Be Real Please

I feel a strange anger and same level of frustration whenever i meet him, whenever i heard about him. He is not the same whom i met years back, he who was always happy, passionate and confident for everything is nowadays begging for a normal death! Today again came to know that he cried, abused himself and begged for normal death. It was a working day, he have his office where boss has given him all rights but what is he doing there? Crying for his past, calling same girl about whom he keep complaining that she has raped his dream and still begging to same girl who has not shown any trust and left him easily. I really can’t understand what’s his problem, why is he making life so uneasy, why can’t he rejoice his life, why can’t he realize that worst has passed and its worthless to keep thinking about past. I truly want to help my friend and get him back and here through his story i wanted to know few things. I always ask to myself and the supreme, Krishna Why he cries daily? Just because he failed? Why can’t he accept the reality, There are so many failure story, there are many others who meet breakups, why can’t he understand that Krishna gives us what is better for us? Why can’t he buy my points that it would be tough to live with carrying bad memories? Like others i have also suggested him to Forget and forgive but why he can’t continue with the reality. In this post i am gonna share about Veer, my friend and i hope his story will help us to live a simple life. Story is all about Internet Relationship with a simple request “Be Real Please”.

Sad-Life-Quote-Facebook-Timeline-CoverVeer, hero of my story had a normal life till he met Sneha online(over internet). Sneha, as she told to Veer, was a girl from Delhi, her native place was Ranikhet and she was helping her father and working in his office, has shared all his virtual things and also about his previous relationships with Veer. Veer got affected the way she shared her things. He realized Sneha’s loneliness and said he will care and started entertaining. Initially Veer was keep saying to forget his past and to rejoice the present. Both were happy with their friendship and started to chat daily.

Sneha had informed about her first love, she said that she trusted a guy and chatted with him for four years but later she found that he was all lying and in reality that guy was a married person. Sneha have not forgot him but she has completely forgiven him and so she never allowed Veer to say anything against that guy and was always praying for him. Veer was not a guy with big heart, he tried to convince Sneha that he don’t deserve her blessings. But Sneha said he has married and having children so she can’t say anything, she find her faults in that stupid, fake relationship.

Veer, who became Sneha’s closest friend and was all set to make her smile again. He Started thinking on Sneha, he found her less logical but a loving person who deserves the best love and care. Veer has many other friends but those days all who he care was Sneha. He was knowing the fact that in reality he had not been impressed with anyone and so he is still a single guy with no love tales. He was getting closer to sneha day by day and shared everything about him to Sneha, she too started liking him. No matter how and where Veer was, he always find time to chat with her.

It was his first experience of love but he has not shared his feelings, actually he was worrying to loose her friendship, he doesn’t want to make her cry but sooner on a fine day, better to say on a magical day(As It was 12/12/12 at 12:12) She proposed him, without making a single second delay he accepted, as he was already dieing to listen this. Both were very happy. Those days Veer became lunatic, talking with everyone about Sneha only, he turned to a scribbler, started sending love texts to her and he had forgot the promise he has made to her.

That strange promise, The Condition of love that Veer will never ask for Sneha’s pictures, contact number, address or anything. In the beginnig of their friendship, when Sneha was not ready to share her things, Veer had made this promise that he will never force her for anything like her contact number, address or pictures. He was agreed with all her request but with every passing day he started trying to get some facts about her, he started to get her more close. For Veer, she was her dream but now he started to bring that dream into reality.

Though Sneha has not shared her contact number or address but she had called him few times from PCO and shared her one picture. Now its been more than 6 months of their friendship, almost 3 months has passed when they expressed their love, Veer was keep on trying  and getting failed, his mind asks why she is not sharing her facts. On the other side Sneha was keep on telling Veer that she wanted to meet but she has one condition that once they will met she wont go back, Veer was not buying his point and also not happy with her daily story where she was saying that she is getting marriage proposals.

Veer has made few more friends online and one of them were Priya, a south Indian girl who was always raising questions against Sneha, Veer was ignoring his points but he was happy and thankful for her friendly care. Priya has shared many of stories with Veer, and Veer was happy to know that Priya’s parents had a successful love marriage, she was a girl with reality who shared her pics, number address everything without asking. Now Veer was knowing that Priya has soft corner for him but he don’t want to cheat Sneha, It was against his morals, his soul was not allowing her to leave Sneha, who had been cheated before but Veer was not understanding why she is not sharing reality.

