I Worship Idols

I will burn in Hell forever. I will be punished forever. I am the worst creature on planet. Even if I die, no one must wish that God have mercy on me.

No, I did not kill any child. I did not rape anyone. I did not bomb, shoot, loot or cheat anybody. In fact I always followed the law. I never committed a crime of hate, passion or greed. I took care that no one is harmed by me. I paid my taxes. I did my job honestly. Sometimes in name of God, sometimes in name of my ancestors, I made charity to poor and orphans. When Taliban shot 133 children in Pakistan, I mourned as if I lost my own family.

My deadly crime

But all this does not make me a nice person. My crime is far worse than anything else you can . That is why, God will still forgive a rapist or murderer but will never forgive me.

Do you know what my heinous crime is? It is IDOL WORSHIP.

My crime is that I see God in idols. My crime is that I go to temples. My crime is that I worship Rama, Krishna, Hanuman, Shiva, Durga, Lakshmi. My crime is that I sing Bhajans.

No I am not joking. In eyes of a very dominant chunk of world population, my crime is the worst crime of humanity. They believe that I am the most disgusting creature on earth.

Hate in name of religion

I am called a Kafir which is an abuse that means ‘a disgusting person who commits most wicked crime’.

They say that their Holy Book tells that idols-worshipper is worst of creatures.

Now I don’t care what their Holy Book actually says. I don’t even know the language of their Holy Book. I assume that any religion teaches only peace and tolerance. And hence their religion must also be no exception.

But what worries me is that the entire community leadership is unanimous on this hatred. They may differ on how to deal with a wretched person like me on earth. But the moment I die, all agree that I must not be called “Marhoom” – one who gets mercy of God.

They will not participate in my festivals. They will not pray for me when I die. They will always consider me most disgusting.

Come what may happen, whatever be my good deeds, no one will say that I can also be blessed with Paradise by God. Even if I die saving life of an idol-hater, even if I selflessly dedicate my life to humanity, I will still burn in fire of Hell.

Terror continues

And that is why since beginning of Caliphate in Arab, there have been attacks on my country by invaders. In name of spreading religion, they plundered me without provocation. Sometimes in form of Muhammad Bin Qasim, sometimes as Ghori, Ghazni, Akbar, Aurangzeb, Babur, partition of India – they shamelessly invaded my home, killed my family, raped women and kidnapped many more to be sold as slaves in Arab.

And this continues till today in form of not just ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban but through hatred in hearts of millions of Muslims of world who are brainwashed by their leaders.

Translations breed terror

Read any available translation of Quran – idol-worshippers are depicted as worse than worst criminals and believers are ordered to hate them. I have read all major translations in English, Urdu and Hindi and that explains to large extent the emergence of Islamic terrorism. One liberal translation of Quran that did not interpret hatred for idol-worshipers was criticized as anti-islamic by all major religious leaders and hence flopped.

Thus, what we see is that any Muslim who takes existing translations of Quran seriously becomes a hater of Hindus. And this breeds terrorism.

Now I fail to understand, why should my personal faith be a reason to love or hate me! Neither me nor any Muslim of the world has ever seen God himself. Religion is based on assumptions which can be verified by none other than their founders. Is it, hence not perversion, to hate someone on basis of blind assumptions?

Who is not idol-worshipper?

I don’t want to either defend idol worship or condemn their critics. But it is an undeniable truth that irrespective of whatever label you give, everyone is worshipping idols.

– Muslims putting decorated sheets on graves, celebrating birthday of Prophet and promoting photo of Mecca is idol-worship.

– Majority of non-Arabic Muslims have no understanding of Arabic, but they still keep Arabic names, have Arabic slogans to remember God, and even put gothic pictures of their religious slogans. This is idol-worship.

– They try to mimic even clothing and grooming habits of Prophet despite knowing that he lived in a completely different era. The typical beard style without mustache that Muslims keep is because they believe this is how Prophet used to keep himself. If idol worship is a sin, Muslims are greatest idol worshippers.

