Best Maths Teacher in Gaya

It’s not just my blog title but I strongly felt it thousands of times that Life iz Amazing and it is mostly because of the people around.. Today I am going to introduce a math wizard, mentor, soft-spoken, senior Mr. Zeeshan Ahmad, Hod Maths, G D Goenka Public School GAYA, Who has been in teaching portfolio for last 7 years and in this short span of time his talent and dedication got acknowledged by education industry and media pioneers and that has brought many appreciations and today he is known as Best Maths Teacher in Gaya.

When I spoke Mr. Zeeshan to talk about his journey what he said just read in his own word.

We see “a caterpillar to struggle to become a butterfly, we feel pity and try to help but the destiny says this is the way it becomes strong.” My journey as teacher is just the same as of a caterpillar. I am that coffee bean who has been boiling to spread the essence of education among my pupils.

To become a teacher was my choice and I cherish my achievements as one of the best math teacher in Gaya. It is well known that Gaya is the place of knowledge and to get such an honour here makes me feel proud. This progression of achievement started in Latur. At present I am the senior coordinator of GDGPS Gaya. I am also the HOD of mathematics where I facilitate my children not to fear maths but to love it.

I have done my education from Agra which is famous for its love symbol i.e. The Taj Mahal . However the journey of learning is an unending process and I am enjoying this world from learners eye. Teaching has given me an opportunity to work for my children and the society and I am satisfied so far with my children performance in Board exams. My mission is to erase the mathphobia from learners mind and to develop a culture where students would enjoy calculations and can come up with new ideas to make world better and better.


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  1. My Dear Sunny, Mr. Zeeshan Ahmad is not just a Maths teacher of note, he also has a great way with words! As in:

    ‘That coffee bean who has been boiling to spread the essence!’ …Terrific imagery.

  2. A great post. I hope you shall publish this in local newspaper so many from new generation will be inspired. We really need dedicated teachers like Mr. Zeeshan.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. Zeeshan sir is undoubtedly a great personality and we are blessed to have him in our team as a coordinator. May we all bring some more Wow moments in Gaya… Stay connected and please share your name.

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