Its been more than four month now, since Veer and Sneha has expressed their love for each other and still Veer was not knowing anything which called reality about Sneha on the other side Sneha was saying that her parents are making pressure on her for marriage. Veer got confused he wanted to share his things with Sneha but he couldn’t. He was frustrated with the Sneha, who says if her parents came to know they might kill Veer. Veer, his mind can’t understand why she loved him if she was knowing that they can’t share reality or their life will face danger. Veer has hinted everyone who he cares that he is love but the same love is not coming out to meet reality.

Now time started changing for Veer. Love and its fairy tales were tough, his mind was restless, can’t sleep always waiting for Sneha’s text but she was not coming regularly and whenever she came they both ended with fights. It was the time when Priya was getting closer to Veer, a friend whom Veer ingnored most of the times turned a saviour and always sharing good stories, good quotes and ask to live and also that he deserves better but Veer was just praying for a normal life.Whenever Veer was left by Sneha in a pressure cooker, Priya was coming for rescue and he was thankful to Krishna and Priya both, for their time.

One evening Veer asked Sneha to meet and she said she will meet and asked to reach at a defined place within 15 minutes, Veer was knowing he couldn’t make it as he was in office and it will take minimum 90 minutes to reach still he agreed, then Sneha revealed that she is with her brother and he might Beat Veer, Veer found it nothing but an excuse and said it’s ok i will come. Their conversation ended there and no one tried to meet and no one was waiting, It was all just text.?

After few days Veer was going out of station to examination, he informed the same to Sneha. Sneha made him delighted by saying that she is gonna join. Veer welcomed, he has doubts but acted hopeful near her but then nothing has happened in real. He can’t bear more stories, cant live in dreams anymore and he decided set to kill his heart and live with mind so he stopped writing Sneha, he had also stopped writing Priya because whenever they were chatting he was only talking about Sneha and now when there is no Seha what to talk.

Priya was also not calling or writing him like before as she got a new job and was very happy with it but one night at around 1 AM she called Veer and asked how is he. Veer had hidden that he was broken and said he is just ok. She make complaint that why he has stopped writing and also teased on Sneha and then Veer said he has nothing for Sneha. That was the time where he had made mistake again. Priya and Veer on the very next day of that conversation expressed that they both love each-other and their relationship has survived for more than a year. Veer had Priya’s address and so he sent her a birthday present, he had her number and so he was making recharge and keep talking for hours but later things has changed again. Priya achieved his dream job, made her parents proud and went with her parents decision and married to a guy who was loving her.

Now once again Veer has left alone, he can’t share his reality, he was not ready to accept the fact and always do all useless things which he did today. He says he don’t want to test this life anymore and he is making his life tougher with every passing day. Priya has blocked him online and offline and begged to him for his family status, said she has some obligations, some responsibilities and also that she would be happy if Veer forgives him and stopped calling her. Veer asked for her friendship and she said she will resume once Veer got married.

Veer, He who loved twice but met the similar end has nothing to know except the question why they loved, what was his guilt and why he cries daily. He don’t want to disturb Sneha and Priya but how can he control his emotion. I realize a fact that he has nothing important to do than to remember them and so he is crying daily and creating problems to himself and all those care for him…

I have nothing to quote, I am keep trying to get my friend back. Please pray for all, pray for values. I couldn’t understand people believes on Krishna, Jesus, Sai Baba but not to them whom they call their friend or love. Don’t Cheat and Be Real Please. You Never Know When Krishna Will Change Your Role. So Be Blessed and Help The Weak.  Jai Shri Krishna.

