Kacchi Sadak, Pakke Dost


वो बचपन, निराला, मासूम, बचपन.
कितना प्यारा था,
आज भी मुस्कुराने की वजहें देता है,
वो आजाद बचपन.

उसकी संकड़ी गलियां, थोड़ी कच्ची थी,
पर वहां मिलने वाले दोस्त, सब पक्के थे.
वो सड़क शहर जो से मिलती नहीं थी,
सो आराम में थी,
हमारी हमारे लिए ही थी.

आज बचपन में बने वो दोस्त,
उन गलियों से निकलकर,
कही खो गए है,
शहर के पक्की, चौड़ी सड़कों पर।

मालुम है वो भी याद करते है हमको,
और गाँव की उस आजाद,
आरामपसंद कच्ची सड़क को..

पर हम अब न बच्चे है,
न वो आजादी है,
न वो सड़क कच्ची है,
न अब दोस्ती रही पक्की..

सब खो गया है,
समृद्धि और नए मुकाम की जद में..
दिल है जो हमेशा याद करेगा,
उस कच्ची सड़क को,
उसकी आराम पसंद, आजादी को,
और कच्चे सड़क पर मिलने वाले पक्के दोस्तों को..

-सन्नी कुमार
[एक निवेदन- आपको हमारी रचना कैसी लगी कमेंट करके हमें सूचित करें. धन्यवाद।]


Wo bachpan, Nirala, Masum bachpan.
Kitna pyara tha,
aaj bhi muskurane ki wajahein deta hai,
wahi aajad bachpan…

Uski sankadi galiyan, thodi kacchi thi.
par wahan milne waale sab dost, pakke the..
wo gali shehar se jo milti nahi thi, bade aaram mein thi.
humaari humaare liye hi thi..

Aaj bachpan ke bane wo dost,
un galiyon se nikalkar,
kahin kho gaye hai,
shehar ki pakki chauri sadakon par..

Maalum hai wo bhi yaad karte hai humko,
aur gaaon ki us aajad,
aaram pasand kacchi sadak ko,

par ab hum na bacche hai na wo sadak kacchi,
na ab dosti pakki.
Sab kho gayaa hai,
samriddhi aur naye mukaam ki jad mein.

Dil hai jo yaad karega,
un kaachi sadakon ko,
uski aarampasand aajadi ko,
aur kacchi sadak par milne wale pakke doston ko..

An open letter to everyone suggesting Modi

Dear Bleeding Hearts/Sickularists,

I hope, despite having to nurse your recent wounds, you’re sitting somewhere safe in your psychological darkness that you have constructed around yourself.

Since lots of open letters are being written to Narendra Modi advising him how to respect the secular and pluralistic fabric of the country I thought well, why not I too participate in this stimulating epistolary exchange, and hence, this open letter.

I hope by now you have come to terms with the fact that there is going to be a “communal” government at the center despite your relentless pursuit to achieve the otherwise. If you haven’t, I hope you reconcile to the reality fast before emotional acidity leaves permanent scars on your personality.

Although you have given an interesting twist to the election results by talking in terms of the percentage of people who have voted for Narendra Modi and voted against him (31 per cent vs 69 per cent) by the end of the day what matters is what you intended to achieve and what has exactly happened. You say a mere 31 per cent votes means 69 per cent people have rejected him. Well, using the same logic, since the Congress got just 19.3 per cent of the total votes, doesn’t mean that almost 80 per cent of the country has rejected the so-called “grand old party”?
It’s been a historic verdict and contrary to all your propaganda, misinformation campaigns, chest beating on national and international forums, twisting facts, fabrications and copious shedding of crocodile tears, for the first time almost after three decades, the country is going to have an absolute-majority Government with as clear a mandate as one can dream of. Hello stability. Bye bye anarchy. That’s settled.

For you it’s been a long battle, of course. The past 10-12 years were just a culmination and a crescendo but otherwise, you guys have been active for many decades in one form or another, pulling a string here, putting a piece there, ruining one career, promoting another. By colluding with the politicians, especially of the Congress variety, you have created an empire of mutual coexistence and devised a system to feed upon the masses of the country without killing them, for, if the masses die, whom do you feed on?

Divide the country at every pretext. Hammer into the minorities and the backwards why they need special treatment, how they are being suppressed, how they are being victimized and why they need protection from the majority. Blame the majority for being a majority. Denigrate its culture. Destroy its history. Throttle its sense of pride. Deride its festivals. Perpetrate intellectual confusion. Fill it with the plague of guilt. Do whatever it takes to crush its spirit completely. Isn’t it win-win situation? Keep the majority in doldrums and intellectual confusion and keep the minorities in a permanent state of insecurity. Nobody remains to put up a resistance.

