My Virtual World ” Story of unseen Amigos”

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Before i start ours story, Story of Unseen Amigos, my best of four, i would like to tell you a fact that i am not a professional writer, I have just started sharing my feelings through these stories so i can recall my past, to let my friends know what i feel for them and what they mean to me. You know I am a hindi speaker who followed a girl, loved her and she was not knowing Hindi and influenced me to speak and write in English. If you found any grammatical mistakes(Chances are huge) Please forgive me, i would be thankful if you suggest any edits. And please let me know if you like ours story, Story of unseen Amigos.

Here i am sharing this post to let my friends know what i feel for them, let the world know that how healthy/worst or normally timepass you can have over internet. I am a average writer and love to write Hindi Poems but just to reach you all i have decided to write my story in English and i would like to assure you my worthy readers that every word of this story will be real from the place i have observed, only names has been changed for privacy reasons.

Yes, this story is another story about online friendship and here i am not going to give any opinion on whether Online friendship has a real life gateway or not. Should we trust unknown chatters or not. All i wanted to share is my story, The Amazing people i met, survival of my love, breakup and among my best of four who lasted long and why others left? You should read if you have ever trusted someone whom you never met, you should read to know how you started behaving when you fall in love for first time, you should read to know and that in life what we need most.

This story is about my unseen amigos (friends), My best of four, story of four beautiful girls from four different places, different languages, how did we met, what we shared and how long we stayed in connection. This is a story of two years of good friendship with those whom you never met in reality. Yes lived/wasted my 2 years in chatbox and cared for my unseen loves. You might already read my Another Lie series and Poems for my love/lust. Hope you will believe in me again and will read this story from heart, don’t try to get the meanings from words because this joker has already apologised for his bad english, so start from heart and feel it for me.

Happy Reading….


A New World

It was another September’s night, I was in my office and had finished my works and were feeling bored, so started searching google to find something entertaining and after finally my search endup with an online portal. It was not just a website/portal but a cool place with all entertaining stuffs such as movies, games, news, jokes, astrology and a public chat room. I used that site to read some news, initially i tried to download some online play but i failed and in meanwhile while downloading i had glued to news section  and then clicked on the chat link (THE BIGGEST MISTAKE). It was a public chat room and the best or worst thing about this chat room was that it doesn’t require any sign up/sign in and even you can chat with any name. As this site was not asking any personal information, not identifying users so it might possible that the person whom you are chatting with may be a fake, at that point of time this all seems just a fun for me and I entered in the chat room with my real name and greeted them by saying “Hello Guyzzz” in return some of them has replied with Hi, Hello, How are you and some of them ignored. I didn’t care those who had ignored and started my communication with those chatter who had replied me.

Those who replied me were Sana Wafa, Holded a beautiful and very innocent picture of Emma Watson, picture was attractive enough to grab anyone’s attention and it was of the same girl whom this fool likes most from Hollywood. Saji with Asin’s picture in her profile, Sonia Khan with an artistic girl’s picture, and Abed hold a racing bike picture as his profile picture. They are the three chatters who had chatted with me on my very first day(Night). They all are chatting with each other and I came to know that they are old chatters there, and they all are online friends. They all were chatting in very decent way and I had started sharing stuffs with them but sooner some of chatter who were abusing others started calling me Sunny Leone and I started fighting with them but then I realized that it’s useless to fight with those whom I don’t know and also this is a chat room not a war room, so it’s better to ignore or to leave and I have opted second option and left that room.

After leaving chat room I visited my photobucket’s site and viewed old pictures of my family and friends then watched some videos, also read some political articles in next few hours and got to know of some more scandals, abused those politicians who were ruling this country but failed to stop these scandals. I was not at all Happy with current ruling party and like million others believing that our leader is on remote controlled and can not take any tough decision in Nation’s Interest. Like others i was also waiting to see changes and so those days i was writing articles, communicating people and advocating for opposition Leader and the BJP Leadership. Oh I’m sorry i am not here to discuss politics. After reading news, videos, Don’t know why but again I entered on that site, Yes that Public Chat Room where some time back people were calling me by the name of a porn star, where decent guys may get tortured by idiot’s stupidity, I visited that stupid(but It was entertaining) chat room again.

