Another Lie

Hello Krishna believers, Hope you all doing good and enjoying your life. Once again i am back with my lies, my story, Oh sorry! story of confusion and doubt. There are so much to say in this post and probably this is my last page on confusion and doubt, heroes of my story. If you have not read earlier posts, please do read to know Doubt and Confusion. Hope you are enjoying my lies, if you don’t please drop your feedback so i will stop wasting readers time. 🙂 Lonely Life is Amazing Click here to Read  Previous Lies. Another Lie_1 Another Lie_2 Another Lie_3 Another_Lie_4 Another_Lie_5

Another Lie: Or Is it my Last Lie?

As you read in earlier posts that Doubt got three appointment letter from different different leading government banks and now she has joined a rural bank as she wanted to prepare for higher level jobs. She was very happy and informed Confusion that she is enjoying her life. She was very busy from last few months for various reasons and now her interaction with Doubt was just a formality. On the otherside, Confusion was struggling with mixed emotions, he wanted to smile on her success and also have many reasons to cry for her ignorance, he stopped behaving normal, he started hiding himself from others and was trying to get her back. He was not giving his 100% to his new business, even he was not feeling to work. He was neither enjoying his life nor he was allowing others.

Confusion’s last letter to Doubt was an outcome of his deep frustration, he was just paying for his day dream. Doubt, who use to access his social site had urged him to change password, he did. Now Doubt was not replying to his text and not talking anymore. Confusion has no idea how is she, what are the situations there, when he asked to her she replied that she is fine and also asked about her past, confusion’s first love, he said he is fine, may be Doubt was not fine with her answer and she asked confusion to enjoy with his people and requested not to disturb.

On the same day when confusion logged into his social site he found that Doubt and her first love/lie both has blocked him, he got disturbed again that what he did new now, why they blocked. As Doubt has blocked him, he accessed his brother’s profile and texted her again. She replied and said that she has no more love for him. Confusion asked where is that girl who use to be mine, who says i am better, who was always available. Doubt didn’t answer and said from last two months she is not feeling love. Confusion was not able to bare that situation, like a baby he cried, he accepted his failures and tears were proofs. On that moment he wanted to abuse her, but how can he when he knows that all is his fault, when he knows that she is one who carried him out from daydreaming and given him the real view. She is the lady who he believed most and thanked god for allowing him to meet her, he was not able to show her frustration near her, he created problem for himself. He controlled her anger and said nothing bad to her but he asked why? Confusion asked why are you not feeling love, what is the reason behind? He asked you are not feeling anymore because we are from different state, or because of religion or government job??

She said reason is government job, she reminded him that from last few months she is saying Confusion to do preparation for government job but he is not serious. Doubt has said many of times in these months that their parents wont accept if he wont have a government job. Now after getting her clear answer he wanted to ask that why not you hurt me on the same day when we expressed our love, why after so many months but he did not because he was convinced that it is not fault of her it is Krishna’s mercy. He wanted to say more but Doubt has blocked that profile too and later texted on Confusion’s mobile that she has no options for now. She wished him for future and texted good bye.

Confusion who became heartily dead replied that he will never come back to her and asked her to not call/text back again. He is still convinced that she is good no matter she is ambitious.   ————————————————————————————————————————-

My Take- And now when their fights has been ended, love is not alone in the air, Doubt is enjoying her new life, a fresh, a boundless life, a life with new responsibility, with feeling of an achiever. Today i checked her social site and found she was happy and she also shared pic of her new bike.

On the other side Confusion is sharing his story with family and friends and got a good care and trying to change the things soon. He is lucky that she has a huge support and he is not paying anything  for it. May Krishna Both Them and Bless us all with more love and pious thoughts. Thanks for reading.  Keep Loving and Believing.!


Another Lie

I Am Sorry Bujji
I Am Sorry Bujji

Hi Reader hope you are doing good and enjoying your life. I have come with another lie where liar of my story, Confusion is struggling. If you don’t know about “Confusion and Doubt” please read these posts.