Hindus don’t worship idols

As for Hindus are concerned, they do not worship idols. They worship God through idols. Idol is just a medium for them. That is why after completion of festive period, they throw away the same idols without any emotional attachment. Only those complete devoid of intellect would attempt to hate Hindus as idol-worshippers.

Why hate for idol-worship?

But the real point is even deeper. Even if a Hindu, or a Muslim, or any other person worships idols, who is anybody to hate him for that? You may differ, but why hate? And why encourage others to hate? Only a cult of completely mentally bankrupt people would choose this path.

Why idol-worship is sin?

How can anyone in world prove that idol-worship is sin? What is wrong with idol-worship? If I worship idols, if I keep making new and new idols and worship them in new and new ways, what is anybody’s problem? Does it cause loose motion in someone? Does it kill someone? Does it rob anyone’s property? Does it rape someone?

Don’t give me this crap that idol-worship is insult of God because God is only One.

First, if God has real problem with my idol-worship, he would come directly and deal with me directly. Its between me and Him. Is he on sick-leave to delegate that to an incompetent person like you?

Second, how do you know God is One or Many or Here or beyond Seven Skies? Did you meet Him? Can you give some evidence? If not, then what right you have to enforce your unverifiable notions on me? You are free to follow whatever you feel like. But how dare you insult me for my benign personal beliefs?

Third, Sensible people respect sentiments and do not hate form of expression. What more, true Muslims like APJ Abdul Kalam openly claim that they read Gita, go to temples for spiritual awakening, sing Bhajans and love Ram-Krishna. Real Islam must be what the most intelligent practice and believe in, and not the hatred that a bunch of dogmatic idiots spit out.

Root of all terrorism

Root of all terrorism is not Islam or Christianity or Hinduism or Idol-Worship. Root of all terrorism is the lunatic tendency to impose one’s personal notions on others by force or deceit.

I will not comment on original texts of any religion. Because I neither know Hebrew of Christians or Quranic Arabic of Islam. But it is a fact that available translations of texts of all major religions have a lot of stuff that is superstitious and inhuman.

But intelligent societies don’t take these translations by humans so literally. They use their own brains and encourage free choice of personal belief. These are called civilized societies.

The savage societies take these translations literally and force their ideas on others through threat. They continue to remain dumb because use of brain is considered a crime.

Warning to all haters of idol-worshippers

We have had enough of nonsense since a millennium. We continued to blame our misfortune – the rapes and killings and hatred – on miscellaneous petty factors. We continued to hope that with time and experience, you would mature. We ignored your hatred in name of religion.

But this fire of madness continues to grow. Each day a new news comes of killing, shooting, raping, beheading, bomb blast, siege, carnage and threat. It must be matched with fire. If Fire of Barbarism emerges, Agniveer (Fire of Courage) will also rise to destroy the barbarism.

We warn all haters of idol-worshippers to mend their ways. Follow whatever path you may choose. We will respect your right to choose your path. You have full rights to differ from us and even express your difference openly.

But stop this business of hatred. Stop killing, raping, abusing idol-worship and idol-worshippers.

We will not tolerate anymore.

It doesn’t matter if I am a Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Atheist. But if you spit out even slightest hatred against idol-worship, consider me the greatest idol-worshipper who would fight your fire with such a fire that would make you extinct.

Learn to give respect and get respect. Dare you discriminate against me or anyone else on basis of personal faith. In our dictionary, such haters are called demons. And we, the progeny of brave idol-worshippers like Shivaji and Maharana Pratap know how to deal with demons.

Agniveer is greatest champion of idol-worship till the mindset that says “Idols-worshippers are worst of creatures” is made extinct.

Jai Shri Ram

(Victory of Lord Rama who destroyed the demon Ravan)
– Article by AgniVeer and i am Agniveer 🙂

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