Inauguration of NIIT NGURU Collaboration

We are living in a tech world where no matter who you are you must be tech ready as technology is a big advantage in every aspects of life. Keeping all this in mind G. D. GOENKA Gaya has collaborated with IT giant NIIT for its exclusive products such as Maths Lab, Science Lab, Language Lab, ERP solutions and created a milestone. Our school is one and only campus in entire Bihar who is having such facilities.

Inauguration program was held on 15th January 2017 in the august presence of honorable chairman ShriRavindra Singh Rathore and principal Dipti Joshna. On this day resource person from NIIT NGuru were present who have explained about the different solutions provided by NIIT. They have taken three different sessions on Maths Lab, Language Lab and Computer Lab and informed parents that how these labs will improve the understanding of a student. NIIT has also informed about the different ERP solutions that can help parents to monitor child’s progress. As per Mr. Ujjawal, marketing manager from NIIT ERPs solution will reduce the work not of teacher, parents, but also the admins and all resources can be easily managed.

On this great day, the known educationalist and chairman of GD Goenka, Shri Rabindra Singh Rathore has once again shared his dream with the parents and teachers and said that he is not going to compromise on education and he is having only dream to make GDGPS, Gaya number one in all aspects. Principal, Mrs, Dipti Joshna Ma’am has also shared tech tips with parents and said that ERPs and NGURU solutions are going to benefit students performance as well as it will be later function as a one stop solution to parents. She said that she assured the parents that expertise of Goenka and NIIT together can make anything possible and for sure it will improve the performance of learners.


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