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Confusion, the ruthless guy who has written his first letter to Doubt, The Super Girl whom he loves most, was a break up letter letter which hurt both but anyhow their lies survived and they remain in touch and shared emotions.

After that break up letter they both came closer and cared more, but careless confusion never cared of Doubt’s expectation, he always failed to realize her situation. One side confusion was happy with his zero performance Doubt was busy in her preparation for government jobs. She asked confusion not to disturb and so he followed her commands. Now when Doubt return to Confusion with her success story (she got three appointment offers from Govt. Banks), He felt happy but congratulated halfheartedly. Doubt has texted him number of times that eve and Confusion failed to reply as he was driving. When in night she called they talked for a while and again Confusion’s poor fate came in between and he struggled because of mobile’s low battery.

Things were never normal, not attractive, impulsive or demanding like before, talks were formalities and Confusion has accepted that he should stop dreaming.

Confusion, who works with his friends now a days and working to setup a new business have nothing to show, share and tell to anyone, he is dying inside and his mental state was not like before. The person who was known for his jokes and pranks has now blessed with a burning heart and he is convinced that he should live a lonely life.

Yesterday when he was suffering physically and mentally he dialed Doubt for hundred of times and his poor fate that she was busy in her bank formalities. He cried at his fate, not eaten and were acting like a lunatic, he went to that old chat-room (where they met for first time) but  it didn’t worked.

Then he started writing for Doubt and written this…

Dear Bujji,

Please give me your few minutes, it is not going to change anything but my heart wanted to share it with you. It suggested me to share what i felt/lived in last 1 year with you.

I have not noted every day, not remembered how many times you made me feel that my Life iz Amazing but i have remembered how do we met, those funs and hundreds of texts in a day. I am thankful that you had noticed me and shared your life with me, suggested to focus on my carrier and that saved me..

I don’t know how to thank and actually i don’t want to. You did what you should. I would always praise you for your commitments, dedication and “Just get it” Attitude. I admire you the way you love your heroes and fight for them. There was a lot of things to learn from you, but i didn’t.

It was more than amazing the way we met and thankful to Krishna that he send you at the very right time. I don’t want to make you remind of those sleepless nights, i don’t want to make you realize of the fantasies we shared but i wanted to tell you that i will always miss those days.

You know most of time when you hung up the call i felt like god has taken my life away. You have put me in pressure cooker most of the time, i still imagine what if that day i couldn’t see you message where you texted to  reply you back within 10 minutes or else you would not contact me ever. Thanks to Krishna he saved my dream that day, i have suffered and made you too. I am sorry.

When you got BOB Joining Information, i felt happy for you but don’t know why my excitements got down when i had seen a post about it on FB. May be my failure was hesitant or may be you have informed the world before me. I don’t want to figure out on those when i know how pious your soul is and the importance of your happiness mean to me. My poor brain you know had suggested me to stay away and said that you got result as i was not with you.(Don’t forget we had fight at that time and you were ignoring me, reason you know). I was convinced and ready to stop dreaming and i failed again.

I love you for calling my family as yours and caring for us. When i know that there are only barriers between us and the love which we feels is not coming out to world, I found myself helpless , i hated myself that i was not there when you needed me and i was not strong enough to achieve a goal given to me.

I agree with you that i am dominating and wanted to add that whenever i turned to you it was for my mental peace. You made me feel good always no matter how tough i was living.

I respect your values, freedom and choices. I know that we are living in different situations and i have created so many problems for you. If possible forgive me but haan you made me feel that i am love and in love.

You have doubted me on churail and i have cheated you, sorry but we are just friends, she is my sister from my another mother, and she is also a pious soul and had cared for me. I also wanted to say that i have followed swetie’s profile from yours.

I have nothing to give you, nothing to share, the things i cared of became useless and my things are hurting me now.

For me your love was not a medicine it was an additive drug.

Today i came from Muzaffarpur to Patna, not feeling well, and so called you(sorry for it) but you have not picked, you might be busy with your preparation, Once i opened my fb have seen two posts from you both were meaningful and agree that “Not Knowing is better than Knowing and worrying”. A guy like me who cries at small small things can not make your life beautiful, my mind suggested that we had lived enough together and now we should apart, for us.

