My Virtual World : Story of Unseen Amigos

PriyeeeMy Virtual World : Story of Unseen Amigos

My story, Story of Unseen Amigos, is dedicated to Shri Krishna(The Supreme), My “Best of Four” and to all those social site users who trust their unseen amigos (online friends) and maintains a healthy relation. It is also dedicated to all those online friends, chatters and people who experienced love online or found someone called ‘special’.

This story is all about a guy who fall in love on internet and shared his world with someone whom he never meet. It is an amazing and real story of those believers, dreamers(fools) who find their world in texts, who get committed on phone call and some video hangouts convinced them that they found their love.

You can read this story to know the reality of online friendship, also to know the fact that love and marriage are totally two different thing. I am not going to give you any lecture or Do’s and Don’t but i wanted to share the reality of a joker who met a girl online and his live changed. I would ask you to read this story to know that sometime your trust heals a cheater. Read if you believe in relationships of soul, who feel, who love who suffer and who won. 🙂

Quick Links (Contents)

  1. A New World
  2. Fake, Fun and Flirt
  3. Best of Four : Sweetie, Priyeee, Margare and Churail
  4. Conditional Love
  5. On cloud 9
  6. Doubt & Confusion
  7. Priyeee Calling
  8. I have something for you
  9. Love or Another Lie
  10. I need You
  11. If it is smooth, it’s not love
  12. You Still Care of Her
  13. If you love
  14. Jeen, Think of those who cares
  15. I am Sorry
  16. Bleeding Love
  17. Live Love and Laugh

[Coming soon, with full story, hope you would enjoy.]

Till then read  “Another Lie”  to get few pictures of internet love.

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