Within this you-scratch-my-back-and-I-scratch-yours system, your political masters are happy, you are happy. More public insecurity means more consolidation for your political masters. More consolidation means greater political power. Greater political power means, well, power to do whatever you want to do. You get plum postings. You easily get grants. Massive funding is available for your NGOs without even one question asked. Your kids get admission in elite schools. You can get treatment in the best of hospitals. You enjoy foreign trips. You get to broker mega deals. You control the strings of millions of lives. Sometimes, even for writing a single Congress-friendly article you can get a bungalow in a posh locality. You can get published in “prestigious” magazines and newspapers even if you can’t write a single paragraph without mistakes. You can stop books from being published. You can easily get your own books published. You get to give talks at international conferences, mostly at exotic locations, all-expense paid. You get to hobnob with the Who’s Who of the society. You don’t have to worry about electricity. You don’t have to worry about water. Neither heat bothers you nor cold because you live and move in AC environment. Travel is automatically taken care of. Accommodation is something you never need to worry about. Your previous generation lived in the lap of luxury like this. Even the previous generation of the previous generation. And now you are reaping the fruits of all the trees your parents and grandparents planted. This is an ecosystem that has evolved over more than 60 years so naturally your multiple generations have contributed.
The problem is, your ecosystem hinges upon the survival of a particular class of political system. This political system sustains you to solve its own purpose. It needs you to keep the society divided and confused. It needs you to steer the public discourse in a desired direction. It needs journalists that never ask the right questions. It needs intellectuals like you who never hold them accountable. It needs scholars who can subvert the truth to weaken the cultural roots of the country. Basically, the survival of this particular class of political system depends on a highly polarised, a highly divided society, and you play a big part. You both support each other and without each other, life would be quite difficult.
As a result, it robs you of your sleep when Mr Modi talks about unifying the country under the concept of nationhood rather than a hodgepodge of identities. The unity disturbs you. The fact that people should be Indians first and then different religions and castes leaves you uneasy. This makes you feel that people’s identities are going to be expunged. The fault lines will be blurred. People won’t be fighting each other. Many-ness, you pontificate, is better than oneness. It’s the current status of divisiveness and polarisation and fear and suspicion that sustains you, how can you possibly let it go?

Your very existence depends on being a champion of someone, of the downtrodden, of the endangered, of the marginalised and the victimised. Most of you run one or the other NGO. According to a CBI report – yes, a Government agency and not something related to the RSS – there are more than 20 lacs NGOs in India which means, there is one NGO for every 600 Indians. If you go by the conservative figures of the Home Ministry, these NGOs get roughly Rs 11,500 crore from various international agencies annually. With so much money involved, how can you even think of changing the status quo? I can understand your plight. Stronger India, a united India, a progressive India nullifies the existence of your NGO. Your favourite image of the country is someone like Mother Teresa putting a morsel into a half-skeleton-half-skin child whose big white eyes jut out of a withered, hairless skull.
In your various open letters, you guys have been preaching Modi on the virtues of being a truly secular PM of such a diverse country as ours. You want to be proven wrong, you tell him. It’s high time he changed his image, you suggest. You want him not to rake up the issues of Article 370, the Ram temple in Ayodhya or even the Muslim refugees issue in the North-east. You urge him to banish the idea of creating a unified India and instead, let it remain the way it has been. You tell him that the idea of “Quran in one hand and laptop in another” is extremely repulsive to you. The minorities in India don’t need development, you advise him, they need reassurances.

I’m pretty sure Modi is not going to pay heed to whatever you have to say simply because he intends to run a Government, not a Ponzi scheme. You see, you are the part of the problem, not the solution, at least not with your current mental disposition. In order to become a part of the solution, you will need to discard your current notions which, I think, is not very easy for you to do because you have ingrained these notions into your existence. If you can have your way (sadly, you have had your way for way too long), you would rather have a Prime Minister who is hesitant about approaching even his own party president, as shown in this video:

Instead of dividing Indians, Narendra Modi intends to unite them. Instead of weakening them by dividing them into various segments, he wants to bring them together to turn them into a formidable force. Instead of the deen-heen mentality he boasts of a broad chest. Maybe when, highly unlikely, he decides to run a Ponzi scheme, he will refer to your council, but unless that happens, you stand no chance.