I will always pray for your success and my selfishness is that in my story there should be at least one successful character. Please make your parents proud.

I can’t wait for my last day to say you this

Though i have loved you and got double in return,

Though we have dreams of future together,

I found you were suffering whenever i was with you,

I know i have created problems and leaving you to face alone,

All i want to say you now is Please FORGIVE AND FORGET.

“Hold me to your willing heart

And let me—help me—weep

That I of need might fall apart

And then at last might sleep.

Let the truth slice into me

That I might finally bleed

And purge myself of agony

I cannot now concede.

For I have bound myself in light

That I might live in joy,

And cannot—will not—let the night

My bonds of love destroy.

And yet I know if I would gain

The peace for which I pray,

I must allow the floods of pain

To wash my love away.”

Krishna bless you Bujji, Love u Always..(Sorry)

In evening when Doubt came from bank she texted Confusion that she was busy in banks, Confusion congratulated her again and ask to forgive and forget him..

[Don’t know what will happen tomorrow but yes keep believing in Krishna, The Supreme.

My Take-  Be Love as it is better than Being in Love.]


Another Lie

Will Meet AgainBreak Up Letter Before Love Letter

Dear Lovers, First of all thank you for reading all my Lies, keeping believe in me and forgiving me for my unprofessional writings.

Today, before i tell you about “Confusion and Doubt”, What they are meeting, would like to ask, Have you ever written a break up letter before love letter..? No? Hmm good but Confusion, Hero of my  lies, he had.. Why and How is the thing would like to share with you. (If you don’t know Confusion and Doubt please click here to read from beginning. Another Lie_1 )

Confusion, a careless guy with worst fate was trying her(Doubt) number since morning onwards, first network didn’t allowed him and when network worked Doubt didn’t picked his call and asked for the reason of call(She texted), Confusion didn’t replied and called again and then Doubt messaged him and asked him not to call again and said she is getting irritated with his meaningless calls.

Doubt, The perfect lady (In Confusion”s believe) has also written that she never had love and this relation was just fake. May be she was angry but confusion felt like nothing, wanted to say a lot but what he did…?

Ruthless guy, who should know the reasons, should try to make things on way but he didn’t. He just written a letter and here it is.

Dear Doubt,
I don’t know what and how to write at the stage when we are going to live like strangers. I don’t want to recall those good days when we were friends, beautiful nights when i had not allowed you to sleep and those evening when i made you cry. Though i had suffered too but this poor guy knows the fact that whatever happens to me, i was responsible. I’m sorry that you have suffered with me in those days and thank you that you made the decision and talked today with the worldly rules.
Don’t loose the qualities in you and remember my name one day if your Jesus n my Krishna want we will meet again.
It was not a fake relationship, it was fake people who were involved, why to blame abstracts.
Thank you.
(do 1 more mercy, if possible leave all those places where you are.)
Sorry and Thank you(Strangers can use.)
Good Bye.
A Liar

Don’t know what will happen tomorrow, Is this an end or a new beginning but yes I do pray and May Krishna Bless them with love.

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Boost Her Hope For A Better Tomorrow

A week before i read about Milap initiative on IndiBlogger. The Hope Project, a campaign by Milap to inspire urban masses towards empowering rural women through small contributions. What makes this project special is that the women in this case are ex-Devadasis and the possibility of self-reliance through entrepreneurship is a ray of fierce hope for them.

Devdasi GalI have not heard of Devadasi before but after reading different web sources i came to know about Devdasi System. It’s An ancient practice in India, the Devadasi (meaning: ‘servant of God’) system involved dedicating a girl, as young as 5-6 years of age, to the temple Goddess. This meant that she would spend her entire life serving the temple and was not allowed to marry anyone else. The system was abused by the rich and the powerful who began to force the young Devadasis to sleep with them.

Over the years, the Devadasis were reduced to being incorrectly termed ‘temple prostitutes’. This merciless practice, though illegal and outlawed, still exists in certain small towns of India and its stigma continues to cling to the women who attempt an escape. Because of the social stigma around their roles, employment opportunities are denied to them. It is a vicious cycle where future generations too, are drawn into this ruthless system.

