Every Muslim Is Not Terrorist Then Why Every Terrorist is Muslim

Every Muslim Is Not Terrorist Then Why Every Terrorist is Muslim?

Jai Shri Krishna Readers! One of my friend, Satyarthi Thakur has shared this picture on facebook and asked that why every terrorist is a muslim? His post got viral on social networking and he got a good response. Most of non muslims, somehow supported his voice but a muslim friend Masroor A Siddiquie has opposed. Thanks to Mr. Siddiqui that he has also accepted the fact that most of terrorists in India belongs to a particular religion but he was unhappy and called Satyarthi as biased. Mr. Siddiquie asked Satyarthi that why he had not added the name of ULFA militant, GLNA militants, Shadhvi Pragya, Coln Purohit? He was some how convinced that Satyarthi has hidden the truth because ULFA, GLNA are the groups where majority are Hindus. Well his expectations were obvious and if someone is opposing his own community and stands for truth he expect the same from other side as well, He Mr. Siddiquie wanted to know why not Satyarthi and other Hindus in India are ready to accept that there are some Hindu terrorist also even when they know GLNA, ULFA, Naxalites, LTTE, Sadhvi Pragya, Col Purohit are hindus?? I have tried to give him answer there on fb. I found his question was genuine and may be many of other muslims have the same question so here i am writing what i feel on these issues. Hope you will get my point(If not please drop your thoughts in comments and help me to know your points). I support you if you say most of Terrorist in India belongs to Muslim Community? There are more than 100 names, more than a dozen blasts in last decade where Muslims were involved, Mumbai Attack was carried by Pak Aided Muslim Terrorists, Afjal Guru were involved in parliament bomb blast, Mumbai Bomb Blast, Delhi Bomb Blast, Hyderabad Dilshukh Nagar Bomb Blast, German Bakery, Patna Blasts, Gaya blast and list goes on…. all these blast were carried by some islamic terrorist group. Indian government has hanged two people in a charge of terrorism and sadly both are from muslim community. Let me tell you that I am not against Muslims and once again I am saying that I am a fan of Kalaam Sir and Ashfaq the real muslims. But by seeing two good faces i can not ignore terrorist groups like ISIS, Lashqar, Indian Mujahideen, I can’t keep silent on Hafiz Saeed, Yasin Bhatkal, Riyaaz Bhatkal, Dawood, Yakub Menon and blah blah.. and on all those stupids who are killing innocent people. Are you thinking why I am mentioning the same thing again? Why I am not answering Mr. Siddiquie that who are GLNA, ULFA, Naxalites, LTTE, Sadhvi Pragya?? I condemn ULFA,Naxalites and all hate mongers, murderers but i can not term them as hindu terrorist, why i strongly believe that Hinduism can not support terrorism and if someone is Hindu he can not be terrorist. The names you mentioned like ULFA, GLNA, Naxalites are fighting for a cause, yes i agree that they are on wrong track but their stupidity can not be attached with Hinduism because religion has nothing to do with their acts. If you think that they are also anti nationalists and should be consider as a terrorist, we will have a debate later on that. Here i wanted to take my point and should not relate these groups as Hindu because these groups has nothing to do with our religion, their preaching, their demands, their slogan nothing has Hinduism Influence. These groups are not being backed by any Hindu Scriputure, no such appeasement from lord, none of hindus have yet seen to bombed himself for the sake of Krishna, Rama and when they have nothing to do with Hinduism how can you say that they are Hindu Terrorist? What i strongly believe is, no one can become terrorist by reading Hindus holy books as most of the books taught to worship the land as a mother and if you are a believer you can not act against it. Again hinduism is not promising any better treatment after death if you hate others or you kill someone but it is not same with Islam. Islam permits to its believers to wage a war against qafirs(non-Believers) and also describing about the gift that if they die for religion they will get seat in Jannat. I don’t know how true these lines are, I even don’t know what exactly quran has written but i know that most of muslim guys have ruined their life on the name of Jihaad. Many of false leaders have aksed terrorists to join and  Kasaab and his 9 other useless pigs from Pakistan did all bullshit in Mumbai so they can have a seat in Heaven.I don’t know  whether they get their seat in Heaven or not but yes because of those pigs many of family has lived their life worse than a hell and people of Mumbai and world can not forget those easily.

[I written my personal thought and if you want to alter my thought process you are welcome. My intention is very clear to know this world better and to spread harmony but yes i don’t believe in hiding a fact to get peace. Let’s talk]


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