Relation between Religion and Reservation

Here i have shared a conversation with my brother last saturday, hope you will understand, what he thinks of religion and reservation.

Tullu Chhotu
Tullu Chhotu

Junior- Bhaijee i have decided, i will change my religion
Senior- Kyu be?? why do u want to change your religion? You know we are following the best way to reach god and lucky that here you can worship whom you want, no extreme thoughts no hate. Then What you didn’t like about our religion.
Junior- Bhaijee, I don’t know what you are saying, i even don’t know why do we need religion and don’t believe that there is someone who is ruling this world. I just want to change my religion and i have a good reason.
Senior-Ok, so you don’t believe. But i believe that there is a master who is operating, you can call it a super natural power, you can call it Krishna, Allah or God. See, To believe something is always good and it will give you positive energy, nothing harm and even sometime you will feel touched and loved if you start believing.
Junior- I am not getting you, i just want to change my religion.
Senior- Ohhk, what happened to you suddenly, you were much interested in all pooja ceremony, was attending all devotional programs then what happened suddenly.
Junior- Bhaijee, do you believe supreme is one?
Senior- Yes I do.
Junior- Then what is wrong if i change my religion?
Senior- Boss, there is nothing wrong if you change but before you change your religion you should know what religion is?
Junior- Hmm please tell me what religion is?
Senior- Look, As i said you before that there is only one supreme and we call it with different different names, as we all have different languages and we all are following different path. It is like same that to reach Kharauna (खरौना) people use different paths. ok, and you too know that some paths take you faster to the destination, some paths are more enjoying some are bit difficult. Religions are made to reach the supreme and you can consider all religion as a path, nothing else. And remember, your goal should be to reach The Supreme, to purify your soul and you should not hurt other people, no matter what path they are using, and you should stand for truth.
Junior- Bhaijee i am not getting everything but i am convinced with your words and can say that there is nothing wrong if i change my religion, i also assure you that i won’t tease you for following the old, ancient religion and will appreciate others. You should also support if i choose a new path. And most importantly i am also going to reach the same supreme.
Senior- Haan there is nothing wrong but i also said that every path is not convenience pleasurable and pious.
Junior- Ok ok, but i will change my religion and will reach to supreme, i found some way where i can get fruits while my journey?
Senior- Which fruits are you talking about?
Junior- Bhaijee, Reservation. Indian government gives reservation to Minorities, SC, ST and OBT, i want to get reservation benefit, i have seen some of non deserving fellows getting job, they are privileged than us and now when i can not change my caste so i decided to change my religion. Do you have problem…..??


[My Take- I am another general guy not only with qualities but also in government data. Being a Bhumihar Brahman, we get respect in society for free, history says we have given many of Maharishi’s, kings, freedom fighters and farmers but now it seems like we are paying for our rich history. In education, job, politics and everywhere general guys have to be excellent to get an average job and on the other side so call unprivileged guys are getting things what they don’t deserve. In Kharauna i have seen many of average guys who has stopped dreaming of government jobs and started their own work or joined private companies, luckily most of them are happy with their work and pseudo society status but i am not. I hate reservation, i can’t find a single reason that government is giving these ads to do betterment of people or to divide society, it wanted to nurture unprivileged or to stop talents. No one is blind here and can see the bad impact of this baseless, biased reservation system but beneficiaries can’t speak against it and generals are not united as most of them have no requirement of jobs. If you are agreed with me share this post if you don’t you are welcome to comment here so that we can discuss.]

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