Nitish Kumar’s DNA

These days Nitish Kumar’s funded campaign is asking people to sign a petition on “” so our honourable PM could took his words back. As you friends know that Mr. Modi in his speech in Muzaffarpur had said that there is something wrong with Nitish Kumar’s political DNA. He said that two years back Nitish kumar had organised bhoj(Grand Dinner) but that instead of serving facilities he insulted BJP politicians and it is not good, not a political culture and doubted on Nitish’ political DNA.
Now this BJP’s Bhoj issue has turned into Nitish Kumar’s DNA question and Mr. Kumar these days wasting his energy to fool Bihari and trying to frame this remark as an insult to Bihar…
Well Mr. Kumar must listen that speech again it was about his DNA and he should also know that we all have different DNAs so don’t drag our image in your issues, show some guts and fight on yours… You are a CM of poor state, people voted you to make changes and remember that the people had voted you and BJP’s ally to curb lalu’s Gundaraaj. You forget your words, compromises with your state and people of Bihar will show you the light.
And  yes people really talk about your DNA these days that why you are so helpless who first forced us an incapable CM like manjhi and then you and lalu became friends.
Please uplift the level of politics in Bihar, people is not interested to know why you have not served BJP and why this DNA remark became so important. Please dont put yourself before Biharis and do your work.
Jai Bihar

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