After reading about devdasi and The Hope Project i felt to write about the brave ladies who has been tortured before on the name of Pseudo religion and still suffering to meet their daily livelihood.  This system is still in practice and few days back The Supreme Court had directed Karnataka Chief Secretary to take all steps to prevent women from being forced to become ‘devadasis’.

I accept the fact that we can’t fix all the things at once, we can’t help all Devadasi but yes our little effort can change someone’s life so don’t you feel/urge to Boost Her Hope For A Better Tomorrow..?

Your loan will help Sumitra Kamble and Group to expand buffalo rearing businesses
Your loan will help Sumitra Kamble and Group to expand buffalo rearing business.

Here i am introducing you Sumitra Kamble and Group, she is a resident of Ghataprabha in Belgaum district. Just like many other former Devadasi women, she has never been to a school. Her entire earnings come from selling milk products obtained from the two buffaloes that she has raised for many years. This allows her to just make ends meet. Even sending her two children to school is more challenging than she would expect. At times, she becomes anxious by the thought that she is just an illness away from financial strain. She sees that the time to change things for the better is now, when she has the will and the enterprise to achieve financial security. She needs a loan not just to supplement her aging buffaloes but to increase her savings. Joining her in her mission are Bhagavva Kamble, Champa Mayanavar, Champa Kamble and Jayashree Lambugol, whose stories mirror the each other.  Together, they will encourage and support each other on the road to financial independence.

How Can You Boost Her Hope.?

Sumitra Kamble, Bhagavva Kamble, Champa Mayanavar, Champa Kamble and Jayashree Lambugol, are  now jointly seeking a loan of Rs 48,750.00 to meet their objective to buy more buffaloes and goats to add to the strength of their existing herds. Your loan can help them to meet their objective. Click Here To Contribute

Another Lie

Previous Lies. (Another Lie_1Another Lie_2) Read to know more about Doubt and Confusion.!

Dreaming TogetherHe was dreaming and when he came out of dream, this reality was waiting to hug him with an another dream. Yes, It was a perfect Sunday Morning for Confusion, he slept yesterday very late and don’t know how many meaningless dreams he had.Today’s morning gifted the best to him. Her love, doubt was there for him.

Doubt, a beautiful lady who accidentally fell in love with confusion and then things were never normal but today this abnormal, sensual, loving daybreak was making confusion to feel like he is favorite and the most beloved child of Krishna.
Doubt and Confusion shared their love from morning to noon and things were going perfect for Confusion. But his dream cum reality did not long last and in early even, The Sunday came into action.
Superstitious confusion’s superstition proved right again and doubt fought with confusion and this time again she was right with her points.
What happened actually was, doubt logged in his social networks and get socked by seeing his n number of requests to unknown girls. It was not only reason for their fight but this confusion has chatted with another girl and had not informed to her. Now she asked for explanation and what this confusion that his answers are not going to change the things as she is not believing.
The girl about doubt asked was one of his best unseen friend meet on internet only and the n number of friend request about she is asking, confusion don’t know when he sent, may be in his early days, may be purposely in last 5 years of his career over network which he forget.
It was something where doubt were right and her questions were genuine but confusion have no answers, felt bad but was not able to make her believe that she means everything.
Now she is not picking his call and he don’t want to disturb the lady who he love.

Krishna Bless You Both.. N Sorry for posting your story here.

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Another Lie

Am I Alone?
Am I Alone?

Click here to read from beginning. Another Lie_1

“After so many years….Sunday gave me smthng 2 smile..” it was confusion’s facebook status today and reason behind this status was BJP’s phenomenal win in state election. It has won 408 out of 589 seats, which is near 70% of the total seats. In excitement, he written for Pappu, Shown Namonia, Thanked New Voters and shown respect for AK Sir’s performance. It was like a perfect day for him, agreed that he was not performing but his team was winning so he too was excited and hopeful.

