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Friends, I’m addicted of websphere or better to say, a freak of this virtual web world and it’s various discussion forums where i discussed on number of topics with the people and so by this way i came to know that Religions which had made for humans to live in a  pious way, has misinterpreted by some clever fox for their personal gain. Today you can found that web world is badly flooded by communal and falsified facts and hurting people sentiments.

I would like to share with you my friends that last week on a public forum where people were talking about religions and faiths were ended with fights and abuses, most of the participant started abusing others and the main cause (To understand different Religion) get buried.  I paralyzed with the results of these discussions as most of them came to end and resulted only abuses. If you have ever participated or browsed any communal/religious discussion forum (where media and fake people,who never came with realism, are not available) I am assured that you also have been tested what I’m talking about.

Well, It’s not a big talk that people abused or they fought, its normal like a blind man, who could drop the precious things unknowingly in a way to get his stick but what i realized there was, In  discussions many of  People ask questions with a notorious sinful mind and their motives are not to understand or gain from others but pull them down or to prove their superiority and in result these discussions are spreading hate and affecting this society badly. It’s socking but truth that most of us, those mind get absurd, enjoys while hurting others.

Remember If you are thinking that you are good, It’s good for you and everyone should think that he/she is good but when you started considering that people from different believes are not good or starts justifying without knowing the bright part of theirs, then all your good deeds turns into bad deeds. If you have read any of holy books then i am assured that you also have read and felt that we should respect others. As it is written in our holy books that we should respect others then the concept of superiority ended here only.

I’m not saying these things on the basis of any holy book  but on the basis of what i faced and also from the happy Atmans (Souls) whom i meet during my life and  who are living their life with spirituality, without hurting others, they are not only happy but got respect from all societies. I am also saying on the basis of India’s one of the great son who addressed this world in the 20th century in a religious summit and got appreciated, he was the blessed Atman who asked the world to stop spreading hate and  said “Come to god any way you can, but in coming do not push anyone down“. He was who  asked for self enlightenment and said it’s better to ask your soul rather than questioning others.

After reading and spending time with many of spiritual people and my friends from different beliefs what i came to know is Religions are just a way for we, Atman (Soul) to live our life with morality and to get purified out soul and holy path to embrace the Paramaatma(Supreme soul or God).  In my view all religions not only talk about The God and his order but also about humanism. I think these extremists from different beliefs are those who misinterpreted god’s order as per their convenience  and forget the later and more important thing to survive on this planet that is Humanism.

In this very fast technology savvy world, we all are so habituated of ready made material and so we are suffering, we are jumping to a result within a minutes, we start suspects a whole clan/caste if an individual from that clan/caste do mistake, which is injustice.  In a very short span of time i realized every religions is blessed with pious soul and also with extremist or trouble makers and so we must stop judging a religion on the base of some immoral and extremist minds.  I do believe that no religion tells you to spread violence or fight for your personal gain or to victimize innocent humans, so it’s nonsense to fight on the name of religion and it would be easy to live if we do have respect for Others.

A request to you- 

I’m not a preacher, just an another Indian, who wishes  a free society without any communal barrier and I’m writing this all just because i get hurt when some Indian brothers whose minds are dangerous for society are fighting with each other on the name of beliefs.  Dear Friend, It’s time to teach yourself, listen to everyone but do what your soul says and what you have learn from your religion, this universe and from your own experience.  Dear, Please don’t degrade others  as it is the activity which spreads enmity and also don’t follow those people whom you don’t know as people are highly trained in pretending good.  It would be better if you experience from real world, from nature, from history and once you start analyzing I’m assured these all conflicts will came to an end.

Made a decision for My Self-

For me it is not easy to practice all the good things at once and so I have decided to follow the common things by which no one  will get hurt and i can live my life in better way.  First three rules i have decided to follow is Truth in my action, Peace at soul and respect for others.  I do believe if  i  follow these three things,  I am following some sorts of world’s every religion, where truth, peace and respect for other exists.

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