Another Lie

Previous Lies. (Another Lie_1Another Lie_2) Read to know more about Doubt and Confusion.!

Dreaming TogetherHe was dreaming and when he came out of dream, this reality was waiting to hug him with an another dream. Yes, It was a perfect Sunday Morning for Confusion, he slept yesterday very late and don’t know how many meaningless dreams he had.Today’s morning gifted the best to him. Her love, doubt was there for him.

Doubt, a beautiful lady who accidentally fell in love with confusion and then things were never normal but today this abnormal, sensual, loving daybreak was making confusion to feel like he is favorite and the most beloved child of Krishna.
Doubt and Confusion shared their love from morning to noon and things were going perfect for Confusion. But his dream cum reality did not long last and in early even, The Sunday came into action.
Superstitious confusion’s superstition proved right again and doubt fought with confusion and this time again she was right with her points.
What happened actually was, doubt logged in his social networks and get socked by seeing his n number of requests to unknown girls. It was not only reason for their fight but this confusion has chatted with another girl and had not informed to her. Now she asked for explanation and what this confusion that his answers are not going to change the things as she is not believing.
The girl about doubt asked was one of his best unseen friend meet on internet only and the n number of friend request about she is asking, confusion don’t know when he sent, may be in his early days, may be purposely in last 5 years of his career over network which he forget.
It was something where doubt were right and her questions were genuine but confusion have no answers, felt bad but was not able to make her believe that she means everything.
Now she is not picking his call and he don’t want to disturb the lady who he love.

Krishna Bless You Both.. N Sorry for posting your story here.

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