Another Lie

Jai Shri Krishna Dost, Hope you are enjoying monsoon season and making your life memorable. Here once again I do welcome of you guyz who spend your valueable time with this joker. I am thankful to you people who read me and forgive for my unprofessional writing. Dost, I expect you to visit my virtual place more often and guide me with your suggestions. Here once i again i bring the news from Doubt and Confusion’s life and once again you are going to read my Another Lie. This might be my last last post on Confusion and Doubt’s Love fight and if you have not met lovers of my story yet, I request you to please start reading from beginning and experience all the love fights between two love birds and find out what happens if you love in chat rooms, when you believe someone blindly, without any conditions and how poor lovers ended?

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People ChangeIn last post you had already read, how Confusion approached Doubt’s best friend Laxmi to know the truth. You had also read that Doubt had not shared anything about Confusion near Laxmi or any of her friends and When Confusion approached Laxmi she has unable to recognize Confusion. Later Laxmi explained that Doubt has never spoke anything about. Infact she told that Doubt is loving her Brother Siddharth. Laxmi, who was not aware of their long distance relationship has suggested Confusion that he might have some misunderstanding and he might considering Doubt’s friendly care as love, she was damn sure that Doubt loves Siddharth. She was not ready to believe what confusion was saying to her. Well confusion has not elaborate much near her and in middle of their conversation, Doubt has called Confusion(As Laxmi informed Doubt about Confusion’s Approach) and requested to stop asking to Laxmi and said no one knows about them and then she promised to Confusion that she will disclose everything soon and said she has much to share.

From last few weeks, Doubt was keep saying that she has no love for Confusion and the relation was just fake while Confusion was not ready to believe and he was convinced that she might be lying due to family/society pressure. Last week when Doubt said that her marriage has been finalized, and also praised the guy for his cool nature, since then Confusion started to figure out why is she leaving her, why can’t they get married? In last few weeks Confusion has asked the same question more than ten times “Why can’t we get married?”  Doubt has given every times many of valid reasons like, their parents wont agree, she wanted to marry with a guy having government job, she can’t left her job, she can’t settle in Bihar, her mother wants a Jesus Believer and many more reasons but these were just reasons and Confusion was not ready to accept any of these reasons. He was confident on his love and he was fool enough to believe love is enough. These days he cries daily and hating himself for losing her, but he still expecting some magic. In these many of days many of times confusion tried to convince her with her ideological logics, but her words have no more impact on the girl who was once worried whether confusion parents will accept a minority girl. A girl who was saying that she will put acid if he married someone else is happily going to marry some one else. It was hard to digest, completely unbelievable that he is going to lose her love as he don’t have government job?  Confusion ask Doubt that if a job is issue ask your parents that seeking a job is better than creating, but Doubt is more realistic and practical than joker and so she never bought his points.


Today morning when Confusion approached Laxmi, Laxmi informed the same to Doubt  and then Doubt called Confusion and requested not to ask anything to laxmi or anyone else as people are not not aware about their relation. Doubt promised to share all fact by today noon.

In afternoon Doubt text-ed to Confusion a message which was reading “Given chance to Amaan”. After reading her text he got a sock, she was no more lying, she is leaving Confusion. Nothing can be tougher than this to handle a cheat. You know, Amaan is not the guy Laxmi talked about but he is the guy whom Confusion knows before and had a good conversation before but neither Amaan nor Doubt has revealed this before. After listening Amaan’s name, confusion was confirmed that Doubt was not lying anymore because he suits to her dream and Amaan was keep on trying for long. He is the same guy who had shared his feelings for Doubt near Confusion 2 years before and that time confusion was doubt’s best friend. Doubt had prayed for Amaan and now we can say Krishna  has accepted Confusion’s pray on the cost of his love.

