If Modi Wins I Will….

Before elections there were number of noted politician, actor, writers and media personalities were making statements and got a good notations from media. People of India has made them, and they listen them. Now some of us wanted to know what they will do know, whether they will keep their words or will give excuses. I have not rememebered everyone but sharing a few here and will soon submit all these India caring peoples name soon, who had given controversial statement on most favored politician,  and tomorrow’s PM  Shri Narendra Modi, Brave son of our mother nation.

Here in this post i am sharing few names to remind you that these mongers had tried a lot to stop our vision, vision of Better India, United India.

If Modi Wins

KRKleft india after modi winsThose who said If Narendri Modi Wins they will leave India.

  • Jnanpith awardee and acclaimed Kannada writer Dr UR Ananthamurthy has said he will not live in a country with Narendra Modi. (He said this in support of Manmohan singh, The Scam Master.)
  • A former Prime Minister and JD(S) Supremo, Gowda announced as a news conference in Shimoga that he shall leave Karnataka state if Modi becomes the PM.
  • Kamal Rashid Khan, Actor said he will leave India if modi becomes PM. News are coming that he has alredy flew away with shoaib akhter, pak cricketor. (Twitter source)
  • RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav had said that he would change his name if Modi became the Prime Minister
  • Amitav Ghosh had earlier declared that if Modi becomes PM of India, he will leave the country
  • Shahrukh Khan, The King Khan had also said something like this(can’t assure just trying to search that tweet.)

Soon i will also inform you whether they kept their words or not.

(Data collected from various social sources)


Meanwhile Bihar CM resign on the very next day of Modi Victory. Read Here


नरेंद्र मोदी जी को समर्पित मेरी कवितायें.

आज शंखनाद हुआ है.

२०१४ गुलज़ार होने वाला है तुझसे..

वो शुप्त नहीं है..

चुनाव नहीं मतदान करें

चुनाव नहीं मतदान करें

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