Be Real Please

Reblogging this post again so you can read 🙂

Dont read if you dont like to read just a story because there is nothing exceptional 😉

Life iz Amazing

I feel a strange anger and same level of frustration whenever i meet him, whenever i heard about him. He is not the same whom i met years back, he who was always happy, passionate and confident for everything is nowadays begging for a normal death! Today again came to know that he cried, abused himself and begged for normal death. It was a working day, he have his office where boss has given him all rights but what is he doing there? Crying for his past, calling same girl about whom he keep complaining that she has raped his dream and still begging to same girl who has not shown any trust and left him easily. I really can’t understand what’s his problem, why is he making life so uneasy, why can’t he rejoice his life, why can’t he realize that worst has passed and its worthless to keep…

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