You Are Never Alone

Jai-Shri-KrishnaYou are alone..? Hating to live alone and thinking so many things in negative perspective..? Stay cool, we all have faced and will face this situation again but what i am going to suggest you to Don’t think much, this loneliness is not going to kill you once you know that you are never alone. Yes you are never alone. The Krishna, most pious, most loving and the bravest one is living inside. So stay normal and be happy because you are going to spend your life with your best companion.. Don’t think of any soul-mate, just think of your soul, The Krishna. Do some adventure, listen to him, ask him what he want and do what he ask you to do. If you are not smiling make others smile and then feel..Krishna inside you is smiling and it reflects on your face too.

All i wanted to say is explore yourself, know more about yourself and thanks to all those are not with you right now and given you the opportunity to spend your life with yourself. Now have a smile and start doing what you wanted to do.

Love Friends, Love All..!

Jai Shri Krishna..!

4 thoughts on “You Are Never Alone

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  1. All your works are good..I like how you pen down your own perspective on each and’s good..!!..!!

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