U-Turn on Lokpal and Swaraj

U-Turn9Arvind Kejriwal is the worst thing happened in a progressive politics. Why? because he used youth to do dharna and took whole nation’s attention on name of corruption and lokpal and when he has a full majority government in state he said there is no requirement of lokpal. What the hell he was doing in 2011-12 if lokpal was not required? This shrewd man has written a book named swaraj, he capitalized on the dream of mahatma gandhi to distibute the power among every citizen through multi channels, like wards, panchayats, mandals, zila and so ons but after writing his book “swaraj” he given hundred of speech and convinced people and as he was a master in social engineering, used energy of youth but when time came to implement the concept of Swaraj, he again took U-Turn. Like a dictator he removed strong founding members of his party and shown us how much he care for his dream called swaraj. Actually he was always a power seeker and when he was not elected, having no power, he hand hunger to hold some position to have some rights, power no matter even at ward level so he advocate the concept of swaraj. But when foolness of Delhites, stupidity of freebies given him power to rule, to distribute the power among panchayats he took U-Turn. Once holding a chair, having position, He realized what all can happen if power got distributed. Still If Kejriwal supporters think that he is a hero, its their wish but for me Kejriwal is the worst thing happened to a progressive politics. And now i am worried to see Anna silent on Lokpal, when his own trained student got an opportunity to guide, can he ask Kejriwal to Implement Lokpal and Swaraj? I doubt.
Stay with me for U-Turn’s next U-Turn. 🙂

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