Success Mantra : For A Successful Career


For a successful career first and most important thing you require is a vision. You must know where you are going, where you wanted to. Deciding a vision is critical to anyone’s life and you should know more about yourself before deciding a goal. You should consider your interest, like/dislike and capabilities.

How to set a goal, vision?

To answer this I would like to ask another question that how does you decide about your summer trip? I think you consider destination’s attractiveness, the fun you can have there, transportation facility, surrounding, expenses and more. In the same way you can decide a vision for you.

My advice is that you find a peaceful place where you cannot be disturbed. Just rethink once again about yourself and ask that what you wanted to be. Vision is not about detailed plan; it is all about the destination where you wanted to be. You no need to care whether it is realistic or not. You must have a destination, a goal where you wanted to be, which you want to achieve. It can be social, professional or spiritual. Remember a vision motivates you and make you able to imagine happening in your life.

Courage to Execute

Millions of people have ideas but thousands only have been achieved and it was not because ideas were useless it was because of the visionary who has no courage to execute. Once you set a goal for you, you must have courage to execute. Deciding a summer destination is not enough if you won’t gather information related to destination, if you won’t book tickets and hotels to stay. I mean to say once you have decided where you wanted to go, the next you should start working to reach your destination and always remember that everything is achievable, all you need is better effort. So never give up, take help but don’t stop until you reach the place you dreamt of.


It is another important factor for a successful career. You must know the right time to set a goal/another goal or the right time to execute a plan. For example if you have decided to visit Vaishali (Destination) booked ticket/hotels and taken necessary things with you (Shown courage to execute) but failed to find the right timing and went in summer (uneasy weather to visit Vaishali) you won’t enjoy much and after visiting place you might feel that you have not decided a right destination while the fact is your timing was not right. So always remember that you should know about the right time for planning and execution.


And here the luck comes, one of the most discussed topics while talking about someone’s career, right? See luck is nothing but combination of hard work, focus, courage and network. Hard work always gets paid, focus will short the journey of struggle, courage will keep you away from negative elements and network will support you to reach the destination. And so you require luck to have a successful career.

Keep Dreaming and Dream to make this world a better place to live. 🙂

Jai Shri Krishna


[This Article has been written for EduTech Guide.]


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