don’t vote for those who are dividing society for their loaf.

Have u noticed??
Recently congress won in Karnatka (They Must Thank Yedurappa) and what they did there, they allowed cow slaughtering as it was banned by BJP government, they were never serious about the development and these clever foxes are very good at Divide and Rude Politics, so please keep your eye open.

I’m going to support Narendra Modi and Reasons are-
He is one of the very few leaders who are not doing race,religion and region based politics.
He knows what India needs and he has proved himself as a man of development.
In Gujrat there is only 1% unemployment as he is capable to create jobs.
He is capable to restrict all those who are Indian on voter card but not in reality.
He is the only leader who can deal with our arrogant neighborhood.
many more reasons i have, will share later..
When we have seen curfew in Assam, Bengal, UP and many other states Gujrat has not meet a single day curfew from last 11/12 years.
He understand the India better and he can handle our arrogant neighbors better Narendra Modi .
He is a Man not a machine whose control is in other hand, hope you understand, so please vote for Namo.

Om Namo Namah.

Congressi are invited to discuss(Logical only).

“Desh kar rahaa Pukaar Narendra Modi Ab ki Baar”


share if it worth.

My Virtual World : Story of Unseen Amigos

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Priyeeee Calling….

It was 23rd March, 11:30 PM, I was taking rest in my room when my mobile flashed with the text Priyeee calling; I was very happy after reading this and I had many of reasons for my happiness. This call was from my one of the “Best of four” (from unseen Amigos), from my Priyeee with whom I was sharing my feelings before but we were not in touch from last few days. I had not taken initiative in these tough days as I thought that I am disturbing her real world.
Priyeee“Have I said this before to you that my Priyeee is simply the best and she is blessed with a kind heart and sincere nature? She is single by choice; although she got many of proposals and shared 3 stories of those to me. One of those proposals were from her childhood friend, who was also her classmate from nursery to twelfth, had expressed his feelings for her, second one was from her college senior and third one was from one of her good friend whom she meet on this public chat room only. Amaan, he recently added me on my social channel, is from same city. He is gentle, caring, well settled and working for a Bank. He is also connected with me on social site and few weeks back only he had shared his feeling with me that how much he loves her and also that he wanted to marry her.
Two weeks back Priyeee and Amaan had some communications, exactly I don’t know and none of them had said to me about, Priyee said that they are not in contact as Amaan had texted her not to text for him if she doesn’t love him. At that time I asked her do you love him and her answer was same that she has nothing for him. She gave some too good reasons and said he is a good guy and deserves a better girl. I don’t want to disturb her and so switched to other things.
Before this communication gap between Priyee and Amaan, I remembered I had chatted with Amaan. It was morning I was not feeling well, had vomit and was taking rest in room when Amaan ping me. I remembered we had chatted for four times and he never asked about me but only about Priyeee. I really loved the way he cares and loves her. He said that he was out of station and came yesterday. Once he reached to the city he went to see the lady whom he loves most, he waited for her single glimpse outside of her hostel but his hard luck was following him and she didn’t came out from her room, later she also visited her college but failed to meet.
While chatting with Amaan, I asked him that could I share all this near to her and what he said was really interesting and very meaningful. Amaan said to me that he wanted her to realize this by own and until she would not realize he will wait for her. He requested not to disclose this chat near to her and I agreed. In a very light way he said that he is lucky and get jealous that she chats with me in late night, I asked him that do you have any second thought any doubt he simply said no and said that he is just kidding. He said to me that he is lucky that I’m not from Andhra (yes again he was kidding). I laughed n asked if it matters? He said “a lot”. After sharing few more words I informed Him about my health and then we shared bye.
On the same day in evening Priyee informed me that Amaan came to her college but when she came out he had left. I asked again the same question does she love her and her answer was same. I tried to convince her but she was in a denial mode and I don’t want to disturb so like other days, I again switched to other topics.
Several time my mind asked if it is me who is creating problem for her and it was convinced that I am doing wrong to her and because of me she is ignoring her real world. I decided that I will not ping her and when on the next evening she came I tried to convince but what she said “A boy always takes side of another boy”, I took this in a negative way and said to her that I am not here to advertise others but for you. Then she requested to leave the topic and started asking about my life. As I don’t want to spoil her mood and had nothing interesting to share with her so I started Santa-Banta jokes and made environment light.
From next day I stopped to take initiative for long chats and was only greeting in morning and later I stopped wishing a new day too.”
And now after a long pause I was getting her call. This call was going to give my world back; in those days when she was not with me, I was missing not only her but myself; I was again alone and no one was with me to share the things. Last week when I was on bed I missed my world, mostly my love Swwettiieee and also got frustrated and fuelled with depression by her reaction. I was not going to chat room like before and had decided to leave the chat room. If I was going to chat room not picking any name, from last few weeks I have realized that I am in a Amaan. I was mentally mad but whenever I thought of Priyeee I was happy that I have done something good by losing her as she may get her real world. She was good, so not complaining but I knew that I was affecting her badly, I had messed her routine and her life.
Priyeee had called me many of times before but in day light, we had talked late night before but by in textbox. I had not recalled anything and was excited to hear her; I wanted to know how is she? Had she missed me or not and why is she calling me at this time? I remembered I had not allowed phone to ring for a single second and picked the call…


