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Sunny Kumar
Sunny Kumar

Namaste Atman!!
My name is Sunny Kumar. I am a 26 years old son, lover, dreamer, friend and an EduTech consultant, living in the capital city, New Delhi with some of my best friends and my dream. I’m a person with poetic heart and political mind and enthusiasm for politics and literature is almost same. In fact I am curious and interested in everything but i found myself pleased in writing and debate. I write about my views, for my love and also for a political change in favor of nationalists. I am extremist when it comes to my identity. I am proud on everything i am and i am associated with. I am against pseudo secularism, paid/forcible conversion and the half truths.

I am a complicated person, bit tempered and completely Emotional. I am confused with the wonders and i am searching for an absolute on which i can rely, which can keep me motivating.

Like many others cricket was my first love and Sachin, my favorite player but with the time my thought changed. I find cricket a waste and Sachin, a selfish. With times many of things has changed and Now i don’t watch cricket but i still love to play cricket and i play with school going kids. I love to spend time with friends specially the kids and i learn innocence and love from them. I do many of things but i love to do most is to make others smile.

I am a social person. Since my college days i had given my time for social events. I had also worked with a non profit organization Shubh Surbhi Kalyan Sansthan, Kharauna as coordinator where i got privilege to organise many of cultural, educational and sports competitions. In 2008 they awarded me as “Yuva Shree Samman(Youth award)”. Apart from Shubh Surabhi i had also got opportunity to contribute in NYK, NYP and NSS during my college days.

I am individualistic rather than leading or following anyone but there are few legends whom i admire most. Swami Vivekananda, Atal Bihari Vajpeyee, Dr. S.N. Subbarao, Narendra Modi are few among my heroes. They are my source of inspiration.

Once my dream was to become a known web developer and to launch a platform where i can support and share my views on technology and it’s trick, eTrick was a project but i lost my interest and got confused and busy with personal things called “Love”.

Well, I am thankful to The God, The Krishna, for blessing me with genuine and great human beings around me in form of family and friends, who have always supported me and make me feel that “Life Iz Amazing”. My Dream has not changed but it’s gone bigger.

Every day i am learning from my life, from people associated with me. And i Believe that world is my lifetime university and people whom i met here can be my lecturer, mentor, mate and also student. I do believe in Krishna and am assure that he has decided something good for me and i am just doing all i am expected to do. Will update once again if something get change.

Objective of this Blog: I made this blog to express my views and here you may find Hindi Poems, Career Tips, Political Gossips, Stories, Religious posts and all a people finds on a blog. In short here you can come to know whats turning Inside Sunny’s Mind.

With Love,
Sunny Kumar


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  1. आपकी कविता पढ कर कुछ अजिब सा अच्छा feeling आता है. Very good.

  2. Wow ! Such a fantastic blogs are here..& i enjoyed a lot while reading your different blogs. I wish one day one day you will achieve your all dreams and thank you..

  3. Thank you for enjoying my It’s More than a Celebration blog. Gosh, my country is 239 years old. We’re blessed in many ways, but our problems can be solved if we’d get certain people out of the way. Anyhow, keep reaching for your dreams. Take care now.

  4. Seems you are a Krishna bhakta – I am too, as you will see on my home page, though I’m not Indian. I was just fortunate to have come to a mahabhagavat guru. Jai Sri Krishna.

    1. I really enjoyed reading your posts.. Delhi has a cool atmosphere for now but last week we were freezing. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking time to comments. I’m glad. Thanks 🙂

  5. It is nice of you to follow Meenas Poems.
    The way, you introduce yourself is sincere and focused.
    Writing gives you an outlet, and a training to keep your thoughts in flow.
    All the best.

    1. You are welcome and must say i enjoyed your blog mostly the pictures. Will keep visiting yours.
      I’m glad that you have read me.
      Thanks Again Stay Blessed.
      Jai Shri Krishna

    1. Hi Nishita,
      Good Morning and thanks for being here. I can help you with all i know but i am very sorry that i have no idea about getting published.
      Keep Writing Stay Blessed and hope you will get the right person who will help you to get published.
      Thanks again for visiting my blog.

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