Though Doubt has expressed love and care for Confusion but finally what she is saying is a naked truth. Doubt has shown her happiness near Confusion and texted many of texts praising Amaan. She was very happy that she is marrying to someone who loves her, having a standard job. She written Confusion that it is better to marry a lover who you met in real and not just in text box, not only on calls. She asked Confusion to Forget Her, Forgive Her, she asked confusion to forget all this as they never met in reality, and called this distance relationship a nightmare.

Confusion was helpless again but now no more hope left, he was dying inside, the lover, the poet, the dreamer, the chatter, the joker all had wiped out with his tears. His balanced mind was happy for Amaan, at least he was meeting her love but he was keep asking to himself that if it was a fake relationship, if it was a nightmare why she took so much time to find it, realize it. What was his fault? He knows Amaan is a good guy, well settled, working in a government bank and have earned good respect in society and far better than Confusion(joker) in all kind of comparisons available but he was available before, why not she accepted his love before, why she tested Confusion, why she played with Joker? Amaan had expressed his love last year, even Confusion has talked to Doubt and asked for her feelings but last year Doubt said she is is loving Confusion and so Amanan left silently(?).  (Click here to know what happened last year)

After realizing that Doubt is not lying from past few months, Joker(Confusion) burst into tears, he cried on his reality and yet again he started screaming why destiny always wins his life? so many dreams he had for Doubt, all has been vanished with a truth, he wanted to scream and shout on her, he wanted to abuse her, wanted to call her cheater, selfish and a shudra but how can he? His heart still believes that it all happened due to his faults and so he kept silent.

Confusion asked Doubt that how she met Amaan again and then she disclosed the bigger truth which she never said to Confusion, she told, Amaan is her childhood friend and he loves her for 8 years, she too loves him but for last two years they were not in contact due to some confusion and doubts. She also expressed her happiness and said that she is lucky that she got him back.

Doubt’s every word was killing him but joker has no other choice to listen her, to understand her also to know that why is he crying if next time he cry.

After knowing their truth I can quote that Not only a girl can be raped, some time dreams also get raped.

Doubt wanted to know why she did this? Sometime he thought to kill himself but couldn’t. He remembered the day when Doubt and Confusion were just good friends and she used to say she don’t like to be in love, she wanted to get a job first, she wanted to make parents proud first but sooner she expressed her love for confusion. She is the same lady who had told him more than hundred of times that he is her first love and she can’t let him go, has shown care for family, started behaving like a caring wife, sharing lover over phone calls, texts messages, suddenly what happened to her?

After knowing about the lucky guy Amaan, Doubt’s past, Confusion wanted to know the truth that why they people fought and what was the situations which make them to resume their relation, how destiny played that they get reunited? Why she lied to confusion on first love?

Confusion asked his every question and Doubt has already ready with answers and given all his answers except few and I am Sorry, I can’t disclosed those and my reasons are personal. But trust me they both were good people but it was Joker’s Life who got defeated, whose dreams get shattered and destiny overruled his dreams. Doubt has made her parents proud, she choose her first and real love, she opted reality rather a dream, she went for better. Yes, I will fall in love with Doubt again the day I became a good professional, sincere business man with less useless emotions.

After Getting all answers from Doubt, Confusion has left with no choices, he has loved her and so he just kept silent and texted her  a message reading “The girl I have loved has been raped and killed by you both and Krishna will do justice” Later he also reached to Amaan and wished him half heartedly and asked to take care of hers and also to stop drinking.

Confusion who loved Doubt for more than a year, will suffer alone and Doubt is also going to miss his foolness for whole life.

[At last- Though my story “Another Lie” has been ended but there are many other lies, more Confusion and Doubts are Hanging Out online, taking it as a reality, There must be some Doubt and Confusion who are facing same, I pray to Krishna that they met a better end and love at rest. I pray to Krishna to bless people with loving thoughts and real values. I suggests my friends to be careful with online things, online friendship, online love. I am not denying you will get cheated always but yes most of the time you are not going to get what you deserves.

One more news to my readers, I am drafting Confusion and Doubt’s Story With a New Title, Internet Version of Two States, Read and Let Me Know Your Feedback]

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