Read my next post to know what she told on that very special night, why she turned back?

Stay in touch stay Blessed. Be Love it is better than bein in love.

Another Lie

Life-iz-Amazing-CoupleIt was month of love when Confusion fell in love with Doubt, his best friend over internet  And once they found their love for each other this earth had welcomed them with a passionate hug and both felt the music in air and found their galaxy of love under this colorful sky. They were very glad and used the full clock to spread the fragrance of love all around.
Every morning Doubt was waiting for Confusion’s text and Confusion was also dying to hear her voice after every passing hour. It was Confusion, The Chatter Box, who had not allowed doubt to sleep many of nights and took her busy with his love chit-chat.
Their life was filled with love and dreams but situation can’t be always same and smooth. In few days month got changed and it was summer when doubt got hurt by confusion’s mind, who always talk about his past. It was a fact of that time that confusion was assured about Doubt and had thought that she can understand his situation and whereas doubt has full trust on confusion so they both were never worried about the time frame(Past/Present or Future). But unfortunately this relationship dig in a deep trouble. Confusion, who was living present and sharing past, had failed to win the trust more and doubt was assured that confusion is more happy with his past and he wanted to resume with his past, so she decided to leave confusion.
Confusion has also a view that Doubt deserves better and he is good for nothing and if he will leave then she would be more happy as he is only creating problem for her. Now they both were in love but with different feeling.
One Evening Confusion wrote a poem about his past and informed about this to Doubt, now Doubt was assured that he loves his past more.
Well, Confusion was never choosy with his words and many of times he had hurt Doubt unknowingly.
Doubt observed Confusion’s word but failed to observe confusion whereas confusion was loving Doubt but never shown his care and also failed to know what doubt Expects from him. Time has changed and so their form of Love and Now Confusion and Doubt, who were best friend cum Lovers are not sharing anything and trying their level best to ignore each other…

No one knows what will happen tomorrow, but yes there is some hope left..

[Please forgive me for grammatical mistakes.]

Click here to know what happens later. Another Lie_2

थी छुपी कोई साजिश तो नहीं..


तेरा आना मेरी जिंदगी में एक साजिश तो नहीं..
ख्वाब दिखाकर दिल को चुराना कोई साजिश तो नहीं,
हम मरते रहे तेरी नादानियों पर,
तेरी मुस्कराहट, तेरी दीवानगी पर,
कह दो आज तुम की उन प्यार के लम्हों में,
थी छुपी कोई साजिश तो नहीं..

तुमने आँखों को जो ख्वाब दिखाया था,
अपनी दीवानगी में इस दिल को बहकाया था,
जो किया था तुमने मुहब्बत का करार,
कह दो आज तुम की उन ख्वाबों में,
उन प्यार के वादों में,
थी छुपी कोई साजिश तो नहीं..

तुमने हसरतों को शब्दों में सजाकर,
इस दिल को प्यार के रंगों में डुबोकर,
जो की थी तुमने आँखों आँखों में बात,
कह दो उन शब्दों में,
उन इशारों में.
थी छुपी कोई साजिश तो नहीं..

Thanks Churail for this Pic.

क्या वो बस एक बहाना था..?

Waiting of Urs
Waiting of Urs

कैसे भूलूंगा मैं तुमको इतना तो बताना था,
जो जा रहे थे छोड़ के तुम,
हमको रुला के जाना था…
क्यूँ कहा की जल्द मिलोगे,
क्या वो वादें झूठी थी,
क्या वो बस एक बहाना था..?

Kaise bhulunga main tumko, itna to bataana tha,
jo ja rahe the chhod ke tum,
humko rulaa ke jaana tha..
Kyun kahaa ki jald miloge,
kya wo baatein jhuthi thi,
Kya wo bus ek bahaana tha..?

Thank you Churail for Ds Pic.

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