Why Should I Vote?

Tomorrow there is polling in our constituency and it is making me impatient, first question is why not we have election on Sunday? Second thing is i am not in city and have to travel and have to put on hold my all ongoing attempts to serve students. Then again i am not confirmed whether they will allow me to vote or not as entries mady by EC is not correct, while they have added twice my name. Then Why should i vote?

You all know that i am supporting modi and had written few hindi posts in his support and i am confident with the victory of BJP’s candidate victory in Muzaffarpur, still my inner self asking to caste vote, which is not easy as i am not in my hometown. I wanted to vote for Modi but not assured whether i could make it possible or not.

Just before i was searching with the details of voter list online and found that they have not corrected my name after giving so many applications for correction and worst is that they have now added my name twice and both entries are wrong. I remember how hard i tried to get enroll my name in voter list and still the results are not worthy for more then why should i vote?

Election WorksAnother frustrating fact is that We are in a village where 60% of people belongs to General category and more than 70% villager’s educated but Panchayat Mukhiya and Sarpanch seat was reserved for backward caste and the lady who represent us from last 10 years is just good for doing signature. (You might ask how she got selected? There is a long politics behind it, will share later.) I strongly oppose this but i am helpless and this is making mockery of our constitution that in our Panchayat 70% population have proper education but being led by a lady who can’t do anything more than signature. Should I Say Long Live Reservation System.!

Why should i vote when i hate racial difference either enforced by government on the name of SC/ST/OBC or by society calling Brahmin, Dalit or else. I am a Bhumihar Brahmin, and is this my fault that i can’t represent my Panchayat? What quality that lady posses? You are she is a lady and belongs from a backward community, so you can lead? If we are not equal then how you are convincing me that we all are equal. And if you are going to say that we all are not equal then why not i am better than you?

Sorry i jumped to panchayat election, but my anger is not for system i just wanted to know shy should i vote, why should i kill my one business day when i know that person who will get my vote will never turn to me. When election commission can’t give us freedom to vote from anywhere, or to vote on weekends or can’t even add my name correctly then why should i vote?

Yes since morning my mind raising this questions only??

Why should i vote when these politicians are not going to understand my pain, pain of a General Indian?

Why should i vote for a system where i can’t represent my society?

Why should i vote when i have to kill my one business day?

Why should i vote for a system in which i don’t believe?

Why should i vote when they don’t even write my name correctly?

Why should i vote and travel for 170 KMs?

And my inner self is saying  that i should vote for my self respect, for Modi, For Change and For My Land. Yes, i will vote Tomorrow. And if i do for sure it will be for BJP.


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