Fake, Fun and Flirt

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On My second night in the PC(Public Chat Room), I was expecting, my online friends (Ra1 and Sporty) would be waiting for me but it was not true. They were not available there and so I didn’t joined chat but i was watching the room and reading the conversations of others, where I found Sana and Abed are close and they are sharing love, Sazi and Tamiz were also dedicatedly chatting with each other but as they were talking in Tamil, I was not getting them. Chat Room was looking interesting today and i realized that not only funs, jokes and general talks but few people are sharing emotions as well. Abed, who was from Hyderabad is loving Sana, a pakistani gal. Tamiz was a tamilian and Saji was from Sri Lanka and i can’t say they were in love or not but they were in a deep conversation and i couldn’t get a single word of what they are communicating. But I can say these two couples has given this chatroom a new look.Yesterday at the same place Jai(Sporty) and Me were discussing Gabbar, Basanti and this chat room in a funny way, today the same chatroom was showing that it has love birds too.
After waiting for my friends for few minutes, when they didn’t came i left chatroom and got busy with my work and then music, loud music thanks to grooveshark, our saviour from boring night shifts. Dev, my colleague with habit of daily one movie has found this website and we have collected all our songs and categorize them. Nothing has happened special that night night..
On 3rd day, In evening i entered in chatroom and there…………..(Will update soon)
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तुमसे ही आखिरी उम्मीद

Sunny Kumarअब शब्दों पर यक़ीन नहीं होता,
और वक़्त पर ऐतबार,
पर आँखों में सपने, अब भी जागे है,
और तुमसे ही आखिरी उम्मीद।

माना दूर गया था,
तुमको छोड़,
रुसवाइयों में मैं मुँह मोड़,
पर सच है, तब मै भी रोया था,
क्यूंकि तब ख्वाब, मेरा भी टूटा था।

अब वक़्त नहीं, न हालात है वो,
हूँ शर्मिंदा पर दोस्त(उम्मीद) हो तुम,

जो चाहे सजा दो तुम,
पर अब अपनी रज़ा दो तुम,
थक गया हूँ भाग-भाग कर,
तुम संग सिमटने की,
अब नियत दो तुम..

बस कहना है तुमसे और सुनना है तुमको,
कि क्या रिश्तों में है एक गलती की गुंजाईश?
कहो क्या तुम अब भी मेरी हो,
की क्या उन सपनों को सच करने की है कोई गुंजाईश?

-सन्नी कुमार
[एक निवेदन- आपको हमारी रचना कैसी लगी कमेंट करके हमें सूचित करें. धन्यवाद।]


Ab Shabdon par yaqeen nahin hota,
Aur waqt par aitbaar..
par aankhon mein sapne, ab bhi jaage hai..
Aur tumse hi aakhiri ummid..

Maana door gayaa tha tumko chhod,
ruswayion mein mai munh mod,
par sach hai tab mai bhi roya tha,
kyunki tab khwab, mera bhi toota tha..

Ab waqt nahi na haalat hai wo,
hun sharminda par dost(ummid) ho tum..

Jo chaahe sajaa do tum,
par ab apni razaa do tum,
thak gayaa hun bhaag bhag kar,
Tum tak simatane ki,
Ab niyat do tum.

Bus kahna hai tumse Aur sunana hai tumko,
ki kya rishton mein hai, ek galati ki gunjaish?
Kaho jo tum ab bhi meri ho,
Ki kya un sapno ko sach karne ki hai koi gunjaish?

[This is written for my first love the most innocent one whom i still love and will love forever in my own way ;)]

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