This time I have changed my name and used “Veer” for first time, agreed that It became my name now and virtually some of my friends are calling me by this name only.

Veer started chatting with them and soon found some of them as my friend and I started calling them as bro, dude and dost. That night I had chatted with many of people but got two friends, Ra1 (Arman Ameen) living in Saudi, basically from Hyderabad, India. He seem closed to Abed and Sana, was decent to all And Sporty, sorry I forget his real name, he was from Bengal.

My profile showing my name as Veer and sporty(His Real Name I couldnot remember) started calling himself as Jai. That night we discussed Basanti, Gabbar and chat room 😉 We the 3 Idiots were agreed on a point that in this chat room, to lie is simple and the girls are suspicious the way they interact. Yes we also doubted on some girl and were convinced that some of them may be fake/boys. Well we were also agreed that this chat room is a fun and we enjoyed a lot.

It’s been morning and mine shift was over so I informed them that it’s time to say bye. We all greeted each other and left the Room.

On the next evening when I was heading to office, I just opened that chat room on my mobile and what I found was quite interesting, chatters were not only making fun but some of them were sharing love there. Yes LOVE, love in a public chat room? Their conversation has a huge material of emotion, care and they were older chatter. It sound funny that you’re sharing your emotion in public but may be they were doing this so they couldn’t do it at other places, most of them were from different countries/states and as it was public chat they can easily interact without any harm, without revealing identity. There you can easily change your name, profile picture or even you can take others name and can create trouble for others 🙂 It was really an absurd chatroom but people were using it.

After observing for minutes, I entered into chatroom and greeted them all, at that time all chatters were new for me but they knew each others. I got replies from most of them but I replied to the girl whose profile was showing her name as “s” and had held picture of Samira Reddy. She was talking to her friend and her friends were calling her Sneha. One of S’s friend asked to her what is she doing and her reply was she is feeding shark and she also added that she loves her fishes and feeding them. I interrupted her and asked where this shark is living, as what all I knew about shark is that it’s the most dangerous fish and it’s huge in size. That time what I thought actually was she is lying. She didn’t replied or might be ignored then again I asked that is this shark lives in Harish Rawat’s House (H.R is a famous and rich politician from her community)? She didn’t get me and asked who is this Harish Rawat? I introduced Harish Rawat to her and also why I taken his name. She seemed confused and then she started explaining that she is not lying and she has a little shark in her aquarium.

This small interaction with Sneha was cool and I was enjoying this room more but I have to say bye as my real life, my office work was waiting for me. I said her that we will chat later and also said to take care of shark, she took me seriously and said that no need to say as she loves them. I said it’s good and requested her to add more love and give my love to them. She just said Ok.

I don’t want to leave the chat-room but I have to as my real world is getting late and then Half heartedly, Veer left the room and Sunny came into Action where he had to prepare food for himself, had to get ready for office and unlike other days today he was going to get late for office.

As I was getting late, I left the idea of cooking and got ready and went out for dinner and somehow managed to get office on time.

Don’t know exactly but that night I was in a hurry, I finished my office work and said to my colleague Dev, about this chat room and he warned me to stay away from these chat rooms. I convinced him that it’s better to make fun than to sit idle and I also teased him that it’s far better than watching movies. He said it’s your wish but be careful and don’t spend much time or you may be addicted of this chat room. Later he narrated a story of his friends who was addicted of these chatting sites and ruined his career. I thanked him for his care and assured him that this all is just a fun for me.

Once Dev stopped giving his good advices(Warnings) and he got busy with all his movie stuffs, I entered into My virtual world…

Read My Next Post “Fake, Fun and Flirt” to know more about what happened to me and my best friend of four.

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