Why I Voted?

140507-104218Yesterday, i was puzzled with question on why should i vote? As i have a lot of excuses in negative still i voted. Yes i travelled for 170 KMs, killed my business day just to caste my vote. It is not easy to travel on a  polling day and that is why my parents suggested that if i could not make it then no issue, it is not a mandatory task to caste.

Yes,I was not happy with the election commission and reason already told you in my last post, i was not even happy with the candidate, then why i had voted? When from last 30 Years we have not got anything new, not a single good project then why had voter? Why i reached at polling booth before an hour? Why did i participated in all those boring things like mock polls, sealings, counting, checking and then poll.

You Know I Voted Today

for my pride, for good governance, for corruption free India, for dynasty free politics, for equality of religions, for united india, for better and developed India.

It was my right as well as duty to make this democracy stronger.

When my fellow brothers were organized to stop this communal, corrupt ruling congress, it was my moral responsibility to support them.

It was my duty to keep my ancestors proud who has given us the oldest democracy and made us proud. Yes we are part of Vaishali, Licchavi Ganrajya.

When I was keep appealing to others to caste their votes then how can i miss the opportunity.

It was a nations pride and this General Election was fought on the name of Good Governance Versus Corruption, It was a war between pseudo seculars and Nationalist and yes for me it was like a dharmyuddh so i participated in this general election.


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