[Ignore for poor English grammar and appreciate my courage that with a poor English i dared to write this post. ]


Fake, Fun and Flirt

You Are Reading second page of Story of unseen Amigos. If have not read the first one please click here.
On My second night in the PC(Public Chat Room), I was expecting, my online friends (Ra1 and Sporty) would be waiting for me but it was not true. They were not available there and so I didn’t joined chat but i was watching the room and reading the conversations of others, where I found Sana and Abed are close and they are sharing love, Sazi and Tamiz were also dedicatedly chatting with each other but as they were talking in Tamil, I was not getting them. Chat Room was looking interesting today and i realized that not only funs, jokes and general talks but few people are sharing emotions as well. Abed, who was from Hyderabad is loving Sana, a pakistani gal. Tamiz was a tamilian and Saji was from Sri Lanka and i can’t say they were in love or not but they were in a deep conversation and i couldn’t get a single word of what they are communicating. But I can say these two couples has given this chatroom a new look.Yesterday at the same place Jai(Sporty) and Me were discussing Gabbar, Basanti and this chat room in a funny way, today the same chatroom was showing that it has love birds too.
After waiting for my friends for few minutes, when they didn’t came i left chatroom and got busy with my work and then music, loud music thanks to grooveshark, our saviour from boring night shifts. Dev, my colleague with habit of daily one movie has found this website and we have collected all our songs and categorize them. Nothing has happened special that night night..
On 3rd day, In evening i entered in chatroom and there…………..(Will update soon)
Do reply if u liked the plot.

Internet Version of Two States

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Hai Friends, Before i go further and share the love, the cruelty of destiny and make you believe that some time no matter how much you are in love, love is not enough, I would like to thank my friends from bottom of my heart, Today if i am alive and writing this story, you people are the reasons who have supported and convinced that there is still much to do and experience. Yes, once again i wanted to say that My Life iz Amazing because i have people like you. I am thankful to my family, friends and most importantly Mummy, $heen(Churail), Pooja Mam, Nikky Mam, Prashant Sir, Om babu and The Krishna’s spirit for supporting me in my hard times. I am really blessed to have you all who have helped me and given your valuable time, suggestions and support in the great hour of need. All of you already know some part of my story and the fact that this fool is just trying to recover from being dumped by a lady whom he adore most. You people never asked but now I wanted to share what exactly had happened and why and how this Joker changed. Here through these posts I am going to share my story, Another Internet Love Story. Hope you will understand us better and will help after reading this Internet Version of Two States.

Internet Version of Two States is a true and heartbreaking/happy ending story where He is from Bihar and She is From Andhra, where He believes Krishna and she is a great fond of Jesus, He is a Hindi speaker and She, A Telugu gal, Where He is a vegetarian she loves to eat prawns and omelette, Where He is still trying to set his own platform she is far ahead and got a good government job. Yes There was no similarity between these two hearts except they were much in love(still it was not enough).

This eLove was started on a public chatting platform where “She” was an older chatter and used to chat with her Telugu friends when He got into that chatroom, He got attracted by Her profile picture. She kept a beautiful baby picture. He initiated the conversation with her and then they started talking few words daily. He has given her a special name “Priyeee”. Initially she objected and couldn’t understand why he is not calling by her name but later by knowing the meaning she din’t objected and started replying. In earlier days He & She were talking on politics, career and then they started talking about their everyday life and after a few months they got involved much and started interacting every day. She was very caring towards him and was giving more hints to understand her love for him. On one fine night, He sensed her emotion and proposed her on phone call and then things were never normal. They started talking for 5 to 6 hours daily, love messages, greetings, fantasy everything was there. They both loved blindly each other and this dream was very close to their reality. It was a fun and both were curious too but The guy, He was not sounding serious and was believing that world is going to favor and surely they will meet soon. But things never happened the way you want, they were not exception, and their Destiny ended their dreams and Trust converted into tears.

This story will be all about Internet Friendship, Relationship, Dream and Reality. You can read my story if you are looking for a True Internet Love Story or you wanted to read about a joker who was not ready to accept the truth and the rules. If these two reasons are not enough to read me please don’t waste your time and stop reading.. Thank you!

Oh you have continued to read, Great. Hope you will enjoy with us.

Now, when I am going to share my part of story, to help myself and also to let you know that Shakespeare was right when he said that True Love can’t go smooth, I was not aware of this fact or else to get her I won’t love her truly 😉 No, No I am not trying to claim that ours was a true love story. Even I don’t know it was love or something else but yes It had happened and i enjoyed every moment no matter I was happy or crying, the feelings were superb, world seems wonderful when we were together. Now when you are going to read and I am writing, surely i will write the truth and believe that you too will fall in love with her. Yes, She, My Magical Bujji, My Priyeee is love and her love was the best gift I received from anyone after my birth.

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Happy Reading, Stay Blessed and Keep in Touch.
Thanks Again

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