How to copy the password from Google Chrome

Hello Everyone,
Today one of my students asked me a simple question that how can he get the password from Google Chrome. His situation was like he used to login on his Salesforce account from his PC and he made the password to be remembered by the browser. Now when he forgets the password he is not able to login it from other devices?
So if you also face such cases then you don’t need to worry and can export your password from the browser. Here is How…
1st Step:- Click the Chrome menu in the toolbar and choose Settings.
2nd Step:- Type Password in search settings
3rd Step:- Either you make the password visible for the desired account or you export all the passwords, the choice is yours.
Below are the images for your reference. Thank You
How to copy the password from Google ChromeHow to copy the password from Google Chrome2How to copy the password from Google Chrome3

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