My Dream Destination..!

Tenali-My Dream DestinationSkyscanner thanks for asking about My Dream Destination, about my plans for smart trip.

Like everyone i too have a dream, a dream destination.! My dream destination is Tenali,  where my Priyeee lives. Tenali, Where i have never been before and i wanted to explore my dream destination this year. I am in a great need to meet my dearest friend whom i met on a virtual place and shared our stories, experience, dreams, lies and don’t know when we became friend and family. She, the lady i adore most, is living there and she has told me about her birth place i.e. Tenali. Tenali also called Andhra-paris is a birth place of great Poet Tenali Ramakrishna. Well i have read many of TenaliRama’s stories in Nandan(Hindi Magazine) during my school days but he is not the reason for my excitement and eagerness.I need to meet my family, wanted to live my dream and reality together and so i wanted to go to Tenali this year.

I have no plans except to give her a sock and surprise. Let me tell you that i don’t know anyone except her from Tenali. My only wish is to see her face, to note her reaction of surprise/sock. I don’t want to reveal my plans to visit her and so i can’t ask her for the routes, the places where i can stay, from where i can hire cars and the important thing all the services at affordable price with better services. And as i can’t ask my only friend over there, all i have now is Skyscanner, my fellow bloggers and my readers who are gonna to help me out from this situation.

Meanwhile i am planning and have to plan more, i came to know more about SkyScanner and found it interesting. They are providing easy and affordable air tickets (Providing air ticket price comparison), Best Deals from Best Hotels & Accommodations and the best thing is it’s Free. ;)

Will share my plans, pics and the whole experience soon. For Now all i have to say is TENALI I AM COMINGGGG.. ;)


Feedback Please :)

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