As it was a Sunday and this jobless joker has not much to do rather read his old stuffs. He started browsing and then glued to his blog, he liked one poem penned by him and he just shared that on his page. He didn’t realized that it was written for his past and The present whom he is living has a strong objection on it. But the poor guy without making any calculation he has shared his creativity.

Krishna, once he shared his poem, The Villain (Sunday) came into action and shown him his hell.

Doubt, who was busy whole day in church and then theater, came online and saw confusion’s posts where links were defining his past, she was unhappy and reasons were obvious. All she asked was why he recalled his past if he had nothing, why he has shared this post. She believes he is living his past and thinking that he is living present. She said to confusion that he is just pretending, not loving and have played with her emotion. Later she said she can’t live with a guy like confusion. She also texted him good bye and asked him to take care.

Confusion wanted to make her convince but she was not in a mood to listen, don’t know the actual number that how many times he has called and how many messages he has sent but it is 3:45 and he is still trying.

If he is pretending i must say he is not only joker but a good and responsible actor too. Well, Krishna bless you both.

(Sorry doubt n confusion that i am posting it. )

[Please forgive me for grammatical errors or should i remind you that Hindi is my first language but to reach you i am using in it.]

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Why are you here on this earth?

sunny kumarAn old Man from ISKON Temple Kurukshetra, whom i met last night in the train, asked to me “Why are you here on this earth”? When he asked this, for few seconds i found myself blank and was thinking that what to say to this old man that i want to live a better life with my family, i want to get married with a girl whom i love, i want to spend my morning watching sun and writing new lies on paper, i want to blame more and more this corrupt government and voting system and many more things which i love to do. I didn’t said these things and simply said that I am here to live my life.
He again questioned, animals are also living their life then what’s the difference between them n u? I said that they are living their life and we too but difference is that we are thinking of others and can help each other, we are responsible to make this world better.
I tried my best to convince him that i know why i am on this earth and he look satisfied with my answer. He said Krishna you seems a good guy just observe yourself, ask you inner self and if possible try to spend your life with keeping Krishna in your Heart, You will see the change on your face and will found peace in your heart.

Like a new student i said Thik hai.

My Virtual World : Story of Unseen Amigos

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Priyeeee Calling….

