Another Lie

Missing youHe Cares Me A Lot Not In Dialogs, In Real”

Before i share the big news, before i let you know about Doubt and Confusion, heroes of my story, I wanted to thank you first for reading me, for believing me. Krishna, I came after two months here and i really sorry for it. I was very busy with Confusion and Doubt’s status. As you people already know them, today i have a big news from Confusions life, hope you will be happy to read this. If you don’t know confusion read my previous posts. Here are the links.

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Confusion and Doubt have broken up, their love is no more same. As you already read, Doubt has said that she has no more feelings for Confusion but confusion is not ready to accept this truth. In last two months he behaved worse than a lunatic, he texted her daily about their beautiful past, about those beautiful lies, he called her hundred of times daily and when he didn’t he was busy with doctors. Confusion was no more the same guy, his eyes always filled with tears and he stopped eating for days, not eating on time and many of times he thought of suicide, even he texted many of times about his feelings to her. Doubt asked him why is she behaving like this, why is he blackmailing? He said in a lunatic way that he is paying for the luxuries which he availed for free before. Doubt said to him that if you will do any stupid things she cant live, she asked to understand. Doubt was clear that if he will give up then she wont live either and in those situation her parents cant live too. Confusion find his life associated, he didn’t wanted to disturb her but he was not a kind heart like others and so he turns to her whenever his emotions got high. He was feeling himself alone and dejected by the same girl who was making him smile and was giving a heavenly pleasure by saying he is her firs love. Thought of loosing her was not allowing him to weep easily but he feels better and so he cries generally. Whenever he needed her he just started doing the same what he generally do, He calls her for whole night, even after when she switched off her mobile. In last few weeks she didn’t replied and ignored him completely. Both were busy with their routine but then scene changes.

Confusion who was not feeling to work and due to poor health was taking rest at home, he again started calling her and unlike other days today Doubt has picked his call and informed that she is going to vizag for one week Bank Training. In evening confusion visited her facebook where she posted that she is enjoying there. Next evening confusion has texted her so many times and then she got her reply. She texted Confusion that her marriage has been fixed and she will get married with a banker and he is coming to take her on saturday and will drop her at home. She was very happy and also said that she is lucky that she found her. She said about that guy that he is very cool and his love is more true and he cares in real not with dialogs.  Confusion was not easy with this news but he wished her.

Yes, once she stopped replying, Joker(confusion) cried again, her pain was increasing, same shitis thoughts again to give up and this shrwed mind was suggesting he can not easily as his life has not that much freedom and he is in debt. He again started testing her was askingthe same thing in different ways  “Why, Why are you leaving me?”. He was not ready to accept that he is loosing his love just because he does not have a government job. Doubt didn’t replied, in fact she hardly replies and that day she did not given attention to confusion’s question.

Confusion was not ready to digest the thing and so she checked her old mail where Doubt has mailed her friends resume to fill a form, successfully he got Laxmi, her classmate’s number. She is the same girl with whom Doubt use to share her hostel. It was like Laxmi is waiting for Confusion to give a sock. Yes he thundered to know that she didn’t know anything about her. She said about some other guy and also said that Doubt was in love from last 6 years with that guy. Doubt has never shared anything about Confusion near her, He got surprised/socked, (Krishna) he is the same guy who filled her bank application form and she was not even knowing her name. It was more than interesting, more than frustrating. Confusion felt like his reality has been crushed, heart has  brutally killed and now this overrated love seems cheap after listening from Laxmi. Doubt, The Joker can not smile anymore, he use to thanks Krishna for meeting her and for making his first, Doubt has said this many of times that he is his first, whether she was lying? No she can’t. Curiosity started increasing and he wanted to know more but suddenly he got a call from Doubt, it was a surprise and a good thing which happened after many days, anyways she picked her call in first ring. She has called to ask whether has she approached Laxmi or not? He said yes he has and then Doubt said you can ask to me, world has no knowledge of my personal things, she agreed to give all his answer and asked to wait and said she will disclose few facts today.

Confusion became paralyzed with all these and waiting to know the fact, The Truth he unaware of. He was desperately waiting for her call/text and was dying to know about the guy. He wanted to know why she is leaving, what she found in him and whether she is marrying with the same guy Laxmi talked about??

[My Take- When Lie seems very close to truth and in a few hours confusion will met his reality, he will come to know to whom Doubt is going to marry and is she really happy or just acting. It’s good if he found his love, it’s better if a guy is having all qualities what she dreamt of but what if she is just doing everything on the name of society status??]

Stay connected to know about life’s lie which has accidentally met to reality. Stay connected to know the values of love and life, to know how they will lead their life and also keep praying for all.

Take care of yours, keep sharing love and believe in Krishna. Thank you people for making this life Amazing.

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I have started posting my hindi poems on a new site. If you wanted to know me just read Joker’s Diary. Click Here


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