Sincerely yours

Amrit Hallan,

A Struggling Writer

बस मांगो उसी से

जो सबकी बनाता है वो भी हैरान होगा,
की सोच रखा है उसने सब, फिर क्यूँ कोई परेशान होगा,
करो यक़ीन खुद पर क्यों उम्मीदें किसी और से,
हो  बेटे तुम उसके,जो भी मांगो, बस मांगो उसी से…

Nitish Kumar Resigns

After facing a huge defeat in Lok Sabha Election and being asked from opponents parties of Bihar, Today Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has resigned. His Janata Dal United won just two of Bihar’s 40 seats.

Before national election, last year only he had snapped ties with 17-year-old ally BJP last year over Narendra Modi’s elevation, a move that many believed had backfired spectacularly.

As BJP won a landslide victory with 282 seats in the 543 member Parliament and defeated all self proclaimed secular parties, Nitish’s JD(U) has also been wiped out.

Yesterday, on fb he written that he respect the mandate of the people. After his party’s crushing defeat, BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi, and his former deputy, asked Nitish Kumar to give resign on moral grounds.  JD(U) was already in a minority in the Bihar assembly and there was speculation the dissent within his party will grow, with support from the opposition.

This coming election may help BJP and RJD both to grow but people of Bihar will certainly give mandate to development and i think fight will be in between RJD and JD(U).

If Modi Wins I Will….

Before elections there were number of noted politician, actor, writers and media personalities were making statements and got a good notations from media. People of India has made them, and they listen them. Now some of us wanted to know what they will do know, whether they will keep their words or will give excuses. I have not rememebered everyone but sharing a few here and will soon submit all these India caring peoples name soon, who had given controversial statement on most favored politician,  and tomorrow’s PM  Shri Narendra Modi, Brave son of our mother nation.

Here in this post i am sharing few names to remind you that these mongers had tried a lot to stop our vision, vision of Better India, United India.

If Modi Wins

KRKleft india after modi winsThose who said If Narendri Modi Wins they will leave India.

  • Jnanpith awardee and acclaimed Kannada writer Dr UR Ananthamurthy has said he will not live in a country with Narendra Modi. (He said this in support of Manmohan singh, The Scam Master.)
  • A former Prime Minister and JD(S) Supremo, Gowda announced as a news conference in Shimoga that he shall leave Karnataka state if Modi becomes the PM.
  • Kamal Rashid Khan, Actor said he will leave India if modi becomes PM. News are coming that he has alredy flew away with shoaib akhter, pak cricketor. (Twitter source)
  • RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav had said that he would change his name if Modi became the Prime Minister
  • Amitav Ghosh had earlier declared that if Modi becomes PM of India, he will leave the country
  • Shahrukh Khan, The King Khan had also said something like this(can’t assure just trying to search that tweet.)

Soon i will also inform you whether they kept their words or not.

(Data collected from various social sources)


Meanwhile Bihar CM resign on the very next day of Modi Victory. Read Here


नरेंद्र मोदी जी को समर्पित मेरी कवितायें.

आज शंखनाद हुआ है.

२०१४ गुलज़ार होने वाला है तुझसे..

वो शुप्त नहीं है..

चुनाव नहीं मतदान करें

चुनाव नहीं मतदान करें

Narendra Modi Created History

Governments come and go but this time election was fought on a different level. This election was more than a war between Indians and Pseudo Secular groups who are good for nothing. Now it will decide India’s fate as acting is going to be tough now and i believe that repect of our culture will grow and opportunity for my brothers and sisters will increase.

This general election was a fight between self respected man like Modi and between sycophants who were ready to do everything to get a vote. It was a fight that we enough to end this dynasty politics or still we look towards nehruvians, just because they have last name of gandhi? India, this time has voted not to find just another man to run this nation, it was an election to find a brain who has a view for India United,  have courage to fight with those who are Indians not only on voters but with heart, who has dream to make India Developed, who have self knowledge to serve the spirituality, secularism and equality.

Here is the Voting Results.

BJP+                336+ expected out of 543.

Modi Created History. How?

When media were saying about Modi wave few of us have objection but now it has been cleared that it was not a wave it was Tsunami.

Complete Sweep in Gujrat, Won All seats in Rajsthan, Tsunami has been observed after years in UP, BIhar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh has supported more than expected. Modi and His followers are proud… very happy today and now looking forward for better India, United India.


This time India has voted for betterment of India and for only Indian.

Hope Modi will carry our dreams and make us proud.

Krishna bless us.! Have a safe celebration 🙂

My Virtual World : Story of Unseen Amigos

PriyeeeMy Virtual World : Story of Unseen Amigos

My story, Story of Unseen Amigos, is dedicated to Shri Krishna(The Supreme), My “Best of Four” and to all those social site users who trust their unseen amigos (online friends) and maintains a healthy relation. It is also dedicated to all those online friends, chatters and people who experienced love online or found someone called ‘special’.

