Sanath Jayasuriya came today in G D Goenka Bihar


I am thrilled to share a big and most awaited news of the week. International cricket player, The legendary Lankan batsman, Mr Sanath Jayasuriya visited G D Goenka Public School, Gaya. He visited on the occasion of India’s Republic Day and he is expected to hoist the national flag tomorrow.

Today evening he reached the school where Chairman Mr Rabindra Singh Rathore and Principal Mrs Swati Ahmed had welcomed him along with other school staffs.

Sanath Jayasuriya in his short meeting with school teachers appreciated the teachers’ role and encouraged them to get motivated always and also urged to impart the same to students.

Ms Swati Ahmed welcomed him to the campus and thanked him for visiting the school. He visited school way back in 2016 and she termed that you joined us when we were budding and you are visiting again when we are all set to boom. She also mentioned that the school expects his frequent visit so that students and the Academy can do well.

I must mention, G D Goenka Public School is running Sanath Jayasuriya Cricket Academy which was inaugurated by the legend himself but due to his unwellness, the dream is still waiting to become reality.

Chairman Mr Rathore mentioned that when school was inaugurated Md Azharuddin had visited and then Sanath Jayasuriya has shared the stage and wishes and last year school has also welcomed Indian pace bowler Mr R P Singh and this all, school is doing to bring internationalism in the school where the concept of global village could be implemented and Goenkans can be well prepared for the future. He also mentioned that the facilities G D Goenka is providing is unparalleled and there are companies of national/international level which are working here for students progress and this is fascinating. He promised that sooner he will add more companies in the list and counted on NIIT, Genius Corner, ILM, Avishkar Robotronics, Sanath Jayasuriya Cricket Academy.

Later after their address to teachers, teachers were given the opportunity to ask questions and the first question came from Sunny Sir that what is the basic requirement or recipe to become an explosive batsman? He smiled and replied, “There is nothing as such but yes preparedness and mindset is all that do wonders but yes every cricketer must play his natural cricket and I played mine.”

The second question was actually a googly from Mr. Santanu Karmakar that “Initially you joined your team as a spinner and then you turn yourself into an explosive batsman, how this change came?” He smiled again and replied, “I was a batsman only but then that time my team has a lot of good batsmen and there was no space for me and so I improved my bowling and entered as a bowler and with time I played my game and got what I wanted.”

Next question was from Md. Sharique that “How was your Maths?” He laughed and said it was not very good as he was devoted to his cricket. He shared a short incident of his school days and mentioned that once in o level when he scored 7 rating his mother didn’t believe and went to the principal to see his paper as she thought he lied. He also showed his gratitude to his school principal who was allowing him for cricket and managing classes after school.” Another teacher Mr Tanveer Ahmed asked that “Apart from cricketing life who is your role model?” He replied “It’s my mother who did a lot of hard work to provide us with an average life. He mentioned that he belongs to a village where most of the people either do fishing or sells vegetable and we didn’t have options but my mother had decided that we will achieve more and her hard work get paid.”

Mr Rohit Tiwari asked that which moment is your best with the Indian team and he said that it is 96 world cup where India was the most favourite team but we played better cricket and won. He also mentioned that Srilanka team today is not good as of their time. He had shared more incidents and then everyone thanked him for his presence.

He is expected to visit the school Campus tomorrow again.

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