Another Lie

Hello Krishna believers, Hope you all doing good and enjoying your life. Once again i am back with my lies, my story, Oh sorry! story of confusion and doubt. There are so much to say in this post and probably this is my last page on confusion and doubt, heroes of my story. If you have not read earlier posts, please do read to know Doubt and Confusion. Hope you are enjoying my lies, if you don’t please drop your feedback so i will stop wasting readers time. 🙂 Lonely Life is Amazing Click here to Read  Previous Lies. Another Lie_1 Another Lie_2 Another Lie_3 Another_Lie_4 Another_Lie_5

Another Lie: Or Is it my Last Lie?

As you read in earlier posts that Doubt got three appointment letter from different different leading government banks and now she has joined a rural bank as she wanted to prepare for higher level jobs. She was very happy and informed Confusion that she is enjoying her life. She was very busy from last few months for various reasons and now her interaction with Doubt was just a formality. On the otherside, Confusion was struggling with mixed emotions, he wanted to smile on her success and also have many reasons to cry for her ignorance, he stopped behaving normal, he started hiding himself from others and was trying to get her back. He was not giving his 100% to his new business, even he was not feeling to work. He was neither enjoying his life nor he was allowing others.

Confusion’s last letter to Doubt was an outcome of his deep frustration, he was just paying for his day dream. Doubt, who use to access his social site had urged him to change password, he did. Now Doubt was not replying to his text and not talking anymore. Confusion has no idea how is she, what are the situations there, when he asked to her she replied that she is fine and also asked about her past, confusion’s first love, he said he is fine, may be Doubt was not fine with her answer and she asked confusion to enjoy with his people and requested not to disturb.

On the same day when confusion logged into his social site he found that Doubt and her first love/lie both has blocked him, he got disturbed again that what he did new now, why they blocked. As Doubt has blocked him, he accessed his brother’s profile and texted her again. She replied and said that she has no more love for him. Confusion asked where is that girl who use to be mine, who says i am better, who was always available. Doubt didn’t answer and said from last two months she is not feeling love. Confusion was not able to bare that situation, like a baby he cried, he accepted his failures and tears were proofs. On that moment he wanted to abuse her, but how can he when he knows that all is his fault, when he knows that she is one who carried him out from daydreaming and given him the real view. She is the lady who he believed most and thanked god for allowing him to meet her, he was not able to show her frustration near her, he created problem for himself. He controlled her anger and said nothing bad to her but he asked why? Confusion asked why are you not feeling love, what is the reason behind? He asked you are not feeling anymore because we are from different state, or because of religion or government job??

She said reason is government job, she reminded him that from last few months she is saying Confusion to do preparation for government job but he is not serious. Doubt has said many of times in these months that their parents wont accept if he wont have a government job. Now after getting her clear answer he wanted to ask that why not you hurt me on the same day when we expressed our love, why after so many months but he did not because he was convinced that it is not fault of her it is Krishna’s mercy. He wanted to say more but Doubt has blocked that profile too and later texted on Confusion’s mobile that she has no options for now. She wished him for future and texted good bye.

Confusion who became heartily dead replied that he will never come back to her and asked her to not call/text back again. He is still convinced that she is good no matter she is ambitious.   ————————————————————————————————————————-

My Take- And now when their fights has been ended, love is not alone in the air, Doubt is enjoying her new life, a fresh, a boundless life, a life with new responsibility, with feeling of an achiever. Today i checked her social site and found she was happy and she also shared pic of her new bike.

On the other side Confusion is sharing his story with family and friends and got a good care and trying to change the things soon. He is lucky that she has a huge support and he is not paying anything  for it. May Krishna Both Them and Bless us all with more love and pious thoughts. Thanks for reading.  Keep Loving and Believing.!

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