It was 23rd March, 11:30 PM, I was taking rest in my room when my mobile flashed with the text Priyeee calling; I was very happy after reading this and I had many of reasons for my happiness. This call was from my one of the “Best of four” (from unseen Amigos), from my Priyeee with whom I was sharing my feelings before but we were not in touch from last few days. I had not taken initiative in these tough days as I thought that I am disturbing her real world.
Priyeee“Have I said this before to you that my Priyeee is simply the best and she is blessed with a kind heart and sincere nature? She is single by choice; although she got many of proposals and shared 3 stories of those to me. One of those proposals were from her childhood friend, who was also her classmate from nursery to twelfth, had expressed his feelings for her, second one was from her college senior and third one was from one of her good friend whom she meet on this public chat room only. Amaan, he recently added me on my social channel, is from same city. He is gentle, caring, well settled and working for a Bank. He is also connected with me on social site and few weeks back only he had shared his feeling with me that how much he loves her and also that he wanted to marry her.
Two weeks back Priyeee and Amaan had some communications, exactly I don’t know and none of them had said to me about, Priyee said that they are not in contact as Amaan had texted her not to text for him if she doesn’t love him. At that time I asked her do you love him and her answer was same that she has nothing for him. She gave some too good reasons and said he is a good guy and deserves a better girl. I don’t want to disturb her and so switched to other things.
Before this communication gap between Priyee and Amaan, I remembered I had chatted with Amaan. It was morning I was not feeling well, had vomit and was taking rest in room when Amaan ping me. I remembered we had chatted for four times and he never asked about me but only about Priyeee. I really loved the way he cares and loves her. He said that he was out of station and came yesterday. Once he reached to the city he went to see the lady whom he loves most, he waited for her single glimpse outside of her hostel but his hard luck was following him and she didn’t came out from her room, later she also visited her college but failed to meet.
While chatting with Amaan, I asked him that could I share all this near to her and what he said was really interesting and very meaningful. Amaan said to me that he wanted her to realize this by own and until she would not realize he will wait for her. He requested not to disclose this chat near to her and I agreed. In a very light way he said that he is lucky and get jealous that she chats with me in late night, I asked him that do you have any second thought any doubt he simply said no and said that he is just kidding. He said to me that he is lucky that I’m not from Andhra (yes again he was kidding). I laughed n asked if it matters? He said “a lot”. After sharing few more words I informed Him about my health and then we shared bye.
On the same day in evening Priyee informed me that Amaan came to her college but when she came out he had left. I asked again the same question does she love her and her answer was same. I tried to convince her but she was in a denial mode and I don’t want to disturb so like other days, I again switched to other topics.
Several time my mind asked if it is me who is creating problem for her and it was convinced that I am doing wrong to her and because of me she is ignoring her real world. I decided that I will not ping her and when on the next evening she came I tried to convince but what she said “A boy always takes side of another boy”, I took this in a negative way and said to her that I am not here to advertise others but for you. Then she requested to leave the topic and started asking about my life. As I don’t want to spoil her mood and had nothing interesting to share with her so I started Santa-Banta jokes and made environment light.
From next day I stopped to take initiative for long chats and was only greeting in morning and later I stopped wishing a new day too.”
And now after a long pause I was getting her call. This call was going to give my world back; in those days when she was not with me, I was missing not only her but myself; I was again alone and no one was with me to share the things. Last week when I was on bed I missed my world, mostly my love Swwettiieee and also got frustrated and fuelled with depression by her reaction. I was not going to chat room like before and had decided to leave the chat room. If I was going to chat room not picking any name, from last few weeks I have realized that I am in a Amaan. I was mentally mad but whenever I thought of Priyeee I was happy that I have done something good by losing her as she may get her real world. She was good, so not complaining but I knew that I was affecting her badly, I had messed her routine and her life.
Priyeee had called me many of times before but in day light, we had talked late night before but by in textbox. I had not recalled anything and was excited to hear her; I wanted to know how is she? Had she missed me or not and why is she calling me at this time? I remembered I had not allowed phone to ring for a single second and picked the call…


Read my next post to know what she told on that very special night, why she turned back?

Stay in touch stay Blessed. Be Love it is better than bein in love.

Another Lie

Life-iz-Amazing-CoupleIt was month of love when Confusion fell in love with Doubt, his best friend over internet  And once they found their love for each other this earth had welcomed them with a passionate hug and both felt the music in air and found their galaxy of love under this colorful sky. They were very glad and used the full clock to spread the fragrance of love all around.
Every morning Doubt was waiting for Confusion’s text and Confusion was also dying to hear her voice after every passing hour. It was Confusion, The Chatter Box, who had not allowed doubt to sleep many of nights and took her busy with his love chit-chat.
Their life was filled with love and dreams but situation can’t be always same and smooth. In few days month got changed and it was summer when doubt got hurt by confusion’s mind, who always talk about his past. It was a fact of that time that confusion was assured about Doubt and had thought that she can understand his situation and whereas doubt has full trust on confusion so they both were never worried about the time frame(Past/Present or Future). But unfortunately this relationship dig in a deep trouble. Confusion, who was living present and sharing past, had failed to win the trust more and doubt was assured that confusion is more happy with his past and he wanted to resume with his past, so she decided to leave confusion.
Confusion has also a view that Doubt deserves better and he is good for nothing and if he will leave then she would be more happy as he is only creating problem for her. Now they both were in love but with different feeling.
One Evening Confusion wrote a poem about his past and informed about this to Doubt, now Doubt was assured that he loves his past more.
Well, Confusion was never choosy with his words and many of times he had hurt Doubt unknowingly.
Doubt observed Confusion’s word but failed to observe confusion whereas confusion was loving Doubt but never shown his care and also failed to know what doubt Expects from him. Time has changed and so their form of Love and Now Confusion and Doubt, who were best friend cum Lovers are not sharing anything and trying their level best to ignore each other…

No one knows what will happen tomorrow, but yes there is some hope left..

[Please forgive me for grammatical mistakes.]

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