मै तुम्हारा दोस्त हूँ।

उमंगों से भरा हूँ,
परिंदा मैं नया हूँ,
जोश से लबरेज हूँ,
मैं तुम्हारा दोस्त हूँ।

घिरा हूँ मै दोस्तों से,
पर तुम बिन मैं अकेला हूँ,
घिरा हूँ मैं आँधियों से,
पर मैं मुहब्बत का दिया हूँ।

42 thoughts on “मै तुम्हारा दोस्त हूँ।

Add yours

          1. Hum zyada tar angrezi mein likhte hai. Hum kabhi kabhi Bengali mein bhi likhte hai kyun ki Bengali humari matribhasha hai. Humein thodi bahut Hindi toh aati hai, parantu, hum kabhi Hindi mein koi kavita nahi likhe hai.

          2. Sun kar achchha laga. 🙂

            Waise aapki Hindi bahut achchhi hai. Humari Hindi ki toh baat hi mat kijiye! Hum zyada tar koshish karte hai ki humein kisi ajnabi ke samne Hindi naa bolna padhe. Humari Hindi sun kar log bhaag jayenge.

          3. Ji hum kharauna(kharauna.com) ke rahne wale hai. Chhota sa gaaon humara bihar me hai. Filhal apne dost k sath milkar education sector me kaam kar rhe. Humara distance learning institute hai sath hi career counseling bhi karte…. thoda bhut school erp ka marketing bhi karte.

          4. All courses except medical. Well I am not offering our institute is. My friend is a successful entrepreneur. At age of 25 we established one company 3 firms and one ITI college if we got ncvt approval thid year. Pray for us.

          5. You guys are amazing!!! I’ll definitely pray that you achieve success in each and every endeavour.

            Do you have a DLP course for B.A. in Literature?

          6. Engineers are interested in literature is good but why to take degree. U should do engineering and for knowledge u can read books. Well if u want to join such courses you can bt i dont recommend.

          7. Even I’m using WordPress in apps.
            Do my posts make me look that old??? 😉
            Even if you had read my about page, you would not have discovered much about my age. :p

          8. I dint find about page but after reading comments on ur welcome post i came to know more. Must say you are an interesting person and u have good writing style. Keep writing and stay blessed.

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