Caste Based Reservation’s Effect

Caste based reservation is killing India slowly.
Giving you a small example of my friend who enrolled his brother in a polytechnic college just because Bihar govt. was giving scholarship on these courses. Now after spending one year in that college guy has came with a year back and now thinking to leave technical field. My simple and straight question to government what he find, why he financed? Just because he is a born SC?? Can’t government do this favor to any talented guy without figuring out his caste?
Example No. 2- Last Year in a survey i read that unreserved category train drivers has performed far better than reserved ones, reasons are obvious they have only talent no matter from where they belong. If you will google you will found many of such survey reports.
Example No. 3- Government has introduced so many freeware schemes or food at cheapest price? In village like Kharauna where farming is a major occupation and farmers are more dependent on agriculture labor, who are denying to work on grains as they are getting it for free or at nominal cost. These labors are not interested to work anymore in lands and farmers are not in a situation where they can compete the daily wage comparing to other sectors? So what this govt wants, Should farmers having acres of land should sell their lands or what.? Why they are giving things for free, can’t they ask for work? Oh you are saying govt. has already work for food plan or NAREGA OR MNREGA? I know the contractors and their work style. Capturing photos and getting bills cleared is not going to work.
Example No. 4- The greatest ever SC politician CM, MayawatiJi, her ideology was stupid and i found that was cheap that a leader has inaugurated n spent more than 600 crores on her memorial there was nothing for SCs. Believe me.
In a village like Kharauna, where SCs are still treated as untouchable by few of us then what this Kashiram, Mayawati, Ramvilas and all has done.?
Giving reservation is ok but these reservation became barriers and it hurts alot to lower middle family who belongs from general. Government should come forward with a convincing plans or else these causes will spoil country soon.

Reservation is the reason that after 65 years we are still developing in progress and became 2nd most populated country.


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