This story is all about a guy who fall in love on internet and shared his world with someone whom he never meet. It is an amazing and real story of those believers, dreamers(fools) who find their world in texts, who get committed on phone call and some video hangouts convinced them that they found their love.

You can read this story to know the reality of online friendship, also to know the fact that love and marriage are totally two different thing. I am not going to give you any lecture or Do’s and Don’t but i wanted to share the reality of a joker who met a girl online and his live changed. I would ask you to read this story to know that sometime your trust heals a cheater. Read if you believe in relationships of soul, who feel, who love who suffer and who won. 🙂

Quick Links (Contents)

  1. A New World
  2. Fake, Fun and Flirt
  3. Best of Four : Sweetie, Priyeee, Margare and Churail
  4. Conditional Love
  5. On cloud 9
  6. Doubt & Confusion
  7. Priyeee Calling
  8. I have something for you
  9. Love or Another Lie
  10. I need You
  11. If it is smooth, it’s not love
  12. You Still Care of Her
  13. If you love
  14. Jeen, Think of those who cares
  15. I am Sorry
  16. Bleeding Love
  17. Live Love and Laugh

[Coming soon, with full story, hope you would enjoy.]

Till then read  “Another Lie”  to get few pictures of internet love.

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day
Me Wd Mummy, 2003 Pic.

In India we are celebrating Mother’s day on second Sunday of May. Don’t know from where and when this culture begun but yes she deserves a celebration, respect and care for everyday. She is who sacrifices her priorities for her child’s sake. No word can define her perfectly, for me you have everything if you have her love and blessings. For me you are a good soul if you are caring your mother not only on a year’s Sunday but everyday. Happy Mother’s Day to All and Thank you for making this world livable.

Respect and Care.!

(Sharing with you a Hindi poem which I had written when i was in 9th Standard, hope you will enjoy n appreciate.)

धरती पर लाया है तुमने,
दुनिया मुझे दिखाया तुमने
अपनी गोद में रखकर,
खूब घुमाया मुझको तुमने।
मुझ छोटे से बच्चे को,
अपना जहाँ बनाया तुमने।
धरती पर लाया है तुमने,
जीना मुझे सीखाया तुमने।

मेरी हर एक हंसी,
दीखती तेरे चेहरे से।
मेरे आँखों के आँसू,
नीकले तेरे आँखों से।
मुझे कोई पीरा हो तो,
आराम न होता है तुमसे,
मेरी हर एक खुशी,
दीखती तेरे चेहरे से।

मुझसे कोई गलती हो ,
तो खूब डाँटती हो,
मुझे दो थप्पर लगाकर,
खुद रोने लग जाती हो।
मेरी हर शरारत को,
तुम पल मे भूल जाती हो,
मै अगर अच्छा करूं तो,
मुझको गले लगाती हो।

इस धूप सी दुनिया में,
तुम ही एक छाया हो,
इस शक कि दुनिया में,
तुम मेरा विश्वास हो।
और न तुझसा दूजा,
क्यूंकि तुम मेरी माँ हो।

Love You Mummy.!

-सन्नी कुमार
[एक निवेदन- आपको हमारी रचना कैसी लगी कमेंट करके हमें सूचित करें. धन्यवाद।]

Why I Voted?

140507-104218Yesterday, i was puzzled with question on why should i vote? As i have a lot of excuses in negative still i voted. Yes i travelled for 170 KMs, killed my business day just to caste my vote. It is not easy to travel on a  polling day and that is why my parents suggested that if i could not make it then no issue, it is not a mandatory task to caste.

Yes,I was not happy with the election commission and reason already told you in my last post, i was not even happy with the candidate, then why i had voted? When from last 30 Years we have not got anything new, not a single good project then why had voter? Why i reached at polling booth before an hour? Why did i participated in all those boring things like mock polls, sealings, counting, checking and then poll.

You Know I Voted Today

for my pride, for good governance, for corruption free India, for dynasty free politics, for equality of religions, for united india, for better and developed India.

It was my right as well as duty to make this democracy stronger.

When my fellow brothers were organized to stop this communal, corrupt ruling congress, it was my moral responsibility to support them.

It was my duty to keep my ancestors proud who has given us the oldest democracy and made us proud. Yes we are part of Vaishali, Licchavi Ganrajya.

When I was keep appealing to others to caste their votes then how can i miss the opportunity.

It was a nations pride and this General Election was fought on the name of Good Governance Versus Corruption, It was a war between pseudo seculars and Nationalist and yes for me it was like a dharmyuddh so i participated in this general election.

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