SkillUp Bootcamp | IT Workshop for Educators


Learning something new takes time. Sure, you could sit at the computer and helplessly click around to teach yourself the software. But as it is never guided so it is not going to be easy and so I’m here to train you the better and simpler way to do things. SkillUp Bootcamp workshops not just upgrade your skills but it also provides you with the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded students/professionals.
This workshop is for you If you don’t have the time to teach yourself or to enrol for any full time/part-time course; here with me, you can learn these must-know skills in a session or two. To be very honest I am a newbie as an Independent trainer but I have trained 1000+ students of different age group on various topics such as Audio-Video Editing, Blogging, Programming, SEO, Web Development and now I am looking forward to giving my services to individuals who are having a high interest in learning these events.
If you are also the one who is interested and thinks I may be helpful to you please share the asked details. I would love to train you. (Note: I do take classes only on Sunday and Currently I am available only for Gaya, Patna, Begusarai and Muzaffarpur)
Thank You
Sunny Kumar

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