Narendra Modi Created History

Governments come and go but this time election was fought on a different level. This election was more than a war between Indians and Pseudo Secular groups who are good for nothing. Now it will decide India’s fate as acting is going to be tough now and i believe that repect of our culture will grow and opportunity for my brothers and sisters will increase.

This general election was a fight between self respected man like Modi and between sycophants who were ready to do everything to get a vote. It was a fight that we enough to end this dynasty politics or still we look towards nehruvians, just because they have last name of gandhi? India, this time has voted not to find just another man to run this nation, it was an election to find a brain who has a view for India United,  have courage to fight with those who are Indians not only on voters but with heart, who has dream to make India Developed, who have self knowledge to serve the spirituality, secularism and equality.

Here is the Voting Results.

BJP+                336+ expected out of 543.

Modi Created History. How?

When media were saying about Modi wave few of us have objection but now it has been cleared that it was not a wave it was Tsunami.

Complete Sweep in Gujrat, Won All seats in Rajsthan, Tsunami has been observed after years in UP, BIhar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh has supported more than expected. Modi and His followers are proud… very happy today and now looking forward for better India, United India.


This time India has voted for betterment of India and for only Indian.

Hope Modi will carry our dreams and make us proud.

Krishna bless us.! Have